United PEOPLE… CREATE united NATIONS. United PLANET! The Schizophrenia of the Untied Nations oops UNITED NATIONS

United PEOPLE… CREATE united NATIONS.  United PLANET!  The Schizophrenia of the Untied Nations oops UNITED NATIONS

I think the U.N. clearly exhibits schizophrenic and borderline tendencies, and needs an official shrink. Not one that’s on some U.N. panel – an outside, unbiased, unaffiliated shrink – like when you go to the doctor for, say, a knee replacement… most people, if they can be convinced, would rather choose not to get themselves cut open, and so they are biased in favor of their own interests (avoiding the pain and trauma of having your knee sliced and cut out, and replaced with a manmade mysterious, hazardous-effects (long-term) “to be announced” … Those corny attorney advertisements on TV of third party law firms working for a commission to try to get everyone together who has been a “victim” of benefitting from a new knee, because it was come to think of it manufactured in some amateur hobbyist’s backyard in somewhere like India, Russia, China, etc. .. the great leap forward… with employees to include several men to manually operate the billows to feed the furnace.. Backyard Smelting.. The Great Leap Forward… LOL! Better look carefully at what you’re jumping into! Could be substandard manufacturing quality, wherein the friction imbued upon the new metal / metal alloy knee can or may result in “wearing down” – just the same way your car’s engine and other parts wear down, which is why you need to change AND rigorously and continually FILTER – AND FILTER VERY FINELY – EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF RUNTIME – if you don’t use an oil filter, or if you change your oil (which is usually done because the long strings of lubricating molecules become ‘burnt’ and less effective) but do not change the filter as well (the filter’s purpose is like the liver/kidneys…. or the brain blood barrier… they filter out the blood)… well, the oil filter(s) filter out that fine, dusty (or it would be dusty if it were dried… consistency of talcum powder such as Ammen’s brand body-applied talcum powder) – if all that metal scrap.. that wear and tear of all that metal grinding against metal under years and thousands of miles operating under conditions more hostile than being in space (at least once you’re in orbit, lol)… extremely high speed and high torque, high pressure, heavy heavy mass, high temperatures, amplifying forces, and so on).. and eventually your oil filter’s filtering element(s) and mechanism will become officially clogged. When that happens, eventually, most cars have systems built-in that, thanks to a pressure gauge (even if you don’t have one on your dashboard, believe me, thousand to one odds you have SEVERAL thermal sensors located at various points along the engine’s circulatory systems – more modern vehicles even have computerized electronic systems that also monitor your oil RESERVE (so, at least if you trust that system, the days of everyone having to stop and check their oil level and radiator reserve coolant levels every time you get gas are long over, unless you still own an older car – because.. well, remember the old saying, “If (you don’t have a set of proper gauges on your dashboard – i.e. system voltage, tachometer (engine speed), speedometer (calculated vehicle speed versus the roadway, since most cars generally do not hover or fly or otherwise leave CONSTANT CONTACT with the road surface) — and, of course, for used-car dealhunters such as myself, most crucially of all, a good working ODOMETER. In cars, we measure their lifespans in total miles travelled. With aircraft and other vehicles, lifespan is not measured in units of actual travel, but HOURS and also, almost just as importantly, how many CYCLES the airplane’s engines have made (for instance, in the large, heavy commercial intercontinental jets – though the maintenance schedules may not incorporate how many…. um, no pun intended, on the old airline, “Continental”…. lol.. boundaries an aircraft flew over at say 35,000 ft.

