I just heard on the TV CNN-I news that there are 70 deaths “already” and 10 new cases in one day…. with B-roll marked March 22, presumably 2014.


This, my friends, could be the worst thing ever to destroy the human race. Death rate is 90% – only ONE out of every TEN who get even a little pinprick of this LETHAL virus have been given a deeth sentence.

This is SHTF time.  This makes World War 3  look like a day at the beach – however, if it HAS gone AIRBORNE as a pathogen … which I would presume…. with a rate like this… Borders of countries are closing, EVERYONE living in densely populated areas or large cities already have received the virtual SENTENCE of DEATH  — Obviously this affects humans, but at a sudden rate like this after it VANISHED and has been hiding somewhere as if to be opened one day in the future…

This is far worse than is even comprhensible. If it has gone airborne, the best thing to do is to stay FAR away from people until this burns out.  You may be one of the ONE in TEN who do not die of it… but you might also experience the effects.

If this is airborne and real, well, this is one of the MOST HORRIFIC VIRUSES IN THE WORLD… IF NOT ‘THE’!!!

PLEASE whoever you are, please understand that this one thing alone, especially with the capacities of all our  hospitals, and dense populations, sounds more TERRIFYING than terrorism, being randomly shot, intentionally shot,

I … All of us on this entire PLANET … can only PRAY that this does not reach PANDEMIC level.  A war with the Russians at the modern age, including NUCLEAR EXCHANGES of various smaller or more precisely calculated detonation areas is getting off topic.

I will CLOSELY track the actual deaths and see wher they go up or down… I have sources that can verify certain things, so for now I’ll just shut up.  But this is something for EVERYONE ON EARTH to play with.

I  had better start putting into action my “Make everything go away!

May God help us on this one.

With the Utmost of Sincerity,

Brendon P. Tristal  “-By BrendonTristal”)

Copyright (C) 2014 Brendon Pierce Tristal

March 31, 2014 at 03:31 local time (cent. U.S.)

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