Please accept my apologies yet again!

Please accept my apologies yet again! There are only FOUR segments to this video, and if I ever figure out an easy way to take HQ still shots and give each one, say, three seconds’ time – perhaps some digital zooming in onto particular areas, or special effects… I had a Samsung WB250 or something to that effect to allow me to control it on the tripod with my phone, as well as potentially do live upstreaming. It turned out that at about 4 to 5 feet away from the camera (between camera and phone) the controls and the onscreen viewfinder became nothing but a hassle and unreliable. The Nikon D3200 easily enough allows you to control EVERYTHING, just about, manually, with physical switches, not all menus or touchscreens – plus the REAL SLR viewfinder helps A LOT esp. for photographers and hobbyists. The huge downside to the DSLRs is that the reflector must be RAISED in order to do video recording, so you have no choice but to use the LCD display to get your shots, and in the sun, you will find that you might want a friend holding a dark umbrella just so you can see anything at all.

So there is a possible FIFTH video coming, and when the time comes that I actually try this MRE out and eat it, I might record that, or place notes here with more detail regarding ease of use, my opinions on material weaknesses (such as, perhaps, a small puncture in the clear plastic bag that is used to make instant coffee, etcetera.)

These puppies are hard to find on Amazon, Ebay, or anywhere. And I’ve read horror stories where people have spent hundreds of dollars on packages of knockoff products, and packs that DID NOT include the chemical heater packs, even though they were clearly advertised as all heaters being included.

One more thing… I have briefly analyzed the range of food sources within this single package (which, by the way, cost me about $12 or less – half was the product, half was the shipping – and “handling” I’m sure, lol…. Anyway, jokes aside, as you can see overall this unit, menu 10, beef chili pasta – which I was surprised at how small the main serving was – but it comes with absolutely VACUUM-PACKED bread, some other items that are shown in the FOUR videos, every single item in this package is displayed before the autofocus camera as I make a feeble effort to explain what it is, for instance by reading small print you won’t be able to read by the time I compress it for transport. (Next time I’ll try a larger pixel dimension and see whether that merely results in lag and a huge increase in size, or that plus find out the best file format to take .MTS and .MOV and compress 4 GB of 15 minute video down to something realistic like 100MB to 200MB.

Enjoy! Again, I am learning a lot and fast, thanks in no small part to the current economy. Already having a diverse skillset, I would like to make the most of what I’ve got and keep myself busy with hobbies that challenge the mind (though when you can’t find the right driver for your flip-laptop’s bright touchscreen, staying up late nights can be a serious pain – literally. Oh yeah and don’t forget the real reason… for works of passion such as having a YouTube channel. Keeping occupied and aware, even if you can’t find a job – always remember that this has absolutely NOTHING to do with your value as a person. Whatever hand you are dealt, you must make a decision. That’s how simple it is. Beyond that, it is surely easy for anyone to judge another, by criticizing the way they dealt with the last hand they were given – whether one’s past is a total horror story, or you’ve won the Mega Trillions for Life lottery – who you are is what defines a person, not WHAT you are. We are not helpless grains of sand endlessly crashing into the rock walls of the continent’s edge by unrelenting hydraulic forces; energy (kinetic) in the form of what most of us simply call, “waves” ~ ~

~ ~ Much of life is indeed a series of waves. But we are not completely helpless. We must understand there will always be things in this world that disgust us to the core, and on the other side, a sort of curiosity retains this urge to understand and learn how such seemingly simple, ordinary things as waveforms at the beach – (Will the water reach my sandcastle??? lol) As we continue our attempts to reverse-engineer the universe, we will quite possibly “succeed” – however, we don’t even have a clue what that would really mean, and what the consequences, completely unforeseen, could be lurking right around the corner.

There is a saying to the effect of… “Live each day as if it were the last day of your life” … Unfortunately that can be extremely confusing, because this is one area where even people within the same cultures; even the same families – have complete and absolute disagreements on what sort of… experiences they value most. I am of the type who would want to be with my family, but if that were not feasible, [hopefully I’d never have known in advance, or, as the saying goes, “never seen it coming”] – other than that, if I manage to live a *relatively* healthy life, maintain a sense of purpose, and hopefully even find a life partner (!!!) ~ who can understand and handle me; someone who understands I don’t generalize nearly as much as most people tend to, and someone who does not ever feel jealous or distrustful. Hah! Just kidding. I’m a very simple person when it comes down all the way to it, because it’s a very simple world.

