Ex-cons finding work, or being denied social services, emergency funding, and a new life of crime the only answer?

If you’re a man at a barber shop, being serviced by a man with whom you are not familiar, who is literally holding a straight razor against your JUGULAR…..

Some barbers are ex-cons… It’s one of the few jobs that ex-cons can GET… which SUCKS; I think that, unless their crime was absolutely sick – like this Castro, kidnappers, mass murderers, etc. – once they’ve done their years in prison, they should be free from prison, not forced by the system back into selling drugs and running with ‘the wrong crowd’… or even simple shoplifting, etc. – that often happens even to the most ‘rehabilitated’ and promising men and women with every hope and dream in their hearts and minds and souls to turn their lives around – only to find they literally cannot find any work at all, and literally find themselves trying to sneak into a fast food restaurant to steal ketchup and sugar packets…. AS THEIR SOURCE OF FOOD, SUSTENANCE?? It’s sad. The prison system is out of control, and some reports strongly suggest if not prove outright that many inmates who have served 20 years, or other such VERY long sentences, and are about to be released back into free society – some look forward to it with joy and happiness; others with GREAT FEAR and trepidation. I’m sure that those who have family support there to welcome them ‘back home’ are more likely to want to be released… but even THEY may suffer anxiety, even panic attacks, often because they know, especially if they are released under parole, that all it takes is walking down the street while black to end up being hauled back to jail, no questions asked, no trial, no nothing, just finish your term; so effectively, in reality, you could get LIFE IN PRISON for being questioned by a police officer in a case of mistaken identity, and the officer finds you are on parole and served 30 years for xyz, and arrests you for jaywalking.

As for those inmates who have NOBODY on the ‘outside’ – AT ALL – after serving two or three DECADES since they were TEENAGERS – that is understandably terrifying! In fact, there are documented cases where long-term inmates have actually done anything they can in order to ensure they are NOT released. After all, Prison is not a free hotel that just happens to ‘SUCK’…. there are bills to pay, and when your time is up, they KICK YOU OUT. Does that make sense? No way! This entire country needs to 1. stop locking people up for petty nonsense – first, because it is inhumane, and second, because it does not only NOT help society or protect society, and does NOT “correct” (D.O.C… Department of Corrections – a misnomer… although there are, I must say, some states and prisons that DO go out of their way to work on the “corrections” aspect, rather than strip one of his or her humanity, indoctrinate them into gang life and the criminal mentality/mindset/thought process program – Even a very short (you can call one or two years ‘short’ – but I don’t see ANYONE volunteering… In fact, many men AND WOMEN dedicate YEARS training to work in the “Corrections” field – a job as a prison guard or officer – only to QUIT within the first WEEK on the job.

If a well-paying job you’ve spent years training for; preparing for… a job that you’ve wanted with a passion, for whatever fantastic reason, or just as a job for money to pay the bills and provide for your family as a responsible parent – AND THEN THEY SIMPLY QUIT IN THE FIRST WEEK – Even U.S. SOLDIERS coming back from the recent wars (Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.), thinking their skill set and team operation, hand-to-hand fighting training, even having worked as an armed or unarmed U.S. combat unit member, with that discipline and skillset seemingly a good match to work as a prison guard in the States… EVEN THEY, not all but SOME…. don’t last a month…. or even a DAY!

So, what kind of person does it take to make a prison guard? Of course, it depends WHICH prison, and WHAT UNIT or “block” – psych ward, solitary confinement, death row – ALL of these have PSYCHOLOGICAL impacts… and I do mean IMPACTS, LITERALLY…. pun HALF intended… on these people. The job is not for everybody.

Thick skin? It’s much more than that. You’re basically playing the role of a DIPLOMAT deep within ENEMY LINES, with a big red “NUCLEAR LAUNCH=INITIATE SEQUENCE” button on your hip!

People do it different ways…. Interviews with actual prisoners and inmates across the board have said that some of the ‘CO’s’ (corrections officers) (prison guards) are ‘one of the good ones’ (meaning fair, respectful, professional, and even friendly) – while some of the guards/officers just take more of a ‘strong-arm’ tactic, with the attitude of, “I’M BOSS, YOU ARE ALL CRIMINALS; PIECES OF GARBAGE that deserve the DEATH PENALTY by FIRING SQUAD – and I’d DO IT MYSELF, but the LAW won’t LET ME DO THAT”…. (No officer I know of has actually said that – I am not quoting anybody. I am simply doing my best to describe, within the quotation marks, the thought mechanisms and attitude some PEOPLE whose job happens to be, even if they HATE the job, but have KIDS TO FEED and a WIFE with BILLS TO PAY…. whose job HAPPENS to be Prison Guard, and such an attitude as I attempt here to describe would be their OWN psychological ‘defense mechanism’ – Or even PHYSICAL defense mechanism: “IF YOU mess with ME – I’m not Mr. Softee, your buddy on 2nd Shift – you WILL regret it”: A message of DETERRENCE of PERSONAL ATTACK by prisoners.

However, taking that attitude with prisoners when you are outnumbered so drastically can BACKFIRE… and EQUALLY DRASTIC can be the result.

Either way you approach it, no matter how you try to do it, it’s a DANGEROUS JOB, I’m sure with twists and turns on nearly a daily basis – that makes it interesting – I’m sure there isn’t TIME for BOREDOM, unless they have a very nice unit that practically runs itself – such as a cushy Federal prison, for instance… where inmates can go for a walk outside and feel free, play golf, go to church, the library, and almost live a life arguably of higher standard than many other, INNOCENT Americans who are guilty, despite their innocence, GUILTY of being POOR.

But they are POOR and NOT IN PRISON because they do not STEAL, ROB, SELL DRUGS, and so on. Either that, or they are just really good at it, and haven’t been ‘caught’ (yet).

Anyway, that’s enough from me about this for now. My eyes are burning; it’s dark, and my screen is too bright. Should have thought of that hours ago. Lol.

Brendon Tristal
July 23, 2013 @0524

tags are Ex-cons finding work, or being denied social services, emergency funding, and a new life of crime the only answer?



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