My comments on Ray Velarde’s CG image of the sun in the shape of a heart, and the text: “The sun is like the heart”

Brendon Tristal Yes, it is. It is extremely powerful, and can become a black hole, which is even more powerful but in a much different way… when it is burned out of energy, it begins to pull everything including light itself into it… Keep the fire burning. Illuminate– let those who have eyes, to see… and those with ears, to hear, and those with wisdom, to understand. That is very important, and this image is symbolic of this fusion reaction taking place sustaining our very existence… however the heart, like the real sun, is also dangerous – CME’s – like temper tantrums, or when somebody “snaps”… a solar flare powerful enough to send a coronal mass ejection can literally destroy the entire planet Earth as we know it and have built it. Many would be hurt… They say you can’t stop time.. but time is relative. Einstein figured that out. Time doesn’t even exist anyway – like money – it is relative, therefore it is fungible and intangible simultaneously. Not very good. What time is it at ZERO KELVIN? And what is speed anyway? Relative to what? Gravitational lensing is a proven fact… proven perfectly… that alone is evidence that lightspeed in space, which is not completely empty, despite having zero “pressure” – compared to what? Space. Infinity times infinity is a very real equation.. I’ll just stop rambling now. Very inspiring image. Fusion taking place instead of fission. Unlimited source of power, but incredibly difficult and challenging to harness for good.

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