A poem

I’m going to take a wild guess and tell you you can’t read it.  (the mumbo jumbo below, after the below-below).  That is the kind of things everyone who has a phone or laptop or newer model TELEVISION even, and no computer at all – even stereo systems – all can be used to send unencrypted emails, photographs, motion-capture video, including live streaming, as easily as you can read this one:  
For example, should I write something like the following, hypothetically, of course:

Dear Mom,

Hi.  My name is Brendon Tristal.  Of course, you already know that, since you’ve given it to me, along with life itself.

Sometimes I am thankful of it, but let’s admit it: sometimes life can be a real pain in the ass. Lol.  Just go with the flow and enjoy what parts you can while they still are accessible to you in this world, and when we graduate, so to speak, we can worry about that at the time.

However, that does not mean just stay in bed all day and pray.  I choose to take action to do good with whatever skills and abilities with which I have been blessed.  

I’ve never understood why that has been such a point of contention between Dad and I, and you and I.  I am not from the 1950s.  The world back that was the post-WW2 economic BOOM!  YOU are the so called baby BOOMers. What goes BOOM?  Many things, but one in particular is something called the hydrogen bomb.  

People who understand history, economics, geopolitics, local politics, and survival understand all of these things, and when you add psychology, engineering, and the sciences to it, along with photography, computer skills, and understanding of things like, oh, the banking industry, et. al. ad infinitum, ad nauseum… it is only common sense to me… but for some reason it FREAKS PEOPLE OUT and they literally become HYSTERICAL, and in return I get labelled hysterical. (yes that’s the English spelling, not American-English spelling, of the past tense form of the verb “label” 🙂 (that’s a smiley face)


Brendon Tristal (that’s a keyword)

January 26, 2014 (also known as a point in “time” the “year” which represents Horus (Illuminati) (Illuminate; follow the light; knowledge and wisdom) (keyword) and each year is equivalent, very close to but obviously not very accurate, if every four years an entire 86,400 seconds (24 hours – leap year – one day… in fact, the UN types are developing a NON-GREGORIAN calendar, that is NOT based on Christ whatsoever.   As you know, they do not even acknowledge ‘B.C.’ to mean Before Christ.  

The ancient Greeks discovered not only that Earth is not flat, but also measured its entire circumference almost as accurately as NASA does today.  And who knows, maybe they weren’t even off by a bit, and the circumference has simply changed over the time gone by.

The Proto-Indo Europeans (now known as Russians) are our ancestors, who crossed the land bridge when the ocean freezes every winter that allows you to literally walk across the frozen ocean from Alaska right into Russia!  And there is no border patrol there into Siberia.  There are no people, either, and the days have no sunlight.  The suicide rate in Alaska is EXTREME especially among Inuit or what the baby boomers were taught to refer to as Eskimos, just like even I was taught NATIVE AMERICANS, LITERALLY, before being invaded on the very land you and I rest at this moment in time now – before we brought our diseases and viruses and untamed beasts such as pigs – well, in Texas wild boars KILL PEOPLE and packs of HUMANS go hunting wild boar SO THEY DON’T KILL HUMANS.

I never saw that on a PETA commercial though.

Also, in Alaska, roadkill becomes immediately frozen, so it is perfectly good food, as if it had just been shot by a hunter/gatherer hunting and gathering food for his family. 

It is “The Year of our Lord” 2,014 and this all occurs right now.  This moment, many millions of refugees, who only a few short years ago were living just as you and I are living, are now separated from their families, put into concentration camps, denied medical services, in fact people who dare try to provide humanitarian relief must do so under cover and in secret and at risk of their own lives – doctors without borders, etc. – they are extremely serious – they are literally going into the epicenter of world war three (Sochi 2014 Olympics may cause a trigger to be pulled that has the potential explosive political force necessary that, if all of the conventional explosives are aligned and detonated through the proper channels at the PRECISE moment necessary for FULL FUSION to occur, then perhaps people will finally begin calling what we are in by its historic and proper name: world war three.  It’s not when world war three begins that is the question.  It’s WHEN we wake up and realize it.  It’s already been officially declared: the continental united states is a war zone, it is official, we are at war and the homeland is now part of the battlefront.

True story.

But what would older people care, anyway?  When the shit hits home, whether it’s tomorrow or in 20 years, older people have already lived their lives.  But younger people, and especially myself, I have not lived a life of enjoyment.  I’ve lived a life of toiling and trying at every damned thing there is I can find to earn a living wage, but have been unable to do so.

Too bad.  I wish I were born in the days when anybody could just get a job like Dad did, work a couple of decades, retire, and then keep getting paid and keep getting medical coverage until the day they die… and get social security benefits on top of that.

Guess what.  THOSE DAYS ARE OVER.  You’re LUCKY if you get a worthless 401k from these fly by nights these days.  Even WALMART has postings (not in the customer areas, you can bet your life – but in the back rooms) they have posters showing employees how to sign up for food stamps. WHAT?

Copyright (C) 2014 Brendon Tristal

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