Something Disturbing… in the Workplace… Fallout Racism

I just finished writing my last ‘article’ about alcohol and driving while impaired, etc. and posted it.  Then I found this on my facebook feed:

Annettes Debates

Debater Asked: I work as a bartender, at a restaurant right off of I95 in NC, basically in the center point of Florida and New york. A lot of people come into my bar/dining area and like to discuss “news” and “politics”. There is right many mixtures of folks who swing through, but recently I overheard two tables (both from up north) discussing how people in the south are uneducated and stuck in their ways. One of the woman actually said (with me in the near vicinity) that people from the south have horrible accents. Then, one of the men in the group asks me what I feel about the GZ verdict. I tell him my opinion, and he scolds me. He asked me for my opinion, and then proceeds to disrespect the bartender (me), demand extra break and starts running me to death. THEN TIPS NOTHING, and in the TIP portion of the ticket, leaves “justice for Trayvon” – anyone else have work related issues likes this?”

——My response (BT)—– below:

Wow. Annettes Debates… That is a combination of wrongs all rolled into one. I would admittedly need to consciously apply self-restraint to the point of near-exertion, being unable to continue to perform at such a job at all. At the very least, for that day. Not because I’d be fuming mad, or crying in the corner – just because there’s no way I would be able to continue along with a happy face, to be going about your business in a dedicated, professional, and proper manner, serving your clients, only to be rewarded with borderline harassment, or so it seems, to be profiled, it would seem; though i do not know… To have customers with the audacity to ask you PERSONAL questions regarding an EXTREMELY controversial “topic” AT WORK is or should be UNACCEPTABLE. I believe the protocol is, or should be, for you to deflect (assuming you had in advance been able to DETECT) the coming psychological OFFENSE… by avoiding answering the question, using any of the same strategies you see politicians and celebrities use to dodge questions. Sure, it was not a violent or even threatening encounter… but there WAS at least SOME undertone of that… that some person or group would go so far as to actually LEAVE NO TIP… ZERO… that is just pitiful, disturbing, upsetting, and puts YOU in the situation of not being ABLE or ALLOWED, even… to have an actual DISCUSSION about anything, anyway! One, you’re at work, they aren’t… Two, you’re at work, and the customer is always wright. Or rite. or write. Oh wait that’s RIGHT!

Sorry this kind of crap is happening to hard-working people, forced upon them by the very people they are serving. What happened the rule that goes to the tune of, “Appreciate and respect (not only all your fellow human beings, but ESPECIALLY) those who serve your food… “??????? LOL!

If the story is as I envision it playing out, which I only can imagine – actually happened that way, SHAME on whoever that was. BUT! I would really try not to let it eat me up inside. Here’s why: Such a person ‘kind of’ deserves the ‘stupidity defense’ or ‘insanity defense’ – If this hypocrite wants to personally obtain justice for trayvon – whatever that means – sounds like a lynch mob, to me… or witch hunt – then intelligence can’t be very high, given that behavior.

This type of person probably does not even realize that they are, through such behavior and actions, in fact doing Trayvon a great INJUSTICE by USING his tragic DEATH in such a DISGUSTING and HATEFUL manner. Extremely UGLY. I don’t know, and insofar as situations go, I do not CARE – what ‘race’ or gender the offensive “patron” is, or of anyone involved. It is completely inappropriate. I really feel sorry for the fact that the “patron” has full First Amendment right to free speech, while the server ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT. This idiot probably knew that, and KNOWINGLY, WITH MALICE AFORETHOUGHT, intended to have the effect of injecting NEGATIVE energy into your day/evening/night/work shift.

Very sad to hear about that.

Brendon Tristal
July 23, 2013 @0420 central US

tags = Fallout Racism, Workplace Injustice, Injustice system, human behavior, disrespect, hate is a virus, stay strong, love yourself now but always keep an open mind, heart, soul, and eyes – even if your mouth is sealed shut

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