Land “LORDS” …. ….. Should I rent my home or buy my home?

It is sad how many “land LORDS” EITHER charge tons (!) For a deposit like $300 and up…. fortunately at least one-time payment… that is probably how they get away with it in the long run.. but it is not fair because one place or two said specifically that they only allow DECLAWED cats…. and u have to pay a pet fee ON TOP OF THAT! IT SUCKS! De clawed cats ONLY I said ok but my cat does not tear things up or poop everywhere he is extremely intelligent and polite, for a cat…. But even though the RE mgr. Empathized with me s/he…. The agent was forced to tell me that the only kind of cat I can live with is declawed cats. That upset me because I am sure at least SOME cats have had basically their FINGERS SLICED OFF and these real estate/landlord issues especially if u r a stranger or new in town…. who work long term contracts… Often a landlord is not a good person but I have heard of terrible Realtors as well as land/property owners (in terms of of $ and the pure legal power they have) is seriously annoying when you are their customer and most of them either demand (I am talking about privately incorporated corporations in general… mostly. ALTHOUGH it is true that some landlords will say for example if he or she is either very kind or loves pets or even just simply cares about people and understands that MANY people perceive, psychogically, their pets almost as FAMILY… Some landlords realize that people who love pets are statistically, if other particular data points do not discredit the odds strongly and/or by way of elementary strong forces – just for example, the Hypothetical Individual #1 – or the Person Looking to Find a Place to Rent or is KNOWN TO PERSON #2 who either IS or is RELATED TO by BLOOD or other high trust level persons, or friends, even… makes a “judgment call”… (/*\[<| ~^~ |>], for example…/\)or he is the approval and negotiation … “lie” is a sneaky word… However, I know for a fact that it is NOT the BANK which holds the insured asset’s mortgage, if that happens to be the scenario-then, in such a case, a private citizen is literally causing that fellow citizen to be … more or less, basically GRANTED ACCESS to the very real benefits of homeownership… Of course it is a somewhat roundabout way… Perhaps even LITERALLY “roundabout”… Similarly to the circus rides… My point us, it really DOES seem to be the case that, by EMPLOYING a CIRCUITOUS route, speaking strictly in general terms, many people have begun to, at a rapidly accelerating rate, sadly enough… due in large part, I believe, to the INCREDIBLY BROAD RANGE of persons who, if chosen “at random” in a statistically justified (or at least DEFINED) way… would just – and many people if not virtually everyone does this, TO INCLUDE CHILDREN, quite literally and most assuredly, QUITE _LEGALLY_… THEY ARE TAKING UP THE NEW MANTRA… “$M@R+ = THE NEW “RICH” … AND APPLYING THEIR BRAINS – Whether to this or that “end” and in order to FULFILL ‘this’ _AND_ ‘that’ NEED, or merely to get the famously ill-fated (usually, anyway… lol) … people choose to be some kind of economic ISOLATIONISTS… Wherein the human subject(s) seem to develop not ONLY the concept of COMPETITION but also, it might appear, but in addition to the conventional wisdom that has normally been associated with what we refer to as a “FREE MARKET” ECONOMY… A special kind of force-multiplier; something I have never even really ever bothered to assign much (if any, at all!) “Sense Value” as an applicable, designated and officially RECOGNIZED FORCE. But I am seriously beginning to wonder, now – partly due to the current economic cycle. Sociopolitical and Econopractical, geoscience… This IS – MOST ASSUREDLY – a relatively “new”… though ‘slightly worn’ of course – piece of current and up-trending social sciences, that I could foresee undergoing a potentially TREMENDOUS and RAPID EXPANSION of growth and very wide-scale IMPLEMENTATION in the relatively (and surprisingly so) short-term… The near future. Sincerely, Brendon Tristal (C) 2013 Copyright November 29 @ 9:11 PM

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