The Most Magnificent Branson, MO Sunrise Video EVER… Jump around and you WILL see beauty

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

This is a trial test; I’ve invested innumerable assets of every type to get into this; I hope this is it. Some statistics say anything over 1 sentence loses American attention.. and any video without 3-5 second shots won’t hold an audience. I hope that’s not true.

By Brendon Tristal, Copyright (C) 2014

Update: About an hour later, I am experiencing new difficulties with Youtube and I cannot locate with certainty the source of it. All I did was use the new YouTube Editor in order to supposedly easily merge a series that was once a playlist into one Youtube file/video, making it MUCH easier for my viewers to make sense of the pieces. If Youtube rules in my favor, then there is no problem. If, however, all of my volunteer work and also work where I pay Google, Youtube, and so on through advertising, they want to tell me that I cannot monetize videos if they are compiled by this system, I will have to pull out the backups and migrate to a new system. I really hope I don’t have to do that, but it’s either that, or spending fees on more complex systems I am not yet ready for, and I am the one who is doing the work and making the productions all by myself – not complaining; that is fine with me… but I have paid money to these companies and delta companies. I also know it takes a long time to process this data; however, that doesn’t fly with me so much, because these are videos that have been in a playlist I created, and it should not take very long to splice together 7 or 8 videos that are actually ONE video continuous; I put work into managing that which cost me a lot of time to bring them into the system – however, I will see wait until tomorrow and hope that the servers worked it out. The thing is, I have no clue why videos that have been sitting perfectly fine on my site for weeks if not months suddenly return a “?” just due to a request to compile. What am I missing? -March 17, 2014 02:31am US central time

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