What matters is how many times (cycles) the aircraft – which is an ENTIRELY SEPARATE (at least in terms of measurement.. lol… we should HOPE they are not LITERALLY separate from the fuselage.. especially we hope that engines and body do not hold a divorce ceremony without sending out invitations… MID-FLIGHT… lol. But what I am saying is that the QUALITY and REGULARITY of the MAINTENANCE of such devices as an Airbus or a Boeing passenger aircraft IS and, I must say, it is APPROPRIATE and LOGICAL to ensure that there are no Dreamliner “clunkers” flying not only human beings around, but since these large aircraft spend a significant amount of their flight hours directly above populated areas – yes, even all the way out here in the middle of nowhere – though, when I first moved out here, you would be lucky to even SEE a large jet in the sky… More likely to see the ISS space station whiz by than a jumbo jet. And you’d never see or hear them, unless it was at night, and ABSOLUTELY SILENT not even crickets, because they would only be “passing through” my airspace at high altitude – nearly invisible, and even if IS silent outside, and you listen for the sound of it and can HEAR it… it’s so many miles up in the air that if you are looking at the ground, and, using your ears, lift your head up so that your eyes can track down the source of the noise (find the jet engines roaring) – it is amazing how the sound, being much slower than light, of course, tells your SENSES… YOUR PERCEPTION… which your LOGIC BRAIN (whether at the level of consciousness or by “id”stinct (Freudian pun, sorry) PROCESSES (the stereo (assuming you have two ears), the brain like a supercomputer processes and integrates what it already “knows” about the terrain surrounding you, makes adjustments (to a certain degree, anyway – and there are baselines that vary from one location and another (I’d like to get into that as well – because now we are talking about culture clash – when two civilizations meet, whether by sword and shield or by peace and love or by honest and fair trade of goods, different cultures over the generations, who are not nomads, anyway, to be certain (though that is not to say this does not apply to nomads, as well – but, you know what I mean… lol)

This is because archetypes and the brain’s programming operate at a much, much deeper level than what we call out external superficialities and representations that we purposefully and often employ – we utitlize these strategies all the time, in the hopes and even arguably the survival instinct operating on one species in a communal or group whole… “the collective” — however, things do not always turn out peaceful, as sad as that is. When any humans, of whatever race (and by “race” I do not mean skin color (black, white, etc.) – though certainly, skin color DOES have a value, and there is nothing wrong with that – the point where the scales go way off balance is when something as ridiculous an attribute as another human’s skin color is, for whatever reason, IMPROPERLY used by the brain – Note I chose the word, “improperly” rather than “mistakenly”…. I make the distinction because I find it hard to use such blanket terms that seriously have no good effect other than to make the “less than ideal” fork down the road that SOME choose – that is, those who JUDGE OTHERS or DENIGRATE OTHERS SIMPLY DUE TO THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN – PARTICULARLY AMONG UNEDUCATED CULTURES (example: landing on a desert island, only to find that it IS OCCUPIED, ALREADY just like the very ground beneath you likely once or more in history held up another of our ancestors (particularly if you live in a family home going back generations – in that case, I could throw ALL “poetic license” away, right out the window, and LITERALLY be correct… (subject to nitpicking, i.e. “But we’ve installed new flooring since 1790!)…. The White House at the District of Columbia (on U.S. “contiguous lower-forty-eight” – the U.S. portion of the American continent)…

Freud might today have become a professor and may have expressed an opinion that one difference between cultures… which all too often and all too senselessly and rapidly…. even once you can (if you can!) get beyond the language/communications barrier so for at least the means by which to clearly declare their intentions, “We come in peace!” or, if you show up by the hundreds with no ambassadors offering peace, then the message is UNMISTAKEABLE, if those hundreds or thousands arrive simultaneously off of strange giant ships, the likes of which none had ever seen (it must have been EXACTLY like an alien INVASION of EPIC proportions… especially when the fleets’ cannons began firing, and the men (back then they were mostly men, anyway, warriors that is) and they emerge from said battleships of unknown creation, men who are coming racing toward your community not only “saber rattling”, but literally wielding swords, unsheathing them, wearing armor, riding wild beasts…

I think the ONLY safe conclusion any logic, even animal logic, is universal enough of a “language” to get a particular point across, and extremely quickly. If I had to condense, like canned soup, all of that universal meaning into one word – without using ‘profanities’, of course – it would be this: “RUNNNNN!”

