Modern vs. Ancient Technology – What is PROGRESS?

Ive been so busy .. i am having less and less time since early this year.  Hopefully a change for good.  I have much work to do.  I have turned away from caring about making money and work out of pure dedication and assistance because I’ve been waiting my entire life learning about all kinds of things most people have never even heard of in science fiction, along with the methods that are being used today, that are beginning to be abused.  Facebook is not the place for that, but in case you’re wondering (since you asked) that is why.  I can’t do it alone… so I came to facebook in 2010 in the hopes that someone out there would understand me, contact me, and together myself and others could form a lasting, committed group.  I’ve tried it several times, creating FB groups and pages and so on, using my own money… but all I’ve learned is that FB is not the place to find philanthropic engineers – I’ve found other stations and groups.  Some have FB pages, but, sort of in the same way I operate my blueprints, they are only recruiting tools.  I had earlier mistaken FB as basically a higher bandwidth AOL of sorts… something for the public, and so on.  But even in the AOL days it was only the demographic in the “nerd” class that even knew what a computer was.

Until AOL and some other failures, combined with the school system promoting computers in general as part of their curriculum – people started buying them, and instead of using them for things like being able to access the entire Library of Congress or study many different topics, instantly – or writing about serious things that MATTER enough to make real changes in the world – instead of that, the internet has become a cesspool of terrible dating, mass predation, scams, online bullying, digital “friends” and the ability to spend all your money from the comfort of your own home, especially by paying for things that do not even exist, such as video game credits or points, etc… e-books that cost pennies to REPRODUCE (once it is written and formatted) with REAL money… The same goes for many such products.  Certainly, computer hardware is real, and must be designed, produced, tested, debugged – constantly, in some cases.  But once the blueprint is developed and the line on the factory floor is running, the cost per unit drops DRAMATICALLY.

But never to ZERO.  Before the printing press, only the elite had books, much less could even read or write.  Every copy was a handwritten original copy, produced over many hours by the hard laborious work and penmanship of a human being.  So, there is the author or authors… who created the work itself (the intellectual aspect, which is now ‘intangible’ in the modern age – an entire book or set of books is smaller than the size (in terms of data – where transmission (shipping) (bandwidth) and storage (CD, DVD, SSD, HDD, etc) – LESS by FAR than ONE photograph you might take with even a low-end cell phone.  One picture is indeed, it seems, worth “a thousand words” – now perhaps we might as well revise that to, “One picture is worth TEN thousand BOOKS”.  Ha!

Because I am “old school” (even though I’m not exactly sure what that even means) – what I mean by that is that I was raised studying BOOKS.  It costs a lot of money to print a book, even today, even with all of this technology.  The entire economy is also completely different:  Paper and a pen ALONE were extremely valuable, often made out of the flesh of the internal organs of animals (vellum).  Houses had pig bladders stretched out for windows, rather than glass, and there were no double pane insulated standards either.  Also, many toxic compounds and elements were used – as in stained glass, or the process of extracting metals, even taken as medicine – actual neurotoxins being taken as junk medicine from charlatans, because (partly) it was forbidden and illegal to open or study, even scientifically, a human body.  Though mass murder and honor killings, I suppose, were perfectly fine.

Medicinal herbs were used, of course.  Some worked better than others.  Many of them, and/or their extracts or patented synthetic derivative works, the information and data sets were derived empirically from history – I went into a bit more detail on that in a previous post.  Additionally, women would be so caked with makeup, and also there would be medicinal chemical treatments traded, that were absolutely toxic, and were worn in thick layers.  Imagine HAZMAT records on such things as “proprietary blends” and “trade secrets” that are considered LETHAL.  As well, more recently, people would pay good money simply to play around in uranium mines – it was “believed” that the healing power of radiation could cure most anything.  And guess what one of the most popular treatments for treating cancer has been, and still is today?  Radiation therapy…. Chemotherapy..  I had never made that comparison until just now, as I write… Surely, there is protocol and monitoring at hospitals – but recent (this year, 2014) studies show that if you go to the hospital you might be likely to catch a disease!!!  I am using light words on this because I am just writing casually, and I am not trying to instill fear into people.  But understand, back then, the devices and technology to use radiation, and toxic chemicals, and so on… in a way that has far better success rates – technology that is still being improved upon globally by the human race and at ENORMOUS cost…  On the other hand, somehow – someone – for some REASON – made proclamations that basically stated that bathing oneself in these newly discovered uranium mines, radioactive uranium mines, was a sort of miracle healing treatment.  I believe it was the owner of the uranium mine, or the uranium mines guild (lol… that was a joke), who charged sick people who were sick and had no other solution so hey, it was worth a try, eh?

