Regarding NSA, Snowden, Espionage, and Spying/Snooping 2013 USA, Germany, Angela Merkel, Chancellor

From “Newsfeed America” on Facebook:  “Snowden leak: NSA secretly accessed Yahoo, Google data centers to collect information
Despite having front-door access to communications transmitted across the biggest Internet companies on Earth, the National Security Agency has been secretly tapping into the two largest online entities in the world, new leaked documents reveal.”

What I have to say about it:

Isn’t that way too much data? I “secretly” access Google data centers every day, when I watch a youtube video…. and leave my little GUID0 (Global Unique Identifier/Data Zero or GUI-DZ, GUIDz) digital signature on it saying Brendon Tristal watched these videos X number of times and all these other videos too, which are under categories A thru Z thru aA to z0, 489 of which are POSSIBLY terrorism-linked… (even though in REALITY some of them are comedies, or some of them were watched not to learn how to join Al Q. but to learn how they operate)

And the whole idea that your Google or other search queries somehow prove you’re up to no good … that is insane. That is like saying that because you enjoyed Bourne Identity, or Tom Clancy novels, then you must be a terrorist. How to Mummify a Body. How to kill someone without pain. How to build a house. How to grow a garden, How to save money growing your own food. How to grow your own alcohol (if legal in your state/county).. and on and on. We will never be able to compete when we are at like Number 32 (USA) in average functional high school graduate’s intelligence and skills that are in demand. You NEED to know things like how to kill people… WHY? So that you KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR… that’s WHY! Simple as that. Then you might say, Well, okay fine, but what about those few people (Casey Anthony?) who actually DO end up killing someone, especially if killed in the same way the website suggested? WELL… HERE IS MY ANSWER! Put Casey Anthony aside, because there’s just too much histrionics thanks to the media, and herself, for whatever misguided reasons (and being BRIBED with nearly a QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS IN CASH for an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW… very tempting, whether guilty or not, wouldn’t you agree?) It’s just not good. ESPECIALLY when you have these “databases” with GUIDs and apply psychology and other techniques to analyze writing, speech, pitch and tone, daily lifestyles and habits, read your facial expressions, and everything… it’s just too much. TMI. Not to mention watching you naked or changing your clothes. I remember when laptops with built-in cameras had a MECHANICAL shutter that one could use to block out the camera FOR SURE, not just by software that is constantly doing secret things.

Brendon Tristal

October 30, 2013

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