Also known as a tactical retreat, this typical and, quite frankly, commonly to this day – you may have heard the phrase, “Fight or Flight” – That principle has not changed all that much, even in the development of our very own human physiology. For example,… eh, well, let us just say that the phrase, “Scared S–tless” is so commonly understood and even crosses language barriers (to put a “bright note” on this “dark matter” – lol – let me also suggest that, arguably, MUSIC is the “universal language” – at least among humans – Many say it is MATHEMATICS that is the universal language, but I agree – and I also agree that MUSIC is the universal language. That is because music IS math, with its PATTERNS and frequencies and EQUATIONS, quite literally – with the EXTREMELY POWERFUL ADVANTAGE OVER WRITTEN FORMULA WE USE TO EXPRESS OUR EQUATIONS, WHICH ARE NOT NATURALLY INTRINSIC TO THE HUMAN BODY AND SOUL!


Have you ever just PUT THE QUESTION TO YOURSELF, “How many times would I need to press either ‘1’ or ‘0’ and NO OTHER OPTION AT ALL WHATSOEVER… No spacebar, nothing at all except “100110101011000100101100010100” going ON and ON for a VERY LONG TIME, making ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that you do not make even ONE SINGLE TYPO (‘typo’, as in typographical error) – nevermind if your equation turned out to be INCORRECT and did not work out IN THE FIRST PLACE (and YET you are CERTAIN that it is PERFECT, and will work FLAWLESSLY… despite having ABSOLUTELY NO proof or evidence to back that up) –

One last time I’ll open just one last paragraph, taking full advantage of full-on, maximized dramatic effect (LoL … HAVE YOU EVER ASKED YOURSELF HOW MANY TIMES YOUR POOR FINGERS (or toes, nose, eyeballs, or whatever it is you end up using when you lose sleep!) WOULD HAVE TO PRESS ONE KEY OR THE OTHER, GOING ON AND ON ENDLESSLY (or so it will most certainly seem, of course!), IN ORDER TO PRODUCE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND COMPELLING, INTENSELY GRIPPING AND EMOTIONALLY MOVING FILM THAT YOU HAVE EVER SEEN IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE?

OKAY. Now that you’ve had that thought, think about this SCIENTIFIC THEORETICAL FACT (yes, I did just use those three words, linked to each other directly in series, with no operators or modifiers between them…. like a live circuit, or a houselamp wall cord that has no dielectric or insulator… WOULD YOU TOUCH A LIVE WIRE, WHEN YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW .. FOR ONE… WHETHER THE POWER LINE IS ‘LIVE’ OR NOT… AND TWO, WHAT FORM OF ELECTRICITY DOES THE LINE OR LINES CARRY, IF IN FACT THE CIRCUIT IS ENERGIZED (alternating current, direct current, Factor X phase current, lol)? WOULDN’T YOU WANT TO KNOW THE POTENTIAL (literally, in engineering, “potential” is the word we use to describe the force that we all know as our best friend Volt, which is a unit of measurement applied to this electric “POTENTIAL”.

But “potential” for what? To do what? Well, to do your laundry. Vacuum your house. Heat up your dinner, give you a warm shower, heat up your coffee, put the heat on when it gets cold, ….. and… yes, keep the food at your home not only cool “refrigerated” (regulated automatically requiring absolutely ZERO MAINTENANCE WHATSOEVER and lasting for DECADES, easily – as the RULE rather than the rare EXCEPTION) …. And also there is the potential to even change the temperature in your edifice DOWN… Our relatively recent ancestors were quite familiar… on a deeply personal and DAILY level… with the need for a nuclear family, or at least a community of some sort, whether you call it a family, a tribe, or a gang… because… and this is what makes humans so, so unique compared to almost every other animal, including primates, in the entire known world.

