Global Policy, Guns, Sea World Death, Natural Selection, War, Environment, Man’s Interference with Nature

Well, we keep specimens of almost every single other living thing in some form or another, whether it’s milking spiders and snakes for their venom to invent new miracle cures, or NASA using space monkeys, zoos preserving endangered species (which is really just another name for undoing natural selection; I don’t know whether it is still in the curriculum for American students to be taught it is in our human/animalistic nature to kill and defend our territories, It seems rather selfish to break or disrupt or fight against nature, by using artificial means (zoos, regulations that give advantages to some people and not others, discriminating — either IN FAVOR OF or AGAINST someone for their personal livelihoodes ( or lack thereof), sexual orientation (whether self-proclaimed or not – I never liked that terminology, because the language has the connotation of the attitude of, “Fess up! YOU’RE GUILTY! You’re GAY!” As if it were a crime. Imagine being interrogated for being black? That was what big government “did”… The Civil War is an embarrassing example.

Dear America, (To my Fellow Americans, from one fellow American):

I hereby wish to join and offer my condolences at our recent and upcoming losses. Nearly all of us have our own stories of pain and suffering, and while determining who has the saddest or greatest or most impactful story, I hope that we do not take the attitude of disgust and hate toward the plight others face (i.e. bullying on the poor kid who is a nerd, whether it’s public school, the military, POLITICS, or anything else.

There has been a lot of talk about not negotiating when there is a gun to your head (actually, not even a toy plastic water pistol that isn’t even loaded).

I do know that the standard business policy…. and, in many states, such as those where there is no “Stand your Ground” protection law in place… Residents of those states have the policy of servitude and, YES, NOT NEGOTIATION AT ALL, with terrorists and hostage takers! It is, DO WHAT THEY SAY AND DON’T ARGUE. (Some jobs I’ve had when I was younger involved training that included what the protocol is if someone demands something like, “Give me all your money or i’ll hurt you (in some way)… ” Whether a cashier or a mass cash courier from a store’s cash profits to the bank safety deposit box,… people are generally instructed to obey the criminal,

especially if armed, and IN FACT, people have been FIRED for trying to the RIGHT THING TO PROTECT THE COMPANY. Obviously completely selfish to fire such a
loyal employee like that, who would LITERALLY risk his or her life to protect his boss’s business – but instead, surely at least in part due to insurance regulations
and so on, as wel as other factors affecting individually the business owners, but on the whole, having the LONG-TERM, EVOLUTIONARY EFFECT of emboldening
criminals to commit MORE armed robberies. However, Brinks, Diebold, and other armored cash carriers carry guns, and even the President’s little girls are
growing up around guns. Wonder if some of the secret service members teach them how to shoot? After all, Obama shoots, himself – I know a lot of people made a mockery of that piece, saying it was PR ops to show the “gun culture” that he is not an “anti-Bill of Rights” President. —

Armed forces are so expensive and war costs so many lives. But if, as in the recent past in a little thing called the cold war – and the various countless
conflagrations across every continent – especially in cases of genocide – genocide is often preceded by mass confiscation of guns, and you end up with genocide –
and genocide apparently (Syria) is OK as long as you use “conventional weapons” (you know, just regular 500 pound bombs, .50 cal hyper rapid fire machine guns,
predator drones (P.S. it is not only the US that builds and uses drones) – that’s all fine and dandy. But oh! You’ve killed hundreds of thousands of people, on the
basis of religion and background, etc.; made refugees out of your peaceful citizens, your “work happiness level” is graded as a full ZERO PER CENT across the
board in your country….

And the issue is…. it’s okay if babies and children and women are killed… it’s okay if millions of children LOSE THEIR FATHERS and NEIGHBORS and FRIENDS and
live in FEAR ceaselessly… Bombs blowing up all the time. That’s all fine. What is the U.S. reaction? Don’t NEGOTIATE with terrorists. ARM them. That was how
Al Qaeda was formed – to help the U.S. fight the former United Soviet Socialist Republic.

