Modern Economics, Massive Unemployment, We must choose, war or luxury?

Yes, I found it here.  I mistakenly thought I had posted to the original post, when I was posting the relay on g+, that is why I reposted the first and second comments I made to you HERE instead of on my page, because I realized that none of my posts were on the original notification.  I later realized I had merely written back to what I thought was writing to YOU, on the relay/copy via g+ on my own page!!!  Hahaha…. I apologize for any confusion.  If you (Riccardo G.) are the photographer that takes these photographs of electrical lines, then you are the person I was intending to give due credit and address.

Your works that you post are extremely diverse and unique, even within a narrow area of a narrow field – through photography, crossing all language barriers and roots of language.  Roots of plants… green plants, power plants, survival, food, plants/trees/food/building.  Power, heating, cooling, cooking, refrigeration, automation – and now we are entering a new age, or at least generation, or iteration, or the industrial age – that is, taking account and responsibility for use or abuse of the finite resources available on the planet.  We can use various sciences to bypass many barriers thought impossible, but it is not easy, and require huge amounts of money to do so.  Therefore, in some way, societies need not use politics to share and exchange ideas that work, and in that sense, the Internet, the www, such as g+, and others, are a great way for people to turn ideas into reality.

This photograph is extremely unique because it, at least for me, is unlike your typical high level professional photograph, and here is why:  Top rated photographs, the type good enough to appear on the cover of say, National Geographic magazine, and so on, which require so much time and effort to catch – such as a volcano, or videos of wild animals hunting each other, and so on – on the other hand, there are computer generated animations (i.e. fake) of ideas or representations of human inventions, or photography of physical technology.

What is inherently unique about this photograph is the way the greenery is there under the standing tower, which proves the human is possibly overtaking nature, and certainly, unless you consider humans as just another ordinary animal, homo sapiens, and part of nature – which, in the Western culture, at least, is seen almost schizophrenically among philosophers and scientists and theologians – that humans somehow are not supposed to have a footprint upon the earth, whilst a tortoise may dig into the sand, and the trees are permitted to grow, including weeds, and some of us say we should have no footprint; as if do not exist!  The beaver creates dams, just as humans do… Every creature has an effect on its environment!

Even animals in the wild kill – and throughout the history of the world – even kill to the point of extinction – other species.  The very essence of nature is war-like, you can see this in nature everywhere!

Plants adapt to insect and animal or other predators by developing poisons.  Bees are part of the life cycle of allowing flowering plants to reproduce sexually, in a natural but quite odd binary reproduction system to pollinate plants so they can create seeds.  Bees do this.  That is an important thing to remember.  The flowers attract the birds and the bees, which transport DNA in order to reproduce, and this is the process of binary, just like computers – a matrix.

The manmade technology, on the other hand, is almost like playing the role of GOD.  Splicing DNA like an internet cable to create a new creature programmed to create fuel oils (algae) and using other organisms that process human solid waste (sewer systems/waste processing facilities) are as essential as the electrical system, particularly because all of these systems are undeniably interdependent to operate on a continual basis, as the oil and/or heat fuel/magnetic/electrical power is required to process and clean up our waste, and turn the water that we flush down our toilets back into the cleanest drinking water you could imagine – the ISS Zarya space station must do this as it orbits the earth, and it also requires regular supplies of fuel, which must be launched from earth and transferred at pressure to the duel tanks for fuel, along with oxygen, helium, and so on… for life support, operational systems, and hypergolic systems that allow the ISS/Zarya (International Space Station) to periodically re-boost its LEO (low-earth orbit) by firing its OMS and RCS rockets to avoid detected incoming space debris, and to increase speed as well, so that it can regain the elevation and velocity required not to escape earth orbit, yet fast enough to avoid falling back to earth, which would be an enormous disaster – the thing has cost many nations many billions of dollars and requires maintenance over and over, that is even in the design.

It is due to be decommissioned after the year 2020, exactly when, is to be determined.  Yet the way I see 1. new systems developing that would make the ISS obsolete, having performed its work, just like the STS did, and the Saturn V like for Apollo did.their job and have paved the way to new technologies and allowed us to learn new techniques and establish working protocol; understand what works and what does not, and so on – at GREAT cost, mind you – so, for those of us who naturally feel it is a complete waste to decommission and destroy the ISS after its assembly, which is ABSOLUTELY understandable – the reality is, as in the case of Saturn V and STS and others, the cost to benefit ratio is depleting rapidly, and the ISS is always breaking down or having emergencies, even as several humans basically LIVE there for many months at a time, stuck in space, able to look out to peer at the window (wouldn’t you love to take THAT kind of photograph!!!!? 🙂  but knowing you are completely at the mercy of not only odds of survival, and making it back to earth, but also knowing you cannot just go home whenever you want – you are committed, literally… once an astronaut is up there, it is up to ground commanders and government resources which determine many of their actions, even in emergency situations.  If there is a family emergency, and you are on mission in space, travelling at nearly 5 miles per SECOND, you cannot just ask your Russian astronaut pal, “Hey can I borrow your car; let me have the keys, please, a family member has just passed away, and I would like to go and be with  my family, etc.” – that is not going to happen, period.