I’d like you to think about that, too, for a moment: In the previous paragraph, I brought the word, “POTENTIAL” into this little rant of an essay (or is it an essay of a rant? And please bear with me just another moment, because I’m still running with that topic, though it is not perfect, I am going to try my best to at least connect THESE FEW dots; I promise. The PREMISE here IS: Think about how (drastically) different not only your life, but the entire HISTORY of MANKIND would be, right NOW, here, TODAY – wherever you are, even if you are reading this from an artifically manufactured satellite, taking the basic Newtonian physics and adding just a comple nifty tricks here and there, you are not moving at the official LEO (low earth orbital velocity – that is the speed that is REQUIRED (and it’s very precise, and it ALSO VARIES, and 212 miles above the surface of our planet is not out just quite far enough to escape ALL and EVERY BIT of our planet’s fiery atmosphere. At an average speed of 17,500 miles per hour (you can watch it streak across the sky… nowhere even CLOSE to the speed of a “shooting star”; it takes only a couple of minutes as you watch it come into view just before dawn or just at dusk (those are the ONLY times the space station is visible from Earth with the naked eye – and, here’s a fun fact: When you look in the sky, and happen to get a glimpse of the ISS (International Space Station), take note that conclusive measurements are verified and state unequivocally that it is BRIGHTER THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THE SKY (except for the Moon, the Sun (of course), and not only that, every 90 minutes it circles the entire PLANET. It is moving, even with its entire crew LIVING in there/up there… which I always think about whenever I see it go by; it is truly amazing to even think about it as you witness it for yourself…

And as you realize that that…. ‘thing’ is literally moving … not from point A to point B (unless point A can be defined as having its very birthplace RIGHT WHERE IT LIVES TO THIS DAY… IT WAS BORN IN ORBIT… and has gone through the toddler phase, it’s needed several diaper changes, had a few close calls, gotten its shots, gone to school…. a school that is literally out of this WORLD… gone through adolescence… was given its very own giant arm (CanadArm, courtesy of Canada, which, among other of its various arms, is very helpful in moving construction material from “Point A” (that being the payload bay of the delivery vessel, unmanned space bus… we launch them all the time. After all FedEx has no delivery route in Space. (Although rumor has it that the American section(s) of the “world superpowers in orbit” ambassador club… well, rumor has it that our Japanese, Russian, and other allies in space have often joked about “Only in AMERICA… ” because, apparently, Pizza Hut actually DOES DELIVER to the SPACE STATION. Don’t believe me? I borrowed this quote from Wikipedia dot com under the U.S. section’s entry, “Pizza Hut” – here is the direct text:

“Pizza Hut developed a pizza for use as space food, which was delivered to the International Space Station in 2001.[13] It was vacuum sealed and about 6 inches (15 cm) in diameter to fit in the Station’s oven.[13] It was launched on a Soyuz and successfully eaten by Yuri Usachov in orbit.[14]”

So. Now that I’ve hopefully given you some useless trivia (why? because laughing is good for your health. Part of my objective is to increase overall laughter, as well love, both in quantity AND quality…) ELECTRIC VOLTAGE, a/k/a POTENTIAL. Name a QUANTITY. 50,000 volts? That works. How about 125 volts? That works too – in fact, if you are in the United States right now, 99 to 1 MINIMUM odds in favor of the fact that – not even counting whatever you are reading this on – as long as you’re reading this on a screen instead of THE CLASSIC or DINOSAUR era (lol… “When DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH!!!”) haha.. If you are reading this in any sort of PHYSICAL FORM – whether you printed it yourself at home or school or even at the office (don’t lie to yourself… if you used Company equipment and/or other resources (“…(with the sole exception of AIR, for which you must not only provide without charge, but which you must also maintain at a level of OSHA-mandated range of air hazards, such as maintaining it within specified temperature ratings as applicable; indoor pollutants, biological hazards, even radiological hazards (with certain exceptions, such as those whose workplace/routine workshift consists of spending time in powered flight (pilots, flight attendants, unidentified government agent with the only license to carry fully-loaded and CONCEALED firearm(s) on the entire aircraft within which it is valid, and so on)….

