Obamacare is demonstrative of just how far we have fallen

Regardless of what anyone tries to say about Obamacare … whether it’s fundamentally a website, or not… IT’S A DISASTER. And everyone warned the leading Communist Party i mean oops Democrat Party that the website was not ready, for whatever reason.

Imagine if in 1960 we set a goal to land a LIVING HUMAN on the MOON, and SAFELY RETURN HIM (or nowadays, him or her) to EARTH… by the end of the mere DECADE…. and we were able to accomplish that and build Saturn V and the Apollo system.. Wow!

What a GREAT, POWERFUL NATION THIS MUST HAVE BEEN! Now, however, we cannot even get a stupid website to work – and I know why, but I’m sure as hell not telling anyone. LoL.

Whatever we are now, we will have to pay for the United States of NAFTA.   We can eliminate the need for border patrol, we’d have the manpower and reserves for fuel and food and all, and we will join the rest of the planet’s great world powers in walking away from the U.S. debt .system, and the smart people will think elemental Hg…. They have no problem stealing the blueprints for our most advanced weaponry, and then building it, or worse… We need to stop thinking this country has anywhere near the power it used to have.

Brendon Tristal

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