Just saw another piece on google and amazon DRONES being used to deliver packages. Why the need to kill even more jobs? How will an economy operate with no jobs, except for people with skills to fix these automated systems?  By the way, on the MSNBC show an anchor just said NYC might not be ideal ergonomically for this…. I SAY, IN FACT IT IS THE PERFECT PLACE TO BUILD THE INITIAL CONDUIT. Not that it will stop there. Any heavy aircraft at any elevation overhead can drop one that activates, even in rural farm areas, and THE COST OF THE DRONE + THE COST OF THE (ALREADY PAID FOR FLIGHT OVERHEAD THAT DEPLOYED AT 30k FT = ALREADY PAID FOR. VERSUS DIESEL TONS AND TONS TO DELIVER A LETTER. ALSO ULTRA SECURE. THIS IS THE FUTURE. WELCOME.(and thank you!)

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I would use the stored potential energy that was already spent by burning jet fuel (like kerosene) when the airplane used its turbofan blades and pumps to bring the passenger and/or freighter line to velocity, and then continued the burn to climb all the way up to say 30 to 40 thousand feet. That energy has already been spent and wasted – some spent, some wasted. But if you’re talking about standard to small packages, or even letters, you can basically turn the four-rotor chopper into a delivery system that EXTRACTS the energy it has already been “given” by being accelerated and thrust above the clouds. Gravity and velocity plus trajectory guidance = FREE ENERGY because packages sit in the cargo areas of passenger aircraft all the time…. they can easily make a DIRECT DEPOSIT lol … by using math formulas using data provided by NOAA and the National Weather Service, The Weather Channel and GPS coordinates, radar, etc. and the power source would be the gigantic engines of the Boeing 747 or whatever it was. Air resistance will turn those chemical reaction lithium burners into mini-generators, either mechanical or electrodynamic or both. A small cell will easily provide enough power for performing both the mathematical operations and to actuate, if necessary, the mechanical portions of such a vehicle. 

(Updated due to responding to a naysayer… Current time is 9:18PM US Central Time

Brendon Tristal

December 4, 2013

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Copyright (C) 2013 Brendon Tristal

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