Particularly on international air flights, the biosecurity threat is extremely significant, because in the event of a sudden outbreak of a new epidemic (as if we do not create ENOUGH WORLDWIDE OUTBREAKS on our own, just because we can, or maybe because we’re bored – OR, just maybe, the whole WORLD – Including ALL MEN – have one HELL of a MASSIVE (1 Planet Earth Mass unit of mass MASSIVE) – ONE GIGANTIC CASE OF FREUD’S “PENIS ENVY”!!!

Whatever the reason, I am truly saddened to know with near 99.99999999% ASSURANCE and as close to 000.00000000001% likelihood of IMPOSSIBILITY as can REASONABLY be EXPECTED – and those are very strong numbers, because it would have been easier to type “100” and “0” than using the values above, even knowing that I am running the risk of mocking myself by doing so – that – THAT – is TRULY how STRONGLY I believe it is POSSIBLE.

However, you were to ask me something to the effect of, “Hey, Brendon… I was just curious… Do you think either of us, or even any of all our children, and THEIR children, will ever live to actually SEE and be PART OF this world?” — My answer would be ONLY SLIGHTLY LESS CERTAIN than the certainty I expressed somewhat exuberantly in the previous paragraph. However, the actual CONTENT of the answer would be a resounding, full-echo, “NOPE.”

It’s one thing to talk about “potential” – EVERYTHING and EVERYONE has potential, or let’s just pretend for the moment that everything does – (the question always is, potential for WHAT?) …

It’s yet another thing to wonder whether we meager Earthlings are even literally; de facto, ABLE to HANDLE the amount of POWER that all of this ‘potential’… should it ever be strategically released. Let’s take nuclear power for an example. We fiddle with nature, starting out, as do all things ‘bourgeois,’ with some QUACK “DOCTOR” who just happened to learn that some of his land had this newfangled stuff called URANIUM (naturally-occurring, of course) (and no I’m not being sarcastic – Uranium is all over the planet. Just like iron is, or coal, or soil.

But as well know, Uranium is not your average “Iron Age” stuff. Once this was discovered, well, why should I be the one to write about something I have never actually witnessed… just do a google or wiki search for, “uranium baths” and please, by all means, feel more than welcome to write me personally with your opinion about them, particularly if you haven’t really hard about them, or you’ve heard of them, but to this day simply could not believe they existed – OR (and/or, actually – not mutually exclusive whatsoever) you have any kind of opinion about them.

When writing to me, I request that you please not be… okay I take that back. Write whatever you want. Even if… no, ESPECIALLY IF it’s just to let me know how hard you laughed (on a scale of 1 to 10…. LOL just kidding.. make your own scale. And if the “1 to 10” scale is your favorite scale, that’s fine too – just please be kind enough to specify the polarity of the 1-10 spectrum (i.e. does 1=most laughing, 10=boring, or whatever… just make it up in your own words.

That’s what I love about this “blogging” stuff. Since I have been writing and thinking about things so complex that even thinking about them MAYBE should be illegal (j/k), and also things that DEFINITELY ARE illegal, if I were to just willy-nilly post certain of my thoughts on the Internet. I am 100% free speech, and while I admit that no place in this world and nothing Mankind has, is, can, or ever, ever WILL build comes with this imaginary thing we call “*perfection*” … My take on “*perfection*” is, find yourself a cute little kitten or some friendly puppies, and they will keep you from driving yourself crazy by periodically interrupting your thought processes at certain key moments… lol… as if they know… just when I feel like I’m about to ‘stumble into something’ (ya ya laugh all you want, lol) –

