Mix of Malaysian Boeing 777 Flight 370 Comments

March 15, 2014

Just as you can’t understand how Snowden is in Russia and with all of this so called technology, he was able to release classified information. When you shut systems down, or override them by cracking the system… just as the power grid is so vulnerable to those with the knowledge and simple projectiles knocking out some major cooling systems… and God forbid NUCLEAR power plants… these things do happen, and they are in fact the result of technology, as it is the technology itself being worked upon. Additionally, the theory of entropy and Murphy’s Law both suggest that as complexity increases, even if it is purposed to simplify things on the human element (making or training us to ‘dumb down’ and become dependent and addicted to technology much like a drug, as we are now, lifeline dependent are cities upon technology, such as fuel and rail lines and trucks and pavement and bridges, and machines to harvest and bring food into the cities to feed the population. This is the nature of technology and advancement. It is in itself a sort of cold war, insofar as how it is applied, and becoming dependent upon technology that is subject to human error – bad programming, bad design, vehicle recalls – people think technology is invincible and computers know everything, but they are not subject to human error. They ARE (or represent) human error, during certain events, and this is one of them, in my humble opinion.——–

Based on reports, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that this aircraft has been commandeered by some rogue agency, and even been swapped out in terms of its serial numbers and re-painted by now, and is now flying under another agency, or in a chop shop being retro or futurefitted to be weaponized as a skyfortress of amateurs.————-

How about an even wackier theory? That this plane was hijacked and fitted with some sort of release of a drone that hijacked the signal, and the path we are looking at from rolls royce was cracked and implanted into something small such as a drone using multiple power sources, such as rockets, really hi tech stuff… as a DECOY and the plane headed straight into Vietnam and never made any turn at all? The data is so sketchy that one decoy could have fired out much like a missile, deployed some sort of large and light balloon-like device to catch radar, that would be programmed to self-destruct, and another that appears at another altitude, with the pings every hour being given back as a hack…. however that is less likely and would require a very deep infiltration into the systems – yet the current theories already call on this to some degree. This does not rule out a malfunction!!!———–

Also there is the possibility that the airplane was straight-up hacked to do this, and the auto pilot overriding the pilot(s), was programmed by either a passenger or a remote operator (such as a drone would) – a remote control hijack – as for the theory of an intact landing and theft of the airplane and kidnapping of the passengers, this would require coordination WITH military operators of the regions over land, and sea. Too bad they didn’t have an AWACS in the area. Why do they build planes like this?————–

Isn’t it possible in such complex systems such as the power grid, or the many computers and sensors that run all along the body of the plane, could have been affected by some sort of EMP, whether powered by some arrangement of lithium polymer cells and supercapacitors – intentionally designed or not – initiating a cascade of failures? Many previous issues have been caused by short circuits. This however is a fairly new airplane, and as for the elevation, there is no way to tell… if the pilot and crew lost communication, and had no clue about what is going on – false signals, etc. – they may have gone full throttle up in altitude so they can glide down… increasing speed, then convert that speed on coast vertical into lift from the 23k ft to 30k ft… then it is possible that these pings do not provide enough data.. condition may have been mistaken; pilots regain control of plane but cannot transmit anything and have no guidance due to electronics knockout; perhaps fire burned and did damage and burned itself out. Additionally, holding at high elevation means you are reducing oxygen to fuel a fire. Extremely unfortunate no more data …. yet.

Copyright (C) 2014 Brendon Tristal
March 15, 2014 By Brendon Tristal

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