America’s “Democratic Party” has finally become the New Socialist Party of America, by Brendon Tristal

Today I celebrate the OFFICIAL Socialist Party entering my countyr!  Capital – ism is a religion that worships money and slavery and debt.  Society… social – ism is a ‘religion’ if you will, is a system that, though it often fails, let us remember that every system of government known to man has failed eventually.  The disparity has become so extreme that a slight reversal is in order, IF EXECUTED HONESTLY AND WITH ALL GOOD JURISPRUDENCE.  And for those who are newly insurable, I say to YOU, do not abuse it; however:

USE THIS NEW SYSTEM TO GET CHECKUPS AND CATCH DISEASES SUCH AS CANCER EARLY, WHEN  THE COST OF TREATMENT and the RESULTS of ROI… RETURN ON INVESTMENT… is SUPERIOR to sitting around in the emergency room, and in the medium to long term, is presumably – again, IF abuse is prosecuted AND it is overseen by those with inherent wisdom and intelligence, along with good hearts of love rather than evil and money.


Brendon Tristal

Please, let us do this right.

Copyright (C) 2014 Brendon Tristal

(April 01 2014) @16:11 U.S. CENTRAL TIME)

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