00021 The Moon using Sony Handycam AVCHD Progressive


See how easily the image stabilization allows 50X Extended Zoom with a Carl Zeiss / Vario-Tessar lens and ultra high definition. I plan to do a comparison and write a full report comparing the Samsung 18X WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth 24mm (18X optical zoom, 16.2 MP, point-and-shoot style camera, interacts with the Samsung Galaxy Note III and can do DIRECT LINK, and has a flash, long exposure options, a (sadly, plastic) tripod mount, but is remote controlled and has EXCELLENT image stabilization both mechanical and by using its processor. Also, it has a touchscreen/viewfinder. The flash pops up by spring-loaded means, like a switchblade – but this video was shot with the Sony Handycam HDR-CX290 with 8GB onboard, an SD-XC slot, HDMI out (and it comes with the cable for that!), and in the handle there is a USB plug, so when travelling, should you forget your charger, any standard computer or laptop or even car charger USB slot will allow you to provide power to the device at 5 volts DC. Extremely versatile in that respect. Optical image stabilization. or “Steady Shot” as they call it. Wide angle lens 35mm equivalent, 7.2VDC … manually actuated lens cover. However, the UI (user interface) is set up and it is difficult to issue commands, while the Samsung has a rotary dial for mode, a control stick and a central “enter” button with “up down left right” options that are labelled, and five other buttons for various manual controls, IN ADDITION to the buttons and controls that appear on the touchscreen display, which are unlimited. I really like using the Samsung… it has the feel or user experience of a professional grade SLR camera; you can even set the ISO between 100 to 3200… It even has an option that constantly reads out the settings the computer is selecting as you choose your target…. shutter speed, aperture, etc. but sadly, focus program is annoying sometimes on this one too, so in the extreme conditions that I usually photograph in, I must use manual settings.

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