Regarding NSA, GB, etc. data collection…. my off-the-cuff remarks plus “bieber bullying”

Good. At least we are all safe. For example if one of us is cyber bullied the data will easily be pulled up. Oh wait. It doesn’t work that way. But a warrant to search the biebs mansion… A felony warrant… is signed and a search and seizure carried out, over eggs. Now of course I don’t want anyone throwing eggs at property but it’s kid stuff. Like throwing toilet paper or whatever… you know, all that bad stuff all the “cool kids” did back in school. Well I was never a “cool kid” so I can’t be sure but from what I heard on the biebs story is this: it sounds like somebody wanted to send him a strong message, originating from the neighbors… and apparently some people have the opinion he is less than your ideal neighbor. I have had stuff damaged and stolen and even been assaulted, but I never call the police unless it is for someone else, or I’m about to die, because apparently, as I have learned, certain police departments have much much more important things to worry about. So I’ve just taken it, absorbed all the costs where I could, and I see that I would probably be a BILLIONAIR by now if I just called a lawyer and sued people for what they’ve done to me. Even if I only won one case. But Bieber doesn’t even get arrested. A raid of his home finds all this evidence and what, he doesn’t even have to take a trip downtown? Besides. I thought the specific items or person(s) to be “seized” were eggs and or people who have been harassing the neighborhood. Apparently, according to this neighbor of his, if you believe him and his audio video etc., absolutely EVERYTHING and ALL of the problems caused are due solely to the presence of the biebs. No biebs in the neighborhood, no problems … just peace and happiness. Pat on the back. It’s dumb to use the stupid excuse when you’re smart enough to maneuver your way into a multi – million dollar mansion by age 17 or whatever it is. What a joke.

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