Police Chief in PA “scares people” by using ordinary words in movies, and firing his police weapons into an empty field

About that PA police officer who “scares people” – In an interview, he stated that he would strip himself of his office and all official capacity, before he would ‘break his oath to uphold the Constitution – including the Second Amendment”. We also have a ‘scandal’ of no-knock, 3am, violent police raids, abusive practices by the TSA, police raiding the ‘wrong address’, and this kid who was supposedly tasered to death.

People who think only police and military should have the right to bear arms are thinking about what things might begin to look like, when only power-crazed cops, non-crazed cops, and criminals are the only ones armed – and the entire country is a “gun-free zone”

Brendon Tristal, 2013 Aug. 9

2 responses to “Police Chief in PA “scares people” by using ordinary words in movies, and firing his police weapons into an empty field

  1. Re: Florida case where officers killed 18 yr old male WITH A TASER… And his family “wants answers”….

    Good for them… I hope they get answers. I doubt people would come out in public and LIE about what they saw. This definitely needs to be investigated, not only in terms of police procedure and behavior, but also this sets something of a precedent and serves as a dark foreboding of things to come, if we do not ensure that there are proven safety procedures in place and that any government law enforcement agent who carries ANY weapon – ESPECIALLY a GUN that not only SHOOTS the target with wires, but SHOCKS THEM with HIGH VOLTAGE at who knows what FREQUENCY… labeled, “NON-LETHAL” – ought to be a little more careful. A “non-lethal weapon” is supposed to be tasers and mace/pepper spray…. however, keep in mind that a lot of officers go through training wherein they must be tased in order to carry a taser, or go through the effects of mace before they begin to carry pepper spray.. and many cops have this attitude that these WEAPONS are just toys, like 50 cent water squirt guns… THEY ARE NOT.


  2. LOL… I don’t know what world some people live in, but it’s not just in movies and Hollywood and YouTube videos – IT IS EVERYDAY REALITY! REAL U.S. MILITARY AND POLICE CARRY AND USE REAL GUNS, WITH LIVE AMMO, AND THEY DON’T PUT ON A “BARNEY” OR “BIG BIRD” OUTFIT (OR LANGUAGE CHARACTER) IN THE LINE OF DUTY. THERE IS A LOT OF CURSING AND YELLING. At least this police chief from PA wasn’t laughing and celebrating over the taser death of a kid


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