Education is the KEY to CIVILITY. Passion, not MONEY.

I think we need to stop with the “college” BS (no pun intended) and understand that many of the wealthiest and most successful (two different achievements, btw) were college and even high school DROPOUTS. Stop making “college” a necessity. If you really believe “college” is necessary, then it should be PART OF THE ENTIRE PUBLIC EDUCATION SYSTEM. CASE CLOSED.

People in the field of education, especially of children, are only true if they are into education and not making tons of money

In the early/mid 80s… when I was a kid.. my aunt and uncle started their own charter school, in the Bronx, NY (my family’s point of origin… I was born @ Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Yeshiva) in the Bronx… and I’m white, and so are they. But 99% black and poverty stricken students, and non-profit. When they first bought the school building, we celebrated Thanksgiving with a tour. I was just a kid, but I loved it. lol

  • Another thing – at least as I know as an EYEWITNESS… with my family of educators… there is no RACISM when the owners and principals of a private nonprofit school in the inner city hires black teachers, and black students. Beyond that: Dedicated persons such as my family take it even further, being PERSONALLY INVOLVED with students, donating money, and being a true FRIEND to those in need.
    That is the definition of color-blind. That’s why this racism CRAP pisses me off, whenever ANYBODY refers to as any ‘race’ as ‘you all’ or “You Whites” or “You Blacks” – that is just plain STUPID, and SHAME on the media for not addressing such ABUSE of language, in the name of peace. Those are words of WAR not in poor communities, racial equality, college BS

    Brendon Tristal
    July 21, 2013

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