Sochi 2014: My personal (if pessimistic) opinion

I have a feeling… I’m worried a bit… that Sochi 2014 might – and I hope not – could become or even is, but not yet known… the FUSE that ignites a new battle in this WWIII we are in. And we literally are involved in WWIII right now – it’s just that nobody wants to call it by name until it gets to the point that makes the world TODAY look like the good old days. Just like many people look back FONDLY at world war 2 and how it spawned the American industrial age. And they’re not far off: Invention is the product of necessity.

It’s too bad that most of the time, or so it seems, we (humans) historically wait until the brink of necessity – or beyond – to bring such products – be they ideas, or manufactured goods, or supply chains, agreements, or whatever.

Yes, I ended this memo with the word, “whatever.”

Copyright (C) Brendon Tristal


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