AUTISM ON THE RISE – WHY? This is my spontaneous, unedited, freeform ‘extemporaneous’ nonstop thought-typing ‘out loud’

Dear Randi: (re: AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER ) written by me, Brendon P. Tristal, on March 30, 2013 and dedicated to Randi RJ

My spontaneous, unedited, free-form ‘extemporaneous’ thought outflow

Re: Autism. March 30, 2014 -By Brendon Tristal ( (remove space after slash to link) and also my blog at simply, “brendontristal. me” ) again, remove space to link – thank you) (or

Dedicated with love, to and inspired by Randi Reynolds and all those who suffer from autism spectrum disorder, and/or are responsible for children dealing with this plague.

I was looking at the latest stats of autism cases and in one year it skyrocketed… 1 in 48 boys of about age 8 diagnosed with some form of autism. Now, that’s a HUGE figure. It raises many questions. Some say it is an unintentional byproduct of things like human actions, pollution, vaccines, antibiotics, modern technology, cell phone/radios, and on and on.. and INTENTIONAL things like GMOs (genetically modified organisms, like food you feed your kids).

But I offer to the world an alternate theory. That this is simply human adaptation in a world abound in technology, one example being the food supply either polluted or genetically modified DNA “GMOs” (genetically modified organisms, such as food served by loving parents to their children without a clue about it)…

Back to humans’ impact on technology globally and the impact of technology on humans, well, now that I have had this chance to come back for a bit of an edit, anyone who doesn’t like all their overconsumption: delicious, sometimes decadent meals, throwing the remainders into the garbage, not even a compost heap which can provide heat and fertilizer – those people who complain about carbon footprints might consider moving to populated towns and cities that have no electricity or much technology… who, per capita, by burning wood in an inefficient manner, or coal, etc. – when they can get it – try moving from a developed nation and living in these cultures. I think most wealthy people, myself included in juxtaposition, as an American, would, after gathering a bunch of data and photos, if permitted, hopefully speak to natives, if permitted… and head back home.

And then begin working on a solution that is good, with a team, and the plan would incorporate rather than fight the topology. Not urban planning per se, but simply improving the quality of life in areas on the globe where innocent children die due to all sorts of reasons I won’t get into here…

Technology, per se, which, since humans created, and unless humans are aliens and all the world’s animals that eat their meals by just hunting with their teeth and claws – no cooking, no fossil fuels – except for pets of course – pets themselves are GMOs.. they are bred over years. Even my cat Buddy was a GMO, because large cats were turned into smaller things as pets, much like Bonsai trees.

My point is that we humans ARE the Earth. Whether people think that we evolved out of random stuff (evolution theory/survival of the fittest/eugenics/Darwin/etc. – leading to genocide across the world to this day, sadly) – we are still part of the earth, and the earth created us, or God created us – either way, I always find it odd when so many people refer to “the human race” as if we are some kind of alien species to the earth. If the earth “evolved” us, then that is the ORDER of NATURE. And then we do stuff to over-correct it, much like a racecar driver, takes the turn too quickly or too hard, the entire thing goes to hell in a handbasket in a hurry.

In this world of technology and math and science, and with even statistics showing that a very significant portion of boys (in whom autism spectrum disorders are most prevalent) are in fact either average or even ABOVE the ‘norms of intelligence’.

Many historic GENIUSES would have been diagnosed with autism, if there had not been a gigantic thing that many people refer to “FDA” and “Big Pharma” (drug companies whose work it is to create new molecules and then test them, or contract to test them, after patenting them – a government regulation that makes these drugs EXTREMELY over-priced – almost a form of price-manipulation – and many bank overseas or are HQ’d overseas in part or in sum entirely – and then they charge Americans say $60 a pill, and the more pills the merrier, and once the R&D and FDA approval for a medication is complete, and receives U.S. authorization (this may be why the drug companies charge the U.S. so much more… perhaps?) which takes 10 to 15 years, while in other countries the very same drug is effective and has been used for years if not centuries if not millenia.

So many more of the synthetic drugs than most people would even believe are either derivative works of “Mother Nature’s” work – medicinal herbs (and no, I am not talking about marijuana, although that is one of them, of course) – AND some are even extract derivatives in some portion mixed with filler. If it were my job, I would traverse the globe and study different cultures – and examine, if I were welcome there, how they do medicine. Naturally, the job would be to take samples of everything I could carry back to the U.S. and have it analyzed using mass spectrometry/gas chromatography.

Would this be considered global raiding of sorts? What if you discovered the cure to cancer, to HIV and AIDS, autism, depression, anxiety, and everything? The panacea, not the placebo. The magic molecule.

How would you bill such a drug? First, under U.S. law, you would, before even getting to market, spend millions or billions on research and development. You must establish studies starting with rats, and moving up the list to HUMAN studies. Such is the case today. This process takes about 7 to 15 years, and it involves very much expensive work, performed by extremely well-educated (in their divided, respective fields-no doubt there are heated arguments behind the scenes in the labs), and using EXTREMELY expensive equipment in order to run the tests for isolating which factor(s) in the herbal form are effective, and which are not, and/or for what purposes?

This obviously creates a global financial incentive for criminal behavior. It is rampant. Even TV personalities everyone loves have been either convicted or even confessed to taking kickbacks or payoffs… for promoting what some say are “made-up” diseases – and there are many examples in the past few decades that the miracle drug turns out to be a global plague that results in wars and shootings and gang wars – such an example or two would be coca leaves in Columbia and surrounding areas, and the poppy plant, which creates opium, which contains a whole host of opioids, which basically means heroin (oxycontin, painkillers, etc.) and coca, never in all of history a problem, was (and still is prescribed) was taken by science and broken down by chemicals (you know, “drain cleaner” and “gasoline” – even though ordinary food in the grocery store could be made using petroleum distillates) – Here is the problem. Chewing coca (cocaine) leaves is like a cup of coffee. When science increased the potency to near 100% of the active components, it went from a cup of coffee – which is not good for the human body anyway, and has been looked upon as benign, as many other food items such as processed sugar and on and on, MSG, etc.

