One response to “35 Manners Quotes

  1. I do not know why it says this is authored by me. Although clearly, in order to even read the content, you must click the link, which leads to the true contributor/writer/accountholder/author/publisher. I do not understand why at the top it says that this is “by” ME. I did not write it. I simply placed the link following all the rules.

    Probably just an overlooked WordPress ‘bug’ or error. I would advise WordPress to fix it, but I’m not sure they have the staff to read and then address every single message they get. That’s like thinking calling up Facebook’s customer service 800 number and expecting a response time in under 24 hours on hold. As an AT&T customer the average time, 24/7, to get a live human being is almost ALWAYS under 30 seconds (if you know how, anyway, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist once you learn the prompts it’s cake)


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