Obviously, I can dig deep into philosophy without quoting anybody other than a couple of random, ‘author unknown’, ancient words of wisdom. Thus, while I most CERTAINLY am NOT searching for the world’s greatest philosopher. I don’t want an intimate relationship with my clone. It’s difficult enough dealing with ‘one of me’.

I just would like a companion who understands compassion and empathy, employs it with extreme care and diligence in all of her matters of work and other labor; someone who thinks and looks far back and down the road, checks side to side at all times, and looks much deeper into everything, including what we call ‘the future’.

I know this is getting more than slightly overdramatic for this day and age. As a so-called “Futurist” and trend analyst, both of which sound like business and/or scientific terms; both of which, along with my gold-plated 1980’s aviator’s style glasses (I HATED having to wear those things! lol… 4th Grade Four Eyes! Urkel! You name it; lol) – not just both, but ALL of those were not exactly shared aspirations in most of my public school classes. They were considered boring.

And now, they are among the top-grossing productions in the entertainment industry, and while it truly IS a sad thing that books, if not going extinct, must be artificially preserved by curators and librarians, and other custodians ~ there are still plenty of books that exist in print – used status; NEW condition 🙂

I can say this without a doubt: When I went to school, I had to pay, OUT OF POCKET, HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of dollars for University textbooks. The prices were more or less fixed, mostly the printing quality was top-notch (literally, lol)… the publishers had their entire little empires set up. Then the laptop hit that magic spot on the axis on a graph we call Time, Economics (CPI and other issues still kept many people out of Higher Education, and so when portable, lightweight, compact computers, complete with self-contained cursor HID (mouse/keyboard), a user-friendly, GUI interface that was relatively intuitive and, for children, quite fun…

At the same time this was occurring, machine shops were increasingly using CAD/CAM technology to make workplaces SAFER (or, as the cynic in me sees it, allows an operator to ‘push the envelope’ even harder and apply even more stress – without much risk of being either sliced in half or torn to shreds – data seeking crawlers and other Internet robots were modified to conduct industrial espionage, such as what we now know as “hacking”, which refers generally to the concept of a human being becoming a potentially malignant tumor, who knows all the tricks and trades, and for whatever human-psyche rationale or animal goal it is that drives them, what was once considered something to be mocked is now an extremely serious, major force that MUST be reckoned with – there is no question about that at all.

Personally, I don’t even think we have time to continue NORMAL status-operations simply due to the lack of sheer MANPOWER! America is failing because since the mid/late 80s, for whatever reason, there has been a giant change in what it means to be an American. It could be that the entire gene pool is still hung over from the Crazy 80s. Perhaps it was Vietnam. Maybe it was conspiracy theories. Whatever it was, and I do NOT even purport or even jokingly pretend to KNOW WHAT it was, but suddenly I noticed schools changed in a major way. A major way that literally FORCED me to sleep during classes, yes, even when I sincerely admired the instructor (I’m not talking about scientific, electronic, chemistry classes, of course 🙂

And then in the 90s, (sorry if I’m oversimplifying yet again here), there began all kinds of campaigns that were all about “DON’T” this and “JUST SAY NO” that; signs popped up everywhere in red and black: It was purely M.A.D.D.ness!

I still recall much of it, even from the perspective of the inquiring yet unknowing mind that years to learn and understand. It soon seemed that everything that America stood for had suddenly done a 179 or something! Learning was punished, playing abolished, and growing up across the Hudson’s George Washington Bridge with a beautiful view of the New York City skyline – especially amazing at night, even back then, when it was a lot harder to do the coloring tricks on lighting systems that draw an unimaginably gigantic load of power… it seemed as if I ROTATED around the nose to tail axis in an airplane 180 degrees, and begun to descend (to compensate for reverse gravity, of course. Or just plain hanging in your harness upside down; kind of annoying.)

Now that Freud and Jung and others have given us this vague item of science called, “PSYCHOLOGY” – it appears at first glance that some really smart people combined psychological persuasion techniques, and applied them to the general public, beginning as soon as big brother finishes folding his creased khakis. He has a long, miserable, exhausting trip to make… but worry not; the systems are already in place. And one other peculiar discovery I made over the years, hardly worth mentioning, but I’ve found it to be true, and it’s worth a chuckle: Big brother NEVER suffers from so-called “jet lag”.

Soft Title: Rambling Style 101

Then… September 11, 2001.
Then… September 11, 2012.
Now….January 24, 2014

Copyright (C) 2014 Brendon Tristal

Soft Title: Rambling Style 101

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