And now, here is where what is known as an “arms race” becomes involved. In this mean game of chess, the consequences can be absolutely DIRE. Therefore,
any reasonable mind would find it prudent to include in their arsenal of moves or, to switch metaphors mid-sentence, if I may, hold AS MANY CARDS IN THEIR
show your hand! Though I suppose one could… accidentally tip their hand just a bit, as a STRATEGIC MOVE, but hiding their nuclear concussion bomb.

With Russia, and formally, formerly – with Iran – this came in the form of a threat (and THANK GOD for that!) North Korea falls into its own category, but only a
category that falls into a deeper position under the same header. They DO have the cards, but they have not used them. But we would be wise not to test and
meddle around the turf of others, except for peaceful purposes and FAIR trade (not slave labor trade, by the way… slavery should be illegal, including the U.S.
importation of goods manufactured by slave labor)…

Try enforcing that one. This is why we need strong allies like Germany, Japan, Russia, China, perhaps even Iran. The psychology behind the way the world works
is not much different than the psychology involved in bullying – or, to come full circle to “messing with nature” subject matter, when you mess with “Mother
Nature” and get into things like eugenics and genocide, you will find EVERY TIME that Mother Nature WINS. Also known as: NOBODY wins, although all parties go
back home and proclaim that they have won victory to their “superior nation” – whomever that may be.

If you remove a cat’s claws and teeth, and let it out into the wild to play – or if you are an animal activist, you took alligators or lions that you found injured,
treated, but then DISARMED them by removing their claws and razor teeth – many would call those actions cruel. Bullying is cruel, and so is taking away or
removing an animal’s “GOD GIVEN” or “DNA-GIVEN” “RIGHT” TO KEEP AND BEAR RAZOR TEETH AND CLAWS, tusks, VENOM (chemical, BIOLOGICAL warfare),
and so on?

Some might foolishly argue, WE, humans, do not HAVE claws. I beg to differ (Some women in particular have some pretty serious claws; believe me.) They
would argue that our evolutionary protection mechanism is our BRAINS.

Yes, and if we did not wear CLOTHES (animal furs, skins, cotton) – MANUFACTURED items – or drive CARS – or burn OIL – we would not ever be able to support the
large population and the high standard of living (*allegedly) – people would literally be DYING of THIRST, DEHYDRATION, SICKNESS/DISEASE, CRIME, AND SO
ON. And starvation.

And GUNS. Ah yes, GUNS. Just as Homo sapiens requires CLOTHING (in certain CLIMATES AND/OR REGIONS) for PROTECTION, and OIL, COAL, AND SO ON to
pump water, turn DESERTS into CROP-GROWING FARMLAND (out Western America, Las Vegas, etc.; Hoover Dam)….

GUNS are how HUMANS got their claws. It has been going on since history. Humans are innovative, and MOST of us with children know we would “probably” do
ANYTHING to keep them safe and make sure they do not go hungry, sick, or killed/assaulted.

I have always been a strong believer and advocate for BIRTH CONTROL. It is the MOST PAINLESS way, and the EASIEST OPTION, and it does not require by
default lots and lots of WAR and PAIN, SUFFERING, AND TORTURE.

It’s ironic that the sex drive, meant to propagate the species, has turned us into a proverbial (no pun intended) basket of bunnies (no eggs intende…nevermind.
lol) – and has, all jokes aside, led us down this path.

To take away a man’s clothing is theft, and to rob a man who is hiking or fishing or hunting of his coat or his gun, who then freezes to death later on, coming back
to his camp from a fishing trip to find his gun and his coat missing, a storm moves in, and he is killed by hungry wolves and/or the ice cold – the thief has
EFFECTIVELY _CAUSED_ HIS DEATH, and without a doubt, if we were to presuppose in this scenario that the outdoorsman was skilled enough that he would have
known what to do and, having been well-prepared both in knowledge, intelligence, and TOOLS, had he NOT BEEN ROBBED of his tools, he would quite likely have

Yet just as in nature, even if you “catch-and-release,” but declaw and disarm the alligators, lions, or whatever animal it is, does anyone think that’s fair? —

