Medical Marijuana, Abolishing the Lies

Thank you CNN and Dr. Sanjay Gupta for airing and documenting the TRUE history and PRESENT REALITY of America’s “Pot Craze” obsession. I think this is coming about not only due to advances in medical studies, but also in no small part due to the “bath salts” or “synthetic marijuana” – which is sold at gas stations and “adult stores” and so on, consisting of some legal plant matter – could be anything from tobacco to lettuce or anything legal – and spraying these synthetic, UNKNOWN and NEVER STUDIED (aside from some volunteer experimenting by smoking or otherwise ingesting it, judging the effects to determine whether they seem desirable on the open market) – and then immediately brought to market by spraying or otherwise applying these highly concentrated, potent chemicals onto plant matter to dilute it (since in pure form, it would be unusable, due to the potency – as a comparison, they say the THC content of real marijuana has risen dramatically since the 60s and so on, from 3% to 5%… and now lingering at about 15%, I believe – well, since the synthetic chemicals do not include plant matter such as the hemp in natural plant marijuana, to distribute it as a pure chemical would be the equivalent of 100% THC content and no plant matter – just a pure liquid or powder – and the potencies and quality controls are variables virtually ignored by many unscrupulous producers/retailers… and some cases, where the chemical(s) are not only unknown but the dosage is unknown – the result can be not just vomiting or unpleasantness, but can result in an induced psychotic episode (as with LSD, etc.) that can literally take weeks, even MONTHS to wear off – if not cause PERMANENT psychosis, schizophrenia, hallucinations, delusional thinking, and so on. Up against that market, hopefully people of reason understand that every 19 minutes someone dies of legal and legitimate prescription medicine overdose (was that in America alone, and does that figure include cases of intentional overdose and/or abuse?) – as well as alcohol overdose AND alcohol WITHDRAWAL being potentially FATAL – and the addiction potential… Also, cannabis is indigenous to America, so we would no longer have to worry about IMPORTING that commodity, or the crime that goes with it. Now, Hope and Change might have some action behind it at last.

BT – 2013 August 8

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