57 cent GM part cause 13 deaths – 57 cents could have saved 13 lives but for airbag switches… as Nissan, and Toyota….

I challenge ANYONE to find ANY auto repair shop to charge “fifty seven cents” on a 2005 and up ignition cylinder.  I had mine changed and it was almost $600.  They have to pull the entire dash out, dig the whole thing out… takes HOURS of lift time, labor time, overtime, and on and on.

This ” 57 cents” business reminds me of the Chicago meat yards and people getting ground up with the meat, and working for slave labor wages.  Upton Sinclair.  How many astronauts died?  How many space shuttles exploded (1) How many space shuttles burned up across several states in 2003, about 7 years after Challenger’s SRB double o-rings caused hot gases and material to burn through the LOX/hydrogen BOMB the astronauts sat on top of with NO emergency ejection built into the design.

With complexity comes stranger than fiction problems and…. CHALLENGES.  When ONE VEHICLE has MILLIONS of parts, and there are MILLIONS of vehicles each with MILLIONS of parts, Murphy’s Law is in 8th gear with TCC locked.

What about that Nissan recall on the count of one million vehicles?  Or toy yodas experiencing self-driving, leading to fatal crashes?  Stuck accelerator pedals?  Ah, business is good.  Not.

Everything in technology or of human invention has recalls.  If GM had gone ahead and calculated that going out of business and possibly bankrupting the entire nation sooner rather than later, perhaps the math would show that more than 13 people would die.


Brendon Tristal

Copyright (C) 2014 Brendon Tristal

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