What do you think is in the cards for the U.S. next year in 2014?


999238_479129558859240_523695896_n“Crossfire” on FB posed the question: “When asked what President Obama’s New Year’s resolution should be, Lee offered “no more selfies with world leaders,” while Feehery suggested that he appears “at least once on ‘Duck Dynasty.'”

What are your New Year’s resolutions for Obama?” -unquote Crossfire-

My two answers immediately were as follows: “I honestly think if the right people play their cards right – and I happen to KNOW that they DO HAVE them, the question is whether and when to USE them, and how judicious the deployment of offensive assets is used. Personally, I recommend EXTREME CAUTION especially with reference to the “Middle East” area. There are more people who need FOOD and WATER and MEDICAL CARE than there are who need more WEAPONS, oh and by the way in a war, when you inject weapons into it, and you don’t even know which of the pack of dogs is in your fight, AND it’s not really even your fight in the first place, my only words left are: Psychology has a use here.
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While it is true that mortar shells blowing up all around your house, even INSIDE your house, is a good reason to FLEE your home (Syria), the refugees still, though they may not need weapons per se THEMSELVES, there IS needed a HEAVILY ARMED specifically tasked force to deliver and administer (ration) these supplies. So yes, whether you want to argue about “guns” – believe me, small sidearms are pinpricks against a tank. It’s the shoulder-mounted tubes you need to worry about, and the targeted self-piloting unmanned systems that come from afar and either drop (gravity+guidance) or are actively propelled that do the real damage. And a pistol won’t do ‘jack’ (beef jerkey, I mean) against that. Go in with a radar dome and modular arrays of anti-missile systems, and feed those innocent people, I would advise.”

And herein I will add, I truly believe the next year, and several years, could be a huge success for our nation. (And if you don’t know what that is, you know what to do.)


Brendon Tristal

Copyright (2013) Brendon Tristal
December 21, 2013 at 8:42 AM UTC-6

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