But it’s always all cool, because they MORE THAN make up for any of that so-called “intellectual property loss” (or if I were a REALLY evil attorney, I would even use the phrase, “Novel intellectual property THEFT which has (Your Honor) thus far, as of today, some 5-odd YEARS later, been proven IRRETRIEVABLE by my client as well, who has spent over one million dollars on everything from $20 street psychics and palm readers, all the way up to cutting-edge psychiatry in attempts to, as he has described it on multiple occasions – even in brief conversations between he and I, and even during incidents where time was running short he nonetheless absolutely INSISTED in going WAY “OFF TOPIC”…. LOL!!), when you are sitting at your desk suffering from Writer’s Block, your little animal friend walks in and makes some noise, or does something weird, or whatever, and then that leads straight to something even better, by causing a very IMMEDIATE and yet EXTREMELY SHORT-LASTING INTERRUPTION – that, it would seem, allows the human brain and whatever thought process VIRUS (like a computer virus!!) had your CPU running computer code that does NOTHING but burn out your processors by somehow putting a sneaky little “repeat” (referring to repeating the previous thoughts)… but with one tiny change in one tiny variable.

I think that’s what writer’s block is, or at least, I should say, frankly, that is one way of explaining in American English (or to be more specific, Brendon Tristal subvariant of the American subset of the language traditionally AND colloquially referred, to this very DAY, as, and I quote, “ENGLISH!”

Okay I have to go do things now. I really wanted to reach conclusion on this, but as you can see, it has not happened yet. Reminder to Self:

-Uranium Mines/Baths
-Junk Science for Profit
-FDA Proprietary Remedies
-Consequences of Quackery & The Salem Witch Trials
-Why this stuff DOES MATTER, EVEN RIGHT NOW, whether you are black, white, green, yellow, blue, brown, blonde, or all of the above (i.e. just walked away from a really bad fistfight where nobody believes in a fair fight… lol)
– > Dear Self: PLEASE do not let that “potential” analogy go to waste. And don’t forget to make some ridiculous puns on the word, “current” with the equation for POWER; current cureency AC ~ oh man I’m starting already… which means i have to stop. Before my computer explodes. Bye. Thanks for reading, if you actually did, unless you are only reading this as part of a research project or as part of your job, in which case, I hope YOU enjoyed it, too, but if REGARDLESS, I have a PERSONAL message for YOU: Unlike a regular person who may come across this little… partial book, by now… and most likely would NEVER have actually read any of this if it hadn’t fallen within today’s work order(s) or tasking, I don’t know you… or shall I say, “y’all”???? ~ Anyway, hope 1. I entertained you – yes, thank you, thank you for the applause… LOL.. and 2. I also hope, on a more serious “note”… that you realize you are nearly 100% biased no matter what anyone tries to tell you. If you believe ‘them’ over ‘me’… I can prove it… but I don’t just give secrets away THAT easily, even if they are all but useless unless you have is the keys that expired ohhh, so YESTERDAY. I’m just a rock’n’roll clown, nothing more, and nothing less. Ca-ca-ca-ca Dr. Blockzo, the FB Clown! LOL! HAPPY LABOR DAY!

Enjoy it, because at this rate, “Labor Day” will be redefined from being a “HOLIDAY” to work day. And its name will also be changed – from “Labor Day” — to — wait for it —-

* * * HAPPY WORK-DAY! * * *

‘cuz in the FUTURE, my friend, the average rate of employment, expressed globally AND including/’counting’ EVERY SINGLE LIVING HUMAN BEING ON EARTH (AND QUITE POSSIBLY ALSO INCLUDING PETS – AND EVEN LIVESTOCK) – will be at about.. hmm let me think…

Just chicken-scratch math real quick here…..

MANDATING (not forcing anyone to work, but instead, by “mandating” what I mean is that this entire equation is based and founded entirely upon MY OWN chosen hypothetical of a future society – a GLOBAL society – in which 9 billion people live, but work ONLY 1 DAY PER YEAR, that day being “Work Day” (now simply referred to as, “Labor Day” and currently viewed by the baby boomers as something of a holiday… They should ask all the men and women on the job just like any other day, today, what the meaning of Work .. I mean Labor Day has IF ANY, for them. LOL! Anyway:
-MANDATING the figure that ON AVERAGE, if we took the ENTIRE LIVING WORLD POPULATION, and just wiped the slate clean and started over, under a system where EVERYBODY WORKS, BUT ONLY WORKS ONE (1) 1 (ONE) SHIFT CONSISTING OF 8 (EIGHT) EIGHT (8) HOURS, NO MORE, AND NO FEWER, THAN EIGHT (8) HOURS —- PER ANNUM.

