Economics, Hunger, Survival, Starvation – Living Life in the New Century

It’s so odd that that actor from Running Scared died… is that Is Paul Walker the same guy from Prison Break? Anyway, my ex girlfriend/friend for life who was killed in 2011 on Thanksgiving… who introduced me to family guy, and over a decade ago, changed me from being a square who studied 24/7 into someone who reversed course and spent that knowledge and capital on trying to help people – I was a fool to think that making those kinds of expenditures a priority would result in at the least, being treated with the same respect, and that instead of friendship and love, this world is measured in something called “money” – a human invention, and something that has no intrinsic value whatsoever (which is why it fluctuates so rapidly, and is prone to a fast and furious train wreck) – and what fuels this alien creature known as, “Money”, is a human/animal trait known as greed, and sadly, humans on the whole seem to be no higher or better than animals. The vicious cycle is always messing things up, causing unimaginable waste on a massive scale so tremendous, so STUPENDOUSLY ENORMOUS that people LITERALLY DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS WENT OFF TO! And as for microeconomics, we have, this very minute, children even in this country, literally suffering from starvation and malnutrition – in fact, this happens EVEN IN MANY AMERICAN HOSPITALS, believe it or not.

As for the Syrian refugees… I guess they are dying off as we speak… dropping like flies. Haven’t heard any more about it in the news. Just repetition of the same stories, and stuff that I have already read about, weeks ago – or, if I haven’t read about it, then it’s something that surprises me not at all, since, after all, I am a Professional Futurist. (Though I never knew that until 2013, but yes, that is a real word, and I looked it up, and I fit the definition to a T).

So, now I study economics. Instead of computers and robots and science, I should have become an economist. LOL! The interplay between economics and politics, if you include government and study what is the FTC, SEC, etc. and what the IRS does… then I can get a pretty good handle on where we might be going. With this compass, I hope to be able to navigate my way through this complex, extraordinary new world – soon, in short ORDER, we will all need to do so. It’s not going away by itself. There’s no such thing as a free lunch – but you can spend the future today, or save it for tomorrow, that is true.

But if you play your cards right, you can employ psychology – a pseudo-science, in a strict sense of the word as it is commonly used, but if defined merely as the study of the psyche, well, first you must define ‘psyche’. Therein lies the rub.

Copyright (C) 2013 Brendon Tristal

Economics, Hunger, Survival, Starvation – Living Life in the New  Century

strategic economic survival, united states, syria

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