Beauty in our modern age

Everything and everyone has some sort of inherent beauty, especially women, at least from my perspective.  Unfortunately, there are those women – and men, as well – who have yet to made strong, and that is part is what I am dedicated to (in terms of my entire life).  The rest is to rectify the shameful situation we’ve put ourselves in, and that relates to politics.

Beauty is sometimes obvious; other times it is conditioned and artificial and generalized – however, there are many times where beauty is hidden, and only the best treasures in terms of beauty are still hidden to this day.  Yet they are still there, waiting to be discovered, however or whatever it takes, it will be discovered, and that fact in itself is something I find beautiful.

-Brendon Tristal, February 2014
Classification:  Realist + Idealist = Hopeful Romantic.  Writer, photographer, engineer, conversationalist, master debater, captain of self-control. 🙂

> Continuation:

I have a keyboard, a pen, a phone, a paper, audio recorder, video camera, and the Internet.  World Peace!  🙂  Tricky thing, though.  Language for instance, as it spanned across the globe along with cultures and civilization, religions… so much is lost in interpretation; language evolves while the human species at large seems not to, despite technology – that is a separate issue, not foundational.

For example, comedy can be taken as an insult when it was meant as a joke with intent to form a bond.  No crime in laughing.  The question is, at what expense, and how do you determine it?  Answer: You cannot.  That is why they say “music is the universal language” – nothing is lost in those laws and frequencies; we often call it art but it’s quite scientific if you dig deep enough.  That is why I believe so strongly in education.

Brendon Tristal, Feb. 16, 2014

Copyright (C) 2014 Brendon Tristal

By Brendon Tristal, February 16, 2014 about 7:40pm central US time

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