Life Event (Personal): The Death of my Fifteen-Year-Old Cat, Buddy

Official Report 1: Post-Euthanasia: Diagnosis: Blood clot. My analysis after research and having spent the past two months trying to ‘fix’ my cat and having run some ‘tests’ myself, and knowing the timeframe of events, is this: Over time, a blood clot built up, and then dislodged – just like what happens in a stroke or heart attack – and that clot gets stuck somewhere else, cutting off the blood supply. It can happen almost anywhere, including tiny veins, not only major veins and arteries. So, if it was indeed a blood clot, as per vet and staff report, who were compassionate and loved Buddy too (but had to kill him… what a shitty job that must be)… even though, through testing temperature of all four paws I’d done months ago, it was not complete femoral blockage, it was certainly a nerve kill, which I’ve had happen to me in fact, and due to the location of the nerves that died, renal failure would be a very significant risk even if I did have the thousands of dollars or so to do a semi-invasive surgery. Everyone and everything must die, or at the very least, leave this planet, eventually; it is only a matter of time.

Yet somehow, that doesn’t seem to make it feel any better. I will miss him… I am glad that at least he was taken care of by compassionate professionals and, I can only hope, did not suffer.

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