Logic based on false assumptions: Sex OUT OF the CLASSROOM!

Logic based on false assumptions: Sex OUT OF the CLASSROOM!

Perhaps it is possible that the teacher that got fired for modeling for Playboy… BEFORE she was even a teacher… may have considered that, but how would she know?
It is entirely possible she could have been, or is, or still could be, one of the BEST (redacted) teachers around, and willing to be dedicated and work for (redacted) pay, with RESULTS being WELL EDUCATED GRADUATES!
Ya dig?
Ya git what i’m sayin?
Dang it!

No crime took place whatsoever. And there can be no conflict of interest, since all ‘playboy events’ took place and terminated PRIOR to hire as a teacher.

You see?
This is why.

This is why privacy matters. And interestingly, even in the media reports, I did not hear one peep.. not one PEEP… with respect to HOW the Board even DISCOVERED this educator had been featured in playboy.

Maybe just maybe because that person is an avid READER.

Maybe just maybe a just barely legal sexual advance combined with a pushing the line statement of oh look at this…

(noncompliance to sexual inferences of sexual service requests, in exchange for keeping your job)

The DEPTH of STUPIDITY of SO MANY people on this issue is utterly ASTOUNDING.

Oct 2013

sex scandals, education reform, corruption in education, opposiing values, mired morality

———-ADD-ON EDIT minutes later….

Oh but free mandatory condoms, birth control DRUGS without PARENTAL PERMISSION, for FREE, and MANDATORY SEX-ED even if the child’s OWN PARENTS do not want their young toddler being taught at such a young age by people who have no PERSONAL (FAMILY) RELATIONSHIP with them – just a teacher, who goes through hundreds of students a day… BUSINESS ONLY…

When the family (parents, relatives, etc.) CERTAINLY (with exceptions) BY FAR have the greater IMPACT and overall VALUE and LONG-TERM RETENTION to the student, when it is INTEGRATED with the student / CHILD – the student is a number or statistic comprising a gigantic system of education, while the FAMILY has their VERY OWN CHILD that is THEIRS, and there is LOVE, RESPONSIBILITY, AND AS FOR CORRUPTION, ASK ANY RANDOM GROUP OF 1,000 OR MORE MOTHERS AND FATHERS HOW MUCH THEY CARE ABOUT THEIR OWN CHILDREN, VERSUS THE PEOPLE THEY MERELY ASSOCIATE WITH AT THEIR WORKPLACE.

Brendon Tristal October 2013 Copyright 2013


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