2014 February 26 – Thoughts in my head of my recently lost (dead) cat, death to come, and moving… Rambling/Thinking Out Loud, really….

😦 my cat Buddy died a few months ago.  I still miss him.  I had been ready to marry this beautiful woman I had met through television, we met, hung out, lived together for a week – we had been CONSTANTLY on the phone for the previous YEAR every day… it wasn’t a “first sight” thing. We already were in love.  Then everything SUCKED when her 17 year old son died…. I was worried for her, I pushed, I guess, too much in trying to make her happy when she was crying, that that pushed her away, my main concern was that she not do anything irrational such as commit suicide (I had never met any of her kids) – I don’t want ANYONE to commit suicide, or homicide either for that matter… but to lose your own SON when he is only 17 I know is rough, and even though I only go for tough, strong women – physically AND mentally AND spiritually/psychologically/whatever-you-wanna-call-that…. she certainly was/is… but we do not talk anymore; she was going to move here and we were looking at houses and everything… she had her job lined up and everything… True love takes a long time to develop, but when death is involved, it can disappear VERY quickly.  Some people have it vanish in a minute.  This was the strongest love of my life, on her side too, according to her, so it took about a year to finally break the bond completely.  But I do still think of her from time to time.  Nothing wrong with that.  Not obsessively or every day, but if I am talking to someone and the issue comes up, I happen to recall it vividly, and often people see that as a weakness rather than a strength, and will say to me, “You are not over her” – because I remember things.  Anyway, enough babbling from me – lol – Life goes on, and that is in the words of this beautiful young lady herself.  We had discussed all sorts of scientific things as well as theology and spirituality.  We were practically MARRIED, for real.  We finished each others’ sentences, and it was the most beautiful relationship I’ve ever had.  And also, she was/is so pretty, she could be an 11 out of 10.  
Anyway, back to my main point.  She also had 3 cats.  One of them had died about a week or so before one of her CHILDREN died in a freak accident.  The difference between the two is STAGGERING… I have lost my cat a few months ago, 1998-2013 so he lived… suddenly he had a slight limp i noticed, and in mere days/weeks that developed into the poor little guy not being able to even use his hind legs.  So sad to see, but he still ALWAYS purred, and he tore up my bed because he had to use his claws on his front legs only; the rear legs no longer operated properly… and I would of course help him up onto the bed when I was awake.  Death of a friend is always more intense than death of an unknown statistic or a number.  When you hear about a social security number dying, you’re not likely (statistically) to react much, if at all.  But pets don’t even have social security numbers at all, and the loss of a pet is more emotionally disconcerting than the loss of a social security number – this is human nature.  I do not confuse the two; it is simply the way the human operates.
End of making my point.
Brendon Pierce Tristal   
CompTIA A+ Certification 
Novell Network Engineer, Certified
Novell Systems Administrator, Certified
Montclair State University – Robotics, Etymology, and Logic/Reasoning (age 10 or so)
Business Owner and Webmaster/SEO/Writer/Photographer/Videographer
Amateur Comedian (Love to Laugh – It saves your life!)
Most of all, I am, above all of that ^ ~~~(censored), a PERSON.  If that makes any sense.  I am not defined by these things such as plaques or trophies.  I am JUST PLAIN ME… and if people don’t like me, fine.  If someone DOES like me, great.  That’s what defines me.  That I respect people, and work for free (volunteer, etc.)
For example, just in case someone should dare to say the above is their work, I often place the following at the tail end of my writings:
Copyright (C) 2014 Brendon Tristal   
By Brendon Tristal
brendontristal.me (blog)
bransontechone.com  (a joke of a site, since I am moving soon.)
-Many other sites and systems administrator… but I am not edward snowden. He lives in the Russian Federation.  I live in the Republic of the United States of America.
Sincerely – BT @ 2014FEB26_1348_USCENT


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