We are coming into a new generation, iteration, age, era, ~ !~ whatever you want to call it but it will be unprecedented and someone – actually, more than someone… .LOTS of people.. .will be needed to possess THE MOST PRIMARY SKILLS in order just to survive. In response to the issue of THIS COUNTRY, we need to utilize, say, just thinking out loud here…. NAFTA, strengthen our bonds with our allies in continental america, as well as abroad… and use trade agreements to DE-FUND terrorists… De-Fund Obamacare? Why not de-fund the terrorists? If you cannot conquer with sheer force and strength, then you must use strategy. That is what they are doing to us right now. From abroad they are hacking our entire economy, as we sit around playing video games. However, I feel that where we are NOW is a direct product of the Industrial Revolution and the subsequent division or specialization in skills and trades. This, combined with technology permitting near light-speed communications plus the stock market and futures … oh GOD… the futures … the speculators…

Anyway, RUSH RUSH RUSH has led to FAKE EDUCATION and OVER REGULATION for SPECIFICATION, we have in a very real way lost a part of our HUMANITY; somehow, in all of this, in order to feed our children, we have left them alone. And then they shoot up a school. It’s horrific.

At any rate, regarding the Republic of the United States of America and its survival: We are already fully invested and integrated with global commerce and trade. To get out of it would take DECADES, without batting out some SERIOUS Executive Orders, and nobody wants that! We are SHORT ON SUPPLY on so many things.

BUT! There is another answer other than isolation. We can choose to be wise and treat each other with respect and consideration. I myself can see the rest of the world waiting for us. What will we do? Will we simply short the dollar? Consolidate our debts? LOL! We all need each other; to think otherwise is pure DELUSION.

It’s a shame the industrial revoLUTION has caused us to “just skip” FOUNDATIONAL skills and principles such as HUMANITY and RESPECT. Instead, public schools teach our children how to join their nearest gang, where to buy illegal guns, and how to perform home invasions!

Sad. Let’s learn. And teach. Thank you.

-Brendon Tristal

Copyright (C) 2013 Brendon Tristal

December 7, 2013


tags= education in America, US taxes, US economy and education, USA education, intelligence, knowledge, american workforce, american jobs, american skilled labor

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