Then, as well, I seem to recall that it was pitched even to healthy persons, as a panacea and preventive medicine or treatment… or even that exposure to this radiation would, much like vitamin supplements and remedies today, cause the healthy person to have super powers – like some sort of comic book character or something.  Look at the reality of it.  This is not even disputed history; it is documented history.  And, (being sarcastic here) the “best part” is that this kind of thing continues to happen to this very day – it matters not whether it is in a “first-world country” or a “third-world country” or in the middle of a forest somewhere.

They say that when it comes to history (records, that is) – it is not always the truth or reality that is passed down to us, but rather, that portion of human history that “won” – as in, won a war – or the history books (well, many were not “history” books at the time!  They were enormous databanks of priceless accumulated knowledge, so much so that you could never put a dollar value on it – literally, because even all the money and resources in the world is not enough to cover the cost it would take to reassemble all those books that were burned in a massive fire… there were many ‘book burnings’ – most often as an act of rebellion, or in celebration of conquering an enemy (as in declared war between nations, or invasions – the objective of continuously invading other cultures and nations was, in some cases, for the sole purpose of stealing their loot, taking their men as slaves, and their women to be made as slaves working as prostitutes with no pay (the “world’s oldest profession”) – that is, of course, after being raped by the soldiers themselves, who, of course, in some cases, had not so much as even seen a woman in months)

Book burnings however, I believe, were different in that they were probably religiously motivated, or culturally motivated, as in, “We just conquered you; you no longer exist but as our property as slaves, your treasure is now our treasure, and we burn your books to erase the fact that you ever existed off the face of the earth itself” type of thing.  I personally cannot even imagine that this was considered politically correct… worse yet, encouraged and even sponsored.  Too bad, because if they had been a little smarter, they would have treasured those books, learned how to read them, study them, and thereby enhance their own knowledge, and later claim it as their own.  Which I would almost bet anything has in fact happened at least once or twice here and there throughout history.  Ha. Ha.

__________wow… that was quite a tangent.  That’s what happens when I wax reminiscent of all the things I’ve studied, and suddenly, I suppose, some portion of long-term memory that my brain had saved, but in a highly compressed format, is triggered by something else, such as what the original topic was supposed to be here, which was, I believe, the comparison or to be more specific a quick look at the diametrically opposed old world and new world orders.  They are not distinct or black and white, but a continuum, or spectrum if you will… a spectrum of time and culture that I find very fascinating to look at from the perspective of the impact of technology and progress of the human race, and how it could be looked at as many different things.  I really have never studied history or politics what-so-EVER in my early years… I thought it utterly irrelevant because I thought that everything was under control now, and that if anything, technology such as the Internet and rapid communications could only be HELPFUL to the human race and quality of life.

However, in my infantile tunnel mind, I made a drastic error.  I did not account for the possibility that others might abuse powerful technologies of all kinds ever again, due to the horrific lessons learned after Nagasaki and Hiroshima.  NEVER AGAIN, I thought.

I failed to comprehend that the human race at its core really hasn’t changed that much, fundamentally, in psychological terms… this, I began to understand, of course, long ago when I began my studies of the human brain itself and psychological functioning.  No excuses, to be honest.  I failed to place the appropriate value on certain factors, such as desperation… possibly due to the fact that I had completely ignored the history of war and politics and economics.

I’d never simply just ‘written them off’ – it’s that I simply held the mindset that technology and in particular, FUTURE and DEVELOPING technology… as an inventor, such as I may be, if that is an official job title.  I figured I would leave the rest of the functions that must be performed in SOME manner, even if it is in different manners regionally, and also changes throughout time – I never thought it could happen this QUICKLY!!   In school, for me at least, “History” was presented as something that is gone…. does not exist anymore, but for some physical relics, and also that this “History” (the capitalization of the word History, and the quotations, are there not out of contempt, but a combination of sarcasm and humor, 😉  is the entity from which many generations of studies in the sciences at the present is derived… indeed, history is where TODAY’s technology was BORN!!!

