Sometimes it’s the little things that make up for having one of those really bad days :)

1513228_271249383026828_1825987069_nAfter spending HOURS and HOURS getting a speech command and bluetooth-wifi-mobile connection, I was cleaning up and found that the tripod came with a nylon bag for easy carrying – and also to the left, as you can see, something I had JUST YESTERDAY said I really could use, big-time, but have no idea whether it’s worth it to try to hunt down a place that would sell this custom tripod mount separately other than having to order overseas…. or buying another tripod. It’s the clip that allows extremely rapid mounting and dismounting cameras/other instruments off of the tripod – and I FOUND THIS, A BRAND-NEW, STILL IN THE SEALED BAG SPARE! DREAMS DO COME TRUE! It was just sitting at the bottom of the nylon bag. I had unpacked and assembled it so quickly, that it got overlooked, and I never thought that paying so little money for a tripod that is actually quite decent, though I do have a few complaints – but I am shocked that a “cheap” company would actually do something that for such a small amount of money, “value added” principle still applies.

NOW I CAN FINALLY RAPIDLY SWAP OUT MY TWO FAVORITE CAMERAS INSTEAD OF HAVING TO UNSCREW AND RE-SCREW THE MOUNTING PLATE FOR EACH SHOT? Some of what I photograph, I catch in a rare fleeting moment, and it is impossible to do all of that during the time given for the event. That this company was smart enough and frankly, nice enough to include this extra mounting plate was PURE GENIUS.

Thank you, whoever you are that made the design and the management that approved adding TWO plates in the package “just like that” instead of leaving the customer feeling RIPPED OFF by selling you something that basically FORCES you to ENDLESSLY purchase EXCLUSIVELY from them, over and over again, the same OVERPRICED THING… You used to buy a computer and it would COME WITH THE OPERATING SYSTEM, ON CDS, PLUS ANOTHER CD OR MORE WITH DRIVERS AND BONUS SOFTWARE, ALONG WITH THE CERTIFICATION KEYS!!! Then again, as all of us computer nerd/geek types also know that in those days, you had to completely reformat and partition (where applicable) the entire hard drive at the lowest level, even having to use 3.5 inch floppy disks to provide a driver for the RAID of SCSI or even IDE CD players.

Now things are once again finally becoming more standardized, and this can only mean one thing. The days of the boom are not far off…. New technologies that emerge and are emerging will have an entirely new set of problems – yes, some of them more or less the same, but many new ones in entirety – and once again, there will be a demand for overqualified service technicians/engineers/administrators/etc….

UNLESS…. Unless… the ‘BOOM’ is other than economic, and the bad kind of ‘boom’.

Copyright (C) 2013 Brendon Tristal

December 17, 2013

Tags: exchangeable tripod mounts, philosophImageical analysis of getting what you give, tripod mounting plate, tripod review

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