2013 August 31: Good Morning! I feel that involvement in SYRIA’s WAR is unadvised BECAUSE:

As I wrote in a very serious-toned and restrained statement that I posted here, as well as to other media groups, as well as my own, approximately a month ago – long before the past week or two now, where we are hearing nothing short of DESPERATE PLEAS (albeit in a professional and composed manner, for television) for us to TAKE NO ACTION other than to let the UN do its job, whatever that may even be, and at the least let NATO come to a decision. Now it is like deja vu to me, seeing very well-educated, experienced, long-serving civilian and military commanders and politicians making the very same points I made, in favor of AN ABUNDANCE OF CAUTION (though in THIS letter, I do borrow that phrase, “abundance of caution”). As to whether this is a good sign or a bad sign is probably irrelevant now. Nobody knows what may come of this – and the results can range from absolutely nothing, to an absolute VICTORY, to an UNIMAGINEABLY HORRENDOUS outcome. I must continue watching and waiting, and yet even STILL nobody is making – and some are even almost MOCKING – the VERY REAL possibility (even President Obama has recently admitted to this, much to the scoff of the press) that at least some of the actions threatened by our would-be “strategic” targets, could VERY WELL RESULT IN MAJOR, UNPREDICTABLE CACSCADING VIOLENCE in our VERY OWN COUNTRY. Do I need to actually come out say, TERRORIST SLEEPER CELLS?

If we could have JUST ONE Nidal Hasan, we may have HUNDREDS, and much better prepared.


Brendon Tristal (c) 2013 August 31 @ 00:45 DC local time

tags = “war in syria”, U.S., United States Syria news, September 2013 escalation of war, poison gas WMDs, American War in 2013 with the “Middle East”

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