Power PLANTS: Inspired by a photograph of a very tall high voltage tower is seen, in a camera shot between the ceiling of foliage… JUXTAPOSITION. Power of the PLANT.

A system with global homeostasis means nobody/nothing feeds anyone.  Unless the balance is destroyed – even then, however, it is just a matter of time for the entire system to return to balance.  Right now that bunch of electrical equipment carries energy for such amazing distances that most people have no clue where their nearest power plant is, or what type.  Not that it’s relevant.  Hence, the vulnerability of the grid… especially since opening the grid so that all companies can just use all this ‘stuff’ to route and exchange power through leases based on a financial motive rather than what makes the most sense in terms of engineering.   Those plants are happy, most likely, as they enjoy breathing in the sun, and converting sunlight and CO2 (not CO or sulfur or mercury though) into oxygen that allows us to breathe.  The fact that we can still breathe means we are in far deeper trouble for the feeding part, and dependency upon not even just fossils as a fuel that is seriously wasted so much (a coal-fired plant with scrubbers is far more efficient and cleaner than a diesel trucking system that delivers food from the midwest into the citieis (I’m speaking of the U.S. and most of the world)… that is the benefit of electric hybrids… the painful price is toxic lead or explosive lithium batteries that are extremely heavy, and no matter what anyone says, I am sure many people and even businesses illegally dump the toxic lead and sulphuric acid batteries, just as with used tires and used oil, into the environment such as the environment which these chlorophyll-based green species in this photograph have their roots and drink from the earth, as water is the most critical ingredient for life as we know it, and anyone who has grown and raised a seed or several seeds into a garden realizes how much work must go into tending it, hence, the farmer – in the U.S., considered a low level job but in fact… and especially modern farming – is highlly skilled, and in order to reach the huge volumes and types of harvests, and quality of harvests, that they sell at bulk rate set by the speculators in the market indexes/exchanges… and so, their income is entirely dependent and at the mercy of the weather and other natural cycles, in addition to manmade demand – i.e. “We need corn!  Next year, “Now we want soy!”  and the farmer must rotate the types of crops endlessly, so as to keep the soil productive, because  soil also requires nutrients to feed the plants, not mere water, co2, and light.  Look at how fast a tree emerges both downward =, the roots into the earth downward from which to feed on the soil, and support the trunk as it rises and grows.

Who feeds whom indeed.  It is always best not to bite the hand that feed them.  The juxtaposition is striking – as:

The above work of text is my response to the photographic work of above cited source(s) and its respective owner(s)/producer(s), which is a photograph displaying tall tower with aluminum, extremely high voltage (AC long distance transmission lines), with the photograph framed looking upward, such that it appears one is peeking up from the ground between an overhead canopy of greenery.

Brendon P. Tristal

Copyright (C) 2014 By Brendon Tristal

tags: our ecosystem, power grid, humanity and energy, environmental responsibility, power plants, power plant distribution, responsible engineering, smart grid distribution, clean energy production and distribution

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