Thus, it could be that I extrapolated from that idea that, given the notion of “History” being presented as something in terms of ‘linear time’ … something cumulative, something that proves our previous errors such that we do not repeat them, and something that can only lead to improvement.  After all, myself and everyone alive today is… alive, are they not?  So, we made it, did we not?  Maybe I was wrong about that.  Just a thought.  Now back to the nerd book.  Sorry for the article with an article thing, but this screen is small, and this keyboard is annoying, and I’ve had a long day and I am getting carpal tunnel syndrome.  It can be very painful at times, and prevent me from being able to type without taking a break of considerable length of time, which may vary as needed.

—> Continuing with the original article, which can be found elsewhere in logfiles…  If anyone ever clicks ‘like’ or writes in response on any of my hundreds of articles such as these, other than something like “hi” or something negative like, “you’re stupid”…lol… then I will recompile.  All material within this posting shall remain the property of myself, and the original work of, yours truly, Brendon P. Tristal.


—–and of course before those kinds of technologies existed in the public domain, it was more like nerds building their own computers, and spending way too much money on the latest mouse and joystick and throttle for Activision games, buying a hot rod video card to increase your video speed/reduce lag, …. music downloading… creating the demand for higher bandwidth, and now fiber optic cables are everywhere even if you don’t see them; I know they were installed in my former hometown (they tore up the entire sidewalk that I had grown up as a kid, driving my 1 speed bicycle on, each block with its own particular damage pattern, perhaps one or two that had gotten so worn out that they had been replaced where the asphalt meets the concrete, which was kind of good for a bicycle because then they were building them with a relatively low dip so as to allow wheels – be they wheelchairs or bicycles…. could SMOOTHLY transit from blacktop to concrete up the curb without having to perform a jumping maneuver risking bending a wheel… the amount of impact my rear wheel took on the high curbs? it’s astounding the wheels never bent.  Shimano brakes and ..  Trek… 18 or  21 speed after that… shock absorbers on the seat mount… pretty good.

But today I found out that being in my early thirties is not that old after all.  It’s only old if you believe it to be.  Heck, some people are 30-something MONTHS old, or WEEKS….. I can’t compete with that.  But it’s not a race.  It’s a competition, and the rules are extremely loose and simple, fundamentally.

The rest is all just interpretation.

So, I’ve made much progress today in the electronics and the routing department…. was on the phone all day… (what fun)… speaking to various people and representatives in setting up various services… ready to launch this month, no matter what.  The engine has already started, it is holding, the flywheel is engaged to the power source, and though it may not seem at first as if anything has occurred due to lack of movement, the fact is, the kinetic energy is building up in that flywheel, which can be regulated…. In other words, while nothing is 100% certain, the power is being built up and stored safely for a controlled release, slated for THIS MONTH.  🙂

While all of these things are going on, and the ETA nears, much work continues to be added to the project every single day.  It is stressful, of course it is stressful; how could it not be?  But I’ve ALREADY spent YEARS working out the best path and the odds, and this latest adjustment, after adaptation, though it does run risks, I have now decided to take back my right to live without fear of making a mistake, because, even though it took me so many years, I have finally learned that, truly, EVERYONE makes mistakes, and with that being the case, I have evaluated my situation here, and the entirety of it all, even in the middle of many OTHER issues and contracts and all…. If I wait much longer, I’ll be dead!  My evaluation does not involve any undue enormous risk that could possibly ever harm others.  In fact my objective is to help with the rest of us, at all or at NO cost.

And so, today, April 4th, 2014, I have started the machine in earnest by engaging some gears.  Some of those gears are the kind that cannot be stopped or reversed, at least not without huge losses and even possible injury – hence the flywheel analogy.  The “gears are in motion” and the potential energy is there, and now it is being put into the flywheel, for rapid release capability, while I continue to work diligently inputting even more potential energy into the system.   The kinetic energy is the price I am paying; so it is a very serious decision and I must remain determined and dedicated to the project, for if I renege on my own initiating sequence, and I suffer a huge loss, too bad – I am not psychic.  But now is the time, and I just feel like I know it.

Intellectual Property of Brendon P. Tristal, original author
All Rights Reserved.
By Brendon Tristal
April 04, 2014

Copyright (C) 2014 Brendon Tristal

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