9 BILLION PEOPLE multiplied by EIGHT HOURS comes out to:

72,000,000,000 MAN-HOURS & WOMAN-HOURS!!!!


My question next must therefore be:

1. Is there a minimum wage?
2. Does that even matter one bit?
3. Everybody is rich, not because of horse crap, non-sequitur, fallacious logic— I can’t even apply the NOUN, logic, to it – but you know what I’m TRYING to say… 3. Everybody is “rich”, NOT because “everyone has MONEY” (whatever money is… at last check, a fancy new $100.00 US bill, brand-new, cost a WHOPPING THIRTEEN CENTS PER BILL to manufacture at the Central Money Factory. I heard about some charity that got “busted” because for each dollar they collected, just under THREE CENTS actually worked its way to the dying children – the ones you always see on TV commercials that shamelessly (or in my opinion, utterly SHAMEFULLY) run their sleazy game in psycho-engineered mumbo-jumbo; TV commercials, the production of which includes a significant budget for a win:win weekend RENTAL of “hot-shot” PSYCHOLOGICAL ENGINEERS – nothing against them; they surely had no clue that their efforts were going to a corrupt organization (heck, there have been huge and immensely popular charities that have later been found to be ‘fronts’ for collecting money FOR TERRORISTS, TO PURCHASE HEAVY ARMS, TO USE AGAINST THE UNITED STATES. That is why, as sad as it is, when you put THIS “sick kids” charity next to something THAT PURELY EVIL… the less-than 3% throughput to kids of MONIES donated, as bad as it is, well, they look like ANOINTED, CELIBATE, NON-CHILD-MOLESTING, SAINTS… And I don’t mean the sports team, either!

Let us close with a summary line-by-line comparison. Please observe the information below, and, if you feel like it, let me know whether you: (a) Already knew this; (b) You’re shocked at these figures or this information – and if so, by how much?; (c) “It does seem like it could become a problem – or maybe it’s even a problem now – but my way of dealing with reality is to look the other way and keep driving to the party; OR (d) “Look, dude, I don’t know what kind’a bug bit you this time, but (d. 1: You’re totally NUTS!”) and/or (d. 2: “I could NOT POSSIBLY care even ONE TINY BIT LESS, even if Uncle Ben, Uncle Sam, AND Cousin Tom got married to Brother Joe, and sold me the entire SOLAR SYSTEM, AND if I never had to work another day of LIFE, either, I STILL would not care ONE BIT about ANY OF THIS. All them dudes are the ones starting the wars anyway. PEACE! I got a hot date waiting for me… sorry bro. I forgot to put out my Marijuana-laced Cigarette out in my car ash tray, no thanks to THEY DON’T MAKE CARS WITH ASH TRAYS ANYMORE!!!! (lol!)

1. Worst Charity in U.S., running on tax-exempt status:
(Money Per $100.00 that actually reaches Mission Objective)

Answer: Less than $3.00 out of every $100.00 you give them.
The rest pays “operating costs” (running a telemarketing mill) as well as quite a handsome salary for the CEO of the NON PROFIT, TAX-EXEMPT, SCAM-STRATEGY ZEN MASTER TAX DODGER, WRITE-OFF EXPERT, AND ROBBER BARON OF YOUR MONEY.

2. Paper Money (or any fiat currency, but Blue $100 soon!)
(Production Cost of NEW US$100 bill (per unit to manufacture)

Answer: Thirteen cents is the cost to manufacture the soon-to-be-arriving new $100 bills, brand new. Of course, they completely messed up the CHEMISTRY of the first HUGE BATCH – AND RECALLED ‘TONS’ OF $100 BILLS DUE TO THE NEW $100 BILL DESIGN’S ENGINEERING BEING DEFECTIVE. Wow! That’s just WONDERFUL! Now we can’t even PRINT OUR OWN MONEY ANYMORE! –SPEECHLESS!!

