Solar flares, CME, solar maximum, power grid vulnerability, radiation, global catastrophe, public awareness post-2012

I have no idea how I’d never heard of this before, but I just learned about the “missing/disappearing gravity” in Canada. I was shocked! And of course, me being me, immediately my mind revved up to redline, and within SECONDS, the first thing I thought of was the magma, however deep, under the plates – whether affecting the plates or not was not first in my mind, but the movement and other transitions of the magma beneath. And then I learned that through a pair of gravity-mapping, polar-orbiting satellites launched fairly recently that follow each other by about 140 miles, that distance measured very precisely.

Conclusion: Not just continental depression or rebound, but far more: The contraction of magma. Now my gut tells me they left a lot of NUMBERS out of the story.. a LOT. I NEED NUMBERS once I hear that, and compare the data points around the world, and go from there.

Thank you, Weather Channel, for this show, “Secrets of the Earth”…..

And also, thank you for airing the ‘quick stat’ or “brownie point” as we used to say in college, in the next episode, about not only the earth’s POWERED magnetic shield, but its shifting and WEAKENING… the solar flares and major CME’s are increasing, and most of all, that “scientists predict the odds of such a disaster occurring over the next ten years (2013, via The Weather Channel, “Secrets of Earth: Magnetic Shield”) is ONE in EIGHT.

One in EIGHT! (over the next ten years; from 2013)!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for publicly validating / releasing / airing these things, so that people can finally thinking I’m insane.

I have MANY ideas – and I DON’T mean “Preppers” – of how to help prevent a worldwide disaster. I hope soon I can stop feeling as though I’m trying to scream for help stranded in a vacuum, with nobody able to hear me. 🙂


Brendon Tristal
July 18, 2013

tags = solar flares, solar maximum, power grid vulnerability, radiation, global catastrophe, public awareness post-2012, we can only even TRY to fix or avoid any problem if we KNOW about it, avoid waiting until the last minute for a burst transmission which would PROMOTE CHAOS

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