(ex)-LAX: Let’s not start putting S*** where it doesn’t belong – the world is toxic enough already.

That guy complaining about the LAX shooter not being designated a “terrorist” … like so many others who seem to enjoy making a big stink in what few places we have left that are not yet infected… should refer to the Army psychiatrist who yelled, “PRAISE THE LORD!” in Arabic and PROCLAIMED HIMSELF A MUSLIM MARTYR yet the USA did not label him a terrorist.  Don’t see why CNN gave him any airtime… that was a mistake.  All that kind of talk does is divide HUMANS and AMERICANS even MORE…. old vs young rich vs poor white vs black christian vs muslim and now, voila… TERRORIST VS. NON TERRORIST w/respect to RACE!!  UNBELIEVABLE magic trick.  What else can we invent to make people hate each other for no reason?

(This morning on CNN they ran an interview with some guy complaining about this garbage non-issue)

Why doesn’t he look at the bright side?  At least he can rest in peace, knowing that terrorists (and, apparently, according to him, people “of color” – except tanned Italians, etc.) are IMMUNE to mental illness!!!   LOL!    Or maybe RELIGION is the mental illness, and we’re just being nice and not saying so.

Brendon Tristal

November 4, 2013

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