CNN’s story of Andrea, age 14, victim of cybersexual abuse when searching for a job online

CNN’s story of Andrea, age 14, victim of cybersexual abuse when searching for a job online

AGAIN?????? Damn it, and don’t forget the Eastern European pretty ladies (Moscow, etc./Russia, Poland, and so on)… who either by means of some dating service for rich people, or the FAR WORSE (not that the other way is so great, but THIS….when ORGANIZED CRIME RINGS use their networks (by that I mean HUMAN NETWORKS, PEOPLE… not a computer network or the Internet, though computers and the Internet are of course used as well)… who promise them a well-paying job and a chance to live in the great America for a few months, work as a waitress for wealthy Americans, while studying in college…. and upon arrival, just like the case often with NatGeo’s “Locked Up Abroad” (no pun intended – this is LITERALLY locking up… a .. “broad” (is that still politically correct? Or was it ever? Who knows, who cares, as long as it’s not the N word or even if it IS the “N” word, as long as it isn’t used in an abusive or threatening or hateful manner, in my book)…. end up STUCK ON THE ENTIRE CONTINENT WITH NO MONEY, and meet their new PIMP who forces them to “work” as prostitutes, making TONS of money – but not for themselves! Most of the money going to the Pimp(s), often under very serious threats to self and family, and torture, and so on. This even happens WITHIN THE CONTIGUOUS ‘LOWER 48’ IN THE US BORDER!

Abduct/seduce a LEGAL ADULT FEMALE with a “job offer” and then UPON ARRIVAL they are introduced to a brand-new “life” of being a heroin/meth/crack addict prostitute, often uneducated, and FRIGHTENED TO DEATH. And even in the U.S., they are usually (with the exception of the CHILD PROSTITUTION RING CHILD ABDUCTORS/KIDNAPPERS, who literally break into your house and just GRAB YOUR TEN YEAR OLD DAUGHTER, THROW HER IN A MINIVAN, AND … ARIEL CASTRO CAN FINISH THAT SENTENCE, I’D RATHER NOT RUN THOSE THOUGHTS THROUGH MY BRAIN DIGGING THEM OUT OF STORAGE, INTO MY BRAIN’S CPU, TO CONVERT THEM INTO ASCII TEXT!!!!

After someone questioned as to why a fourteen-year-old would be looking for work in the first place, I then gave my answer like this:

Is it wrong to look for a job when you are 14 yrs old? When I was 9 and 10 I was packing and bicycle delivering daily newspapers, before school, and going to extracurricular college classes, back when being among the “1%” meant you were enrolled in much more advanced classes, including some attending actual labs in an actual college (now a State University). And at age 14, during summer, instead of slacking, I built machines, repaired things, and other such hobbies like reading…. and during the day, i worked Mon to Fri full time 40 hours a week. Age 14, summer between 9th and 10th grades, as a custodian assistant doing REAL work, making REAL minimum wage, doing the yearly deep cleaning and maintenance, painting, cleaning cafeteria grease traps (yuck.. could not eat at mcdonalds for months if not years after that)… lol.. Nowadays 14 year olds are treated like kids – if not BABIES.

Oh well,
Brendon@2013 July 18

tags are Andrea age 14 looking for work seeking employment over the internet becomes victim of cybersexual abuse, cyber-sex abuse, child predators on the internet posing as employers of children

Full story here:
Brendon Tristal
2013 July 18

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