Follow-Up to the previous article about a smartphone app to determine whether you are drunk – NOT JUST A RUMOR, IT’S TRUE!!!

When I wrote my “article” this morning, I had not visited CNN yet, but instead I had heard it as a ‘rumor’ on facebook, and thought it was a joke. So what if you can put in your weight and all this other junk? When the police run a breathalyzer, they don’t weigh you and say, oh, you’re 600 pounds, therefore, you are allowed to have three times the BAC of a 200 pound person. WRONG! BAC is ALWAYS read, and I’m not saying whether it’s scientifically accurate or not – in fact, my article I posted addresses this and many other issues… I wrote it just hours ago… I’ve been writing all night… But now that I’ve just learned IT’S JUST A BREATHALYZER THAT YOU PLUG INTO A COMPUTER???? That is just STUPID! No offense, but there are TONS of POLICE-GRADE breathalyzers you can buy, extremely accurate, relatively affordable ($200 plus about twice a year, replacement elements, in addition to mouthpieces, but they are cheap)… They come with a nifty carrying case – happens to look like a pistol case, lol – a car charger, USB power supply in case the two AA alkaline cells go dead on you… it COMES WITH ALL THAT STUFF… so you can’t go wrong…. it even came with more sterile ‘mouthpieces’ than I can ever imagine using, unless I went to a party of 50 people FIVE DIFFERENT WEEKS and passed it around, each time using a new mouthpiece, as police are supposed to do.

Making this into an integrated, voluntary system to collect massive amounts of potentially UNIQUELY PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION… OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC… makes for many things, including a WEEKLY “score” of how much Charlie Sheen or Wolf Blitzer or Megyn Kelly or Mike Brooks or ANYBODY drinks, how often, when, where, for how long, and on and on. The thing is probably NOT accurate…. It sounds and looks like a GIMMICK and a PLOY. Great job for trying, but there are much easier ways to find out these things. All this is is a what’s her face… that actress… the one always in trouble?

Lindsay Lohan… Had to wear some kind of bracelet or anklet, right? And it would detect through the epidermis any chemical signs indicating or suggesting alcohol consumption. Ah! I just remembered the excuses about perfume, or with Leyritz the hot chili peppers, hot sauce, whatever – And it’s not a joke; it’s true – these are not perfect machines. But I highly doubt the consumer market is prepared to pony up the personal expense for this… and even if they do, I highly HIGHLY doubt they will MAINTAIN and CALIBRATE it. Thus, it becomes ineffective, because if you cannot rely on the data, then it becomes useless ENTIRELY, because it doesn’t take a digital breathalyzer to tell you whether you’ve been drinking “yes or no, today?”…. And if you HAVE been drinking – TOO MUCH – you will either forget you had it, or not use it at all because you believe you are just fine, OR you will BREAK the damned thing fiddling with it, before you can get a good read!!!!!


(for record: tags= “smartphone app, breathalyzer is real, Israel, gimmick, waste, smartphone breathalyzer is a joke, capital BLUNDER”)

Brendon Tristal
July 23, 2013 @0559 Central USA

One response to “Follow-Up to the previous article about a smartphone app to determine whether you are drunk – NOT JUST A RUMOR, IT’S TRUE!!!

  1. M*********: I can tell you right now, it won’t be used for driver safety…more for,”dude, I bet I’m more drunk than you!!” It’ll be a way of bragging rights… Oh joy!
    Unlike · Reply · 3 · 5 hours ago via mobile

    Brendon Tristal LOL M******!!!!! You are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!
    Like · 2 minutes ago

    Brendon Tristal Also, and even though I just wrote TWO articles this morning about this silliness already, in addition to several other articles concerning serious concerns, this comic relief is welcome… your comment made me think of something: Because it puts your results on social media, now everyone can just have a google hangout party, and nobody needs to drive anywhere anyway!!!!! LOL


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