Human life on Earth – Continuing from previous article regarding the electrical transmission tower JUXTAPOSITION

The Tree Outside

The tree outside the window, Branson, MO winter

I have posted this little piece of work I refer to as an ‘article’ or ‘essay’ or ‘piece’ etc. on my own blog(s), but since I could not certainly identify the original owner of the image, I have not attached it to them.  I had considered privately requesting your permission to do so, but was unsure as to whether you had found these photos in the public domain, or if they were actually your own.  I’m not a lawyer, and I have heard that as long as there is no watermark or other such data accredting the original content creator, the image IS in the public domain – with the exception being, other than Fair Use action, of course, if the source had taken the content registered property of the creator and removed such watermarks or accreditation.  It would be nice to use that photograph in the text – in a sense, now, this is a sort of joint venture at this point; lol.  You took a photograph, which I discovered, and which inspired me to write (I am a writer and researcher of many things; hardwired to do so in a way, and I enjoy the same type of photography as you) – I love studying and learning engineering, since I was a child, and have been trained, certified, etc. in these areas.  However, as I have gotten older, I have begun to study history and expand my cultural understanding and knowledge, rather than adhering strictly to scientific endeavours.  And from this, I have learned that there is science to these other areas as well!  In this photograph, I see the JUXTAPOSITION of human activity, human progress, and the capabiliity of mankind to destroy – the tower supporting transmission lines, necessary for our survival at this capacity, which, if not studied (engineering again; though the photograph itself is absolutely a work of art – at least that is how I read into it, knowing and understanding all of the interacting systems taken in this one “simple” photograph, taken from the perspective of looking up through the trees or green plants/leaves (chlorophyll) – and towering, literally, above them is mankind’s creation, which uses the plants to harvest sustenance and life from the Earth itself, as well as the sun.

It has a … how shall I say? … almost romantic nature to it, the photograph that is… in that it literally places into a single ordinary frame, the light, the presumed soil beneath one’s feet, the manmade distribution structure, and the natural system almost as a whole, through which one can really step back and absorb the acknowledgment and appreciate the harmony between humans and our planet’s nature, and human structures.

That is not to say humans do not induce some effect on the original cycles, frequencies, integrated systems, and so on.  Obviously, there are times when we (collectively, I mean) make mistakes, or become too greedy (perhaps out of fear, or driven and motivated to perform at a less than optimal level of quality in the interest of ensuring/insuring resources, be they commodities such as oil, gold, coal, fruits and food and meat, housing materials (wood, etc.) (steel) (aluminum) – all of this is portrayed in that one shot.  What is not shown directly can be inferred, as the power lines, which can also represent communication links, must go back to a source of power from nature, whether it is turning coal into dust and blasting it into a furnace, or oil rigs and refineries located “ELSEWHERE” (out of sight – that is the point) – gas lines as well… “fracking” – it could also be wind, solar, hydroelectric (dams, tidal, currents, even waterwheels, which are quite old in comparison to all of this that we have today, used to provide mechanical kinetic energy directly used to reduce manual labor – to produce food, metals, and so on.  Prior to that, it was the use of animals such as oxen to do the heavy duty work of plowing a field to plant crops… Prior to gasoline, hydrogen cells, electric power, etc. and cars or other vehicles, we used horses…. and/or a horse-drawn enclosed carriage, for the wealthy.

I do not know where that photograph was taken – it looks, however, as though it could be in the middle of a forest or jungle – or, just a few meters’ stroll from the pavement or a highway.  Considering it is a massive tower, there must be access of some sort, anyway.

I look at how many insulating units or ceramic isolators are used in this one, and that tells me, along with the immense scale of the structure (though not very high compared to radio towers), that there is enough electricity able to flow (if at very high voltage, which must be stepped down at multiple substations, of course, even before industrial use – even for an electric arc furnace at a foundry in a mining equipment manufacturing building) – at every point between those clean, bright, shiny looking lines, and the end-user of the power running through it, must be transformers and coils and induction and all kinds of math that takes a physical form, and requires so much energy to create – and to extract from the earth, or recycle, as well, the elements and compounds that must be isolated, combined, purified, catalyzed, and so on (chemistry) – even the Aluminum itself is costly to the environment and also in terms of human energy, as well as this continuing supply of electricity provided by these very lines.

And it all comes from the star called our Sun.  Without it, and without our planet’s magnetic field due to the dynamo effect of rotating iron (ferrous metals; molten lava/magma, tectonic plates that give us land to stand and build on, floating, if you will, across the ocean and the ages) – And H2O existing in all three phases of matter naturally (excluding dark matter and plasma, etc.) – ice, necessary at the polar caps, where the electromagnetic radiation from the sun is directed by the lines of flux surrounding our atmosphere… gravity, thanks to the density of the core.. water in liquid form, as a suspension and vehicle for life to enable rapid movement of blood and food, etc. throughout our human bodies, and as a gas/vapor, which enables the salted ocean water to be naturally distilled and purified by action of the Sun, once again, itself, creating weather and rain, and fresh water to drink.

The photograph is so clean, it is a perfect representation of the ideal balance between mankind’s gigantic operations, and the natural world upon which we depend for our very lives.  Now, more than ever, we rely on BOTH systems, which have now become one.  Beavers build dams; ants build castles… humans build rockets and satellites, and even a vehicle that we have launched decades ago, that is still operating using RTG nuclear radioisotope thermal generators, actually travelled all the way out beyond the boundaries of our entire solar system.

This is what we do, and that is who we are.  Corn, that is, the modern version at grocery stores, is actually a creation of man; genetically modified through breeding… as are bananas.  Even animals, such as dogs, pigs, cats.. whether for food, or as friends (pets)… have, just as we do to ourselves and each other as well, been changed, for better or worse, by human technology.

And now we enter a new age.


Brendon P. Tristal

Copyright (C) 2014 Brendon P. Tristal

(April 12, 2014 at 04:40 AM U.S. central time) (that means I spent about forty minutes typing without reference or edit… I guess that’s not bad.  I just hope it makes sense and has the right flow to it… Hope you enjoy it!  Thank you again.)

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