Profit & Loss: The dilemma of budgeting for Security versus creating Original Content, by Brendon Tristal

Profit and loss. A photograph eventually ends up costing ME money.  Not you… me. WHY?  Because I use SIMPLY ENORMOUS quantities of data… not the more common downstream, which is always much more common… for example.. think about how you use the Internet on an average day.  In terms of data transfer, even with a “landline” with monthly bandwidth caps recently becoming more and more widespread, make this difficult particularly for those who deal with either security, or create extremely high video, or BOTH… 

Most likely, you are browsing websites or checking your email or looking at pictures (including in this email) or watching full 4k 3D UHD video in an uncompressed file format… lol.  Also you might be downloading files or program updates… The operating system itself even uses your Internet down link to keep everything updated… bug fixes security virus definitions etc. All while you don’t even know it.

However with me it is the opposite.  Unfortunately the upload speed for residential users is not only split among other operating systems in your residence but whereas YOU and most others merely send tiny requests for information…. I am doing uploads and cloud computing and local compression with files that ALONE in one file…. are larger in volume (in terms of data… information; not cubic centimeters,  lol)… than the ENTIRE HARD DRIVE of the $5,000.00 top of the line most expensive on the shelf computer back in the late 1990s. 

So I am dealing with slow uplink speeds which I try to work around with DIGITAL COMPRESSION software… but that too takes HOURS ON END which is why I cannot send out, due to time and other constraints, even the most EXCELLENT videos and photographs I create. 

It would be cheaper to burn them onto DVDs and sell them at a loss or at cost, or even mail consumers a computer drive by physical UPS or the post office than by Internet.

However for business purposes I have hosting managers and encrypted file storage and can establish secure links with which … and this is exactly how American engineers create things like your phone or computer or whatever you are reading this on… In the Asia Pacific where everything BOUGHT in America is MANUFACTURED across OCEANS at TREMENDOUS costs in shipping.  That is how these things are so cheap:  Higher fuel costs and lower data rates allow for management to use two-way or multi-party videoconferencing, throughout the globe, and do it securely.  Of course, these companies HAVE the resources and access to fund the overhead to accomplish all of this.  Online collaborative simultaneous digital works have been around for decades, but now they are, as all technology tends to do, coming within reach of middle, lower middle-class persons/companies.  You no longer need to live in your workshop; though I think many people such as myself will always need at least a small workshop for testing, proofing, beta-testing and so on, of small ideas that are components of, eventually, something HUGE.  Like deep-sea oil rig or gigantic supertankers with icebreaker capability factory size HUGE.

1. The governments of countries allow extremely low wages, for factory workers who in the United States would have to make over six figures… same skilled person in Asia requires only what is here in America mere minimum wage. 

2. It is the CPI as well as the petrodollar status. … yes… but that is going away now with the national debt growing.  The main reason now is faster and faster becoming very noticeable and real. .. The fact is this.  There are plenty of jobs in America ready to go in various states but there are no Americans who even CAN do the job required, let alone do they even feel like going to work. 

So encryption is SO CRITICAL because especially now with Google about to officially launch the same type of Authorship and Original Content Creator licenses, copyrights, patent – like VERIFICATION systems WORLD WIDE..  In terms of every single human being on this planet having a unique personally identifiable information set, matched to their own equivalent of a Global Social Security Number for life from the time of birth… no matter what nation .. the issue is in enforcement and so very soon people will be able to create their own movies with very low overhead and I have been studying computers for decades and now finally all of the networks are connected …. so plagiarism is literally theft..  on small scales such as the guy on the streets of times square selling fake movies illegally or fake purses.. that was nothing.  With the internet and its subsequent growth from a network of adaptive common protocol networks and sub nets etc. for use in war to keep communication relays and lines open… to the mid 1990s when AOL or America Online introduced not only with the new home personal computer… thanks to apple and windows or GUI interfaces in general… modem banks then 2009 all digital world..  by FCC regulations…

3.  This is troublesome, not only for the common security reasons, but it also can hamper relationships, be they between family, close friends, or even significant others.

Sadly we have raced ahead to gain financially rather short sightedly.  People didn’t stop to think of the danger of a decentralized system connected to and used to operate CENTRALIZED operations, that are not just computers crashing or losing a file but the risks of as we have seen …. TRAIN CRASHES, GENERATOR AND FUEL REFINERY EXPLOSIONS,  EVEN NUCLEAR WEAPONS AND NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS able to be manipulated through clever program overrides, causing either a false reading that sets off the dominoes. .. just like Chernobyl and just like 3 Mile Island… The official report on that one was Human Error.. because if the humans had simply all just sat there and literally done NOTHING the thing never would have gotten bad and nobody would have ever even KNEW ABOUT IT. .. because it would not have happened. 

Now, however, it is the reverse:  companies have laid off all their workers including safety inspections and officers  because computer controls in industry are what now fly space stations, jumbo jets, soon self-piloting personal automobiles.  Ha.  Sheds a new Light on the meaning of “AUTOmobile” doesn’t it.

Imagine if I had worked for 25 years on an invention or system but had no money to patent it.  And no money to even TALK TO ANYONE AT ALL ABOUT IT. 

UNLESS I took the risk and did it anyway without the essential security measures in place.

And then just as with the rampant classic cases of OUTRIGHT ROBBERY by the patent company or even a rogue agent at the patent office itself… somebody else profits from 25 years of YOUR work, YOUR very own DREAM snatched right out from under you, like a deleted file you have spent all night working on.

This is ACTUALLY FAR MORE COMMON THAN MOST PEOPLE BELIEVE.  In fact, MILITARIES of various superpower nations.. As well as small nations… As well as single individuals. .. STEAL BILLIONS by simply getting onto a network and in about 3 seconds download the blueprints and spec sheet for our military’s latest top secret to be announced high tech aircraft or submarine or carrier etc. That puts them decades ahead of us plus they just basically can look at us and laugh and tell us you did all that work for us? Why thank you… now while you are panicking and trying to close gaps in security as well as make modifications .. I.e. practically STARTING ALL OVER now that we know the secret methods of this or that plus having to make last minute changes.. In fact the enemy doesn’t even need to actually BUILD the machine at all… they can look at the blueprints and study the weaknesses and then with a budget orders of magnitude smaller than ours…. create their own lighter cheaper easier to construct partially reverse engineered weapons that can act as an antidote against the most gigantic and menacing weaponry.

That is reality.

Coming to a church near you!

I don’t like it.  You don’t like it.  Doesn’t matter though.. because it is fact.  And Americans, Canadians, Mexicans, or anybody believes that just because they don’t see two sides of armed, marching, uniformed enemy troops in their backyards or out their house windows…. does NOT mean AT ALL that we are ALL affected… and to take the attitude of no responsibility is either ignorance or foolishness.  Or decadence and apathy.

“It is more forgivable for someone to be ignorant, than to be UNWILLING to LEARN” – Benjamin Franklin (paraphrased, of course)


Brendon Tristal
February 5, 2014

Copyright (C) 2014 Brendon Tristal

Original Author: Brendon Tristal

“By Brendon Tristal, 2014 February 5”

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