Let me put it another way: Does anyone think that armed criminals are going to EITHER a) Immediately report to their nearest police station and give up their
guns (and certainly those who have invested in firearms as collectors or have their childrens’ college money tucked away in their firearm safety training job,
gunsmith job, or just plan gun collectors who have $150,000 worth of collectible firearms as an investment and/or a hedge… literally so that they can provide their
children with a debt-free, paid-in full college education (albeit with no borrowing, the banks would lose out on that deal – and win the world series super bowl – if
they were to snap their fingers and just literally take away and remove permanently your materiel assets you have worked your entire life for, and now you are
suddenly broke, have a skill that forces them to either retire, or go underground, working for the criminals who DIDN’T turn over their guns – and we the people
are left in a society where ALL of those who ARE or WILL be murderers – still have thier teeth and claws – the calculus will change GREATLY. If guns are so bad,
why do police carry several guns on their PERSON alone, along with many other weapons? For obvious reasons. And these are the same reasons across the
board. It also incentivizes crime and murder, “less serious crimes” (than, say, gun-murder, and replace it with say, kinfe-murder (ref. Ireland), robbery at knife
point, rape at knife point, etc.) – the people would all know that only law abiding citizens are disarmed…. one giant gun-free zone, with the tiny little insignificant
problem of: it’s unenforceable. Yet America’s policy overseas – and the same goes for energy extraction/production – the planet is magnetically bipolar, for sure,
but how there came to be an Eastern and Western hemisphere is beyond my simplistic imagination, as I do not see them as anything but artificial, dubious, and
arbitrarily names. East, meet West. Please don’t kill one another!!!! (THANK YOU!) —

This is the essence of PRINCIPLES that FORMED this great nation. Really, it is – was. This country was built on the blood, sweat, tears, and hard labor of THE
PEOPLE – INCLUDING THE WEALTHY, INCLUDING THE POOR… Yes we’ve not had a perfect flawless history, but show me one nation that has! And when you find
that nation, instead of invading it and taking over, or destroying it by turning it into a Caribbean-style THEME PARK – vis a vis things like water parks, worlds of
“seas” and so on…. (since I want to stay on topic, and the topic here is:

“Crossfire asks: 6:30pET: Crossfire debates Blackfish. Is it okay to keep killer whales in captivity at parks like SeaWorld or should they only remain in the wild?”
(October 23, 2013)

… I just felt compelled for some odd reason to balance the scales by expanding the super-over-simplification of such a super-complex issue, and I found a
straight “Yes/No” answer objectionable. No wonder Congress can’t get anything done. When you are offered a bill and all you can say to it is, Yea or Nay, it ends
up sounding (perhaps even smelling) like the barnyard rather than the High Offices of this great nation.

Ah, yes. One more thing. Behold, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars of late. We didn’t need to train al-Qaeda (AGAIN) for them to build IEDs. If people (or worse yet,
FACTIONS, PER SE: i.e. IDEALISM; i.e. FASCISM) have their SIMPLE guns taken away, one of two things happen: 1. They are ultimately exterminated and/or 2.
They SUBMIT and “convert” (that’s not freedom)… And of course, there is 2(b): Suicide bombers, IEDs, improvisations in all things. IDEOLOGY is more
dangerous than all the weapons in the world. Even before the USSR could hack into U.S. War Department’s DARPAnet – because it was not really available much
in Russia… traidtional, computerless spy operations allowed NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION to occur, to the point that Pakistan is a nuclear nation. Nevermind a dirty
bomb – which is bad enough, if not worse… or other new forms of weaponry, that simply cannot be banned with either the stroke of a pen NOR BY MILITARY
ACTION, as has been shown in the last two major wars in the Middle East that have placed us squarely at the precipice of BANKRUPTCY, perhaps irrevocably,
having cost us deeply in loss of honorable men and women, partially destroyed the American spirit, increased depression, anxiety, and unemployment across the
board, and have transformed what was once a beautiful and free nation of AMERICANS… and turned it into a prison-yard style TURF WAR, ESPECIALLY with this
particular Congress, to which I believe many of my colleagues would agree.


Brendon Tristal
Copyright (c) 2013 October 25

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