Bayer (the company you might know from aspirin, yes the very same) isolated diacetylmorphine… from opium – and yes there are even stronger ones – but back then Bayer patented it and named it with the brand “Heroin” for obvious marketing reasons (it was touted as a CURE for MORPHINE ADDICTION, a cure to the addiction that was picked up by soldiers in shall I say, foreign wars, where it was readily available.

Roman soldiers AND modern world wars both used painkillers and stimulants as soldiers to keep them fighting harder and stronger and longer – police often say that when a resisting arrestee or detainee is under the influence of some sort of drug (PCP, methamphetamine (“speed” – something like, say, Ritalin, is very similar and even more potent than ‘street cocaine’ – and Adderall – both of which are handed out like candy in public schools and to children diagnosed with ADHD/ADD.

Such drugs of such abuse potential are generally not known to the public, which is probably good, because look at the Abilify (aripaprozole) (sp?) commercials on TV.

It costs MILLIONS of dollars to create and distribute those commercials, and the airtime. The reason you don’t hear about addictive, dangerous drugs through commercials, but instead in news reports, is because the FDA has made it illegal for any company who manufactures or is an agent of these drugs to advertise to the public (although your doctor can advertise it to you, and s/he may be getting a kickback for doing so).

It’s the way the world turns. But back to the issue of autism increasing sharply… Will it shoot up to 100% of everyone? Will that lead to sterility, and the film “Children of Men” becomes almost a reality?

Or is “autism” a human adaptation, particularly those within the high-functioning spectrum, is a result of a global (or regional) transition – after global communications became normal and the tree of knowledge, so to speak, has gone global (printing press, encyclopedias – that’s how I grew up.. reading books and printed encyclopedia sets, yes, FOR FUN, AFTER SCHOOL, and at public school I doodled blueprints of ruby lasers and space shuttles and flying cars. The teacher called the principal on me, not in a good way but to basically tell her that I am misbehaving and not paying attention in class and should ‘get in trouble’ for doodling – well, that backfired on the teacher, because the principal looked at the sketches and I ended up attending university classes twice a week or more in 5th and 6th grade, studying language, the way language works (etymology), microelectronics and robotics, and logic and reasoning.

So public school caused me to doodle. Today that child might be dosed with chemicals that studies show lead to causing drug addiction on the street, a path to prostitution, gang involvement, trafficking, killings, and prison… along with lack of education.

But I got lucky and instead I was introduced at age 10, while already working hard riding by pedal-driven bicycle up and down steep hills to deliver newspapers for $30 a week, working 7 mornings a week, including packing the local advertisements into EACH delivery, bagging or rubber banding (depending on whether it was raining) – AND attenting public school – and I always stay late, whenever I am at school or work. You get the BEST education ONE ON ONE, by being the LAST PERSON TO WALK OUT OF THE CLASSROOM, nearly every day, holding conversations with the professor for perhaps an hour. I got lucky also in that I got very good and truly dedicated teacher. My mother was also a teacher, and so after all that long day every day beginning at like 5 AM, I come home to my mom who temporarily stopped working (as my father worked for New York City… it wasn’t starvation, but it took a lot of work for ALL of us. I did NOT grow up wealthy, and I am not wealthy now, at least by U.S. standards – that reminds me, another reason the price difference in drug prices is due to the DRASTIC difference in average CPI, respectively.

So, I spent my childhood working, doodling, exploring World Book Encyclopedia (in PRINT, full set) and would do experiments and read other scientific journals I had subscribed to such as Technology Review (MIT) and others, with my own money I had earned from my paper route and/or my $5 a week allowance for also doing household chores.

And in all that, my mother was constantly being my teacher – a licensed teacher who gave up money and her job in order to dedicate herself to my early childhood development – that might explain why I can be such a stickler for things like grammar (I’m sure that’s a disorder by now) and also to calmly, intellectually, peacefully hold conversations or debates; even arguments – only to be met with gross hostility and anger, rather than any sort of solution to the problem (Not solution-oriented? Why does that make me “different” “genius” “intelligent” “smart”?

I just assume everybody, or most people, understand things. But then I
always forget to account for the fact that I was being trained in technology that was not even public until decades later, during my childhood.

So, here is my conclusion: Instead of (at least in non-severe, low- or non-functional conditions) slapping a label of an illness that could mean anything – almost an excuse for “Isn’t like everybody else” disease – I propose that this COULD be the new generation, and the beginning of one or another or several ways of mutations (adaptations) in DNA that could simply be a logical, even Darwinian, if I might dare suggest, resulting from our rapidly (and I DO mean RAPIDLY) shifting environment.

By “environment” I do not mean the planet or ocean or atmosphere alone. I am referring to the HUMAN EXPERIENCE environment in TOTALITY 24/7/365.33

With Sincerity,

Brendon Pierce Tristal

March 30, 2014 @ 10:32 AM (completion time… start time… not recorded) Central Time U.S.

P.S. Prior to posting, a glitch caused me to lose and/or mix up the order of paragraphs… I have no time to do any further review right now. Consider this the first edition, still, the same day, only now it is 11:26 A.M. U.S. Central Time

-By Brendon Tristal

Copyright (C) 2014 Brendon Tristal


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