3. There is no “3” – but I just found a key on my keyboard marked “#3”, and I pressed it just now to see what would happen. Guess what! Almost as if by pure magic, THAT SAME NUMBER appeared INSANELY i mean INSTANTLY on my display! I mean SO FAST I JUST MIGHT CALL SOME PARANORMAL SOCIETY TO MAKE SURE I’M NOT HAUNTED!!!

Answer: Paper money – such as $100 bills… as you probably not only KNOW, but PRACTICE it yourself, as a habit, every day – don’t carry large amounts of cash on your person…. Am I close? Well, then how do you pay all your bills? And if you get a bill saying that you owe $99.87 in full (after all the taxes and all that other garbage they add on, that you don’t find out about until AFTER you’re stuck in the contract)… If you avoided using your bank number/credit card number/social security number/debit card number, you might use a PAPER CHECK, instead. Have you seen the PRICES of CHECKS lately? And many people and business do not even accept checks or even cash!

ONE LAST THING: If a US$100 bill – the fanciest one, with all the high-security features and all – costs 13 cents to replace…

That means nearly $770.00

Or an extra 7.7% “US Fed Reserve/Mint PAPER currency MAINTENANCE FEE”, is how I might describe it. Or, you could even say, with honest integrity and merit (though I would not sign a new accord so cavalierly, given the rather cayenne flavor of this great expenditure. Instead, I might shift my money around until I can afford to buy a horse. Maybe a well/bread Mustang? I hear they are reliable and loyal. And made in Mexico, although I believe they changed that a couple of days ago. Great. Now they are even making horses in America again.

Survey: If you were, or if you are, an environmentally conscientious person, but you also drive a car (and if so, I hope you do not suffer inner turmoil over that conflict… I would suggest seeing a therapist, but then you’d only be destroying the planet even more, and besides, I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on TV either :))… Would you prefer to drive (or you DO drive):

a) Plain-Jane, weak, making-sacrifices Hybrid Gasoline/Electric
b) Electric-driven ONLY, NO supplemental ICE
c) Small and light, Gasoline/Flex Fuel E85 ICE
d) Any size, but Gasoline/Flex Fuel E85 ICE Electric-Assist Hybrid
e) Compressed Natural Gas, Hydrogen Fuel Cell, High-speed turbine (jet engine) (requiring NO transmission to sacrifice power and spending a lot of time FAR AWAY from the PEAK OF EFFICIENT OPERATION
f) Would you be willing to drive a good, strong LITHIUM powered electric car, with a highly efficient Wankel or rotary engine, attached to a CVT that you can program yourself, both from behind the wheel, and from behind your laptop, if Mazda Honda or whomever offered you access to their code, so that you can write your own CVT command programs?
g) LAST QUESTION: Assuming that overall expense estimates (including maintenance, fuel consumption rates, flexibility/multiple options for fuel sources (i.e. vodka, your garage’s 120VAC outlet, gasoline, E85 EtOh, an embedded solar roof, etc. – would you AT LEAST INSIST ON LITHIUM BATTERIES, or would you avoid them either because a) they are not cost-effective quite yet b) they are very dangerous or c) there is not enough data, or rather there is too much data, because the technology is still not ‘prime time’ for such a vast consumer marketplace as the auto industry in general, and therefore, unless you test out cars for a living, you cannot justify the expense, or (OTHER) (feel free to explain)


Brendon Tristal (c) 2013 September 02

tags united nations security council, ignited nations, israel, nuclear energy, nuclear weapons, war, wwIII, world war 3, Syria, energy war, human aid, human suffering, Syrian Civil War 2013, Muslim Uprising, Arab Spring, foreign oil and war, U.S. Missile Strike looms, Secretary of State John Kerry, POTUS, President Barack Obama, USA President, President Obama, United Nations, divided nations, united planet, united people

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