When the ISS finally crashes back toward earth, hopefully disassembled into smaller parts and perhaps cut at certain areas to make the pieces smaller so that there is a better chance that the entire thing evaporates as it strikes the earth’s atmosphere – of course, in doing so, it will absolutely and undeniably pollute the atmosphere with so many toxic and radioactive contaminants that ‘tree huggers’ would literally have a heart attack if they knew what kind of material is there – I am a realist, with ideals and morals – not a fanatic nor a lunatic, just so that is clear, if there is any perceived contradiction on that, that should clear it up.

Migration to Mars is something I have no interest in, except in passing, and it will just be an interest to me even if humans do get to Mars (without dying) within my lifetime.  Mars is not any part of my generation, though I and others in it are a necessary prerequisite to it, as are all of us.

What my duties include for my life have nothing to do with space travel, other than the data link of receiving hard data that can be, is, and will be implemented here on earth to improve exponentially our ability to make use of our resources such that all of mankind can survive and do so at a level of life quality and healthcare, food, lifestyle, freedom, and so on, without requiring war (murder) or war between nation states and/or ethnicities or other boundaries, eliminate the hostile adversarial system – by using science and technology to retrofit, for example, urban areas that are densely populated – using so many different means – everything from saving so much fuel wasted on commuting by working from home, or not having to commute whatsoever… working from home – and I do not mean a labor camp (living at factories or offices); I mean the Internet bandwidth and telepresence to eliminate the need to drive say two hours each way to get to work – the food supply issue can be dealt with by BOTH growing local food within skyscrapers, AND using new energy sources to facilitate vertical development; as well as building a world where unemployment is not a bad thing but a good thing, because the level of automation has seriously made it impossible, mathematically IMPOSSIBLE, for everyone to have an honest job without absolutely shattering all laws of nature and progression.

I have no idea why politicians speak of “jobs” and “we need jobs” – we DON’T NEED JOBS – that is EXACTLY what the problem is!  Perpetuating the notion that everyone ought have a job is absolutely backwards.  Education is important, yes, but what job is there to do?  Say hi to someone as they walk into a store?  Why will people even go to a store, wasting fuel, when all routine household items will be delivered by something like the mail truck, UPS, the water pipes, the fuel lines, and power lines, gas lines…. The rest is only a very tiny percentage of human population once the technology is established and in place.

Once that happens, the only jobs available will be for engineers, and the rest will be entertainment.  But the problem there is this:  If jobs are in entertainment, reporting, etc. – intangible ‘services’ or ‘goods’ – then how will anyone PAY for the creators?  What are they selling, exactly, and why?

They are selling things like video games and movies, which are pure luxuries, and a world with an infrastructure already has all of this incorporated into it.  Ever since television was invented, in America, anyway, the literacy rate and the level of education, collectively, of the average American has actually DROPPED as they have nothing to do and no reason to do it.  The only exceptions are those with true passion for learning, inventing, building, and solving problems.

I see in the photograph all of these things, because the power lines above the chlorophyll, which must both exist to support US, as humans, with the geopolitics we have now (due to worldwide and video coverage of war and politics) and financial systems (reacting in mere milliseconds rather than requiring many months for a sailboat to send an ambassador to Europe or wherever, report back to the other government, argue and negotiate the best as a representative of the ambassador’s home country, then, either remain there and send via a ship or a fleet of ships carrying a wax-sealed order or decree in the custody of a trusted Officer of the Royal Mail, USPS, or whatever it might have been…. things happen instantly now.

This is all far more recent than many people might consider.  When Nixon lost to JFK, that is how recently this phenomenon reached the level of public opinion as per voting, and tactical devices being the main focus of election campaigns rather than by merit of duty and the reality of life on the job of, say, President of the government of whatever nation that calls itself, truthfully or not, a “democracy”…..

Live news coverage 24/7 around the world is even newer than that.  It has completely and perhaps forever changed the way the world operates, and I fear it may even be dangerous enough to destroy itself.  In that case, we will have some sort of huge global war – particularly if there is a civil war under a single world government – it would be a complete mess, and with nuclear weapons, has the capacity to go so far even to return to the dark ages, if not result in human extinction entirely.

I know this goes “off topic” in the perception of many people, but this photograph has just the right colors in it and is so representative of our modern world that, without a single word whatsoever, I feel deserves a spot in a museum somewhere.  I understand that it is just a photograph of something fairly common, but to me, and obviously, to others as well, the JUXTAPOSITION of these two powerful forces on our planet – the power of the PLANT of NATURE and the carrier cables and TOWER of the POWER PLANT made by man, BOTH SERVING MANKIND, and both of them also being REQUIRED to support or sustain life on earth – and BOTH being ALSO scarce resources, as such, being finite in nature and in high demand, due to many different factors which vary greatly across the globe, and which therefore, thanks to the communication (mass media, social media, and so on) – this is almost like a closed-loop system, that is mathematically programmed to ultimately self-destruct, UNLESS we, WE, do SOMETHING to change our tribal mentalities that were, long ago, essential for survival – i.e. racism and culture wars – now it is class warfare and socioeconomic status and global domination that is the factor – One might say this has always been the case.  Clearly it is.  However, the difference now is that there is nowhere else to go.  So true it is that there is nowhere else to go, that a mass migration to a different ENTIRE PLANET (Mars) is being planned as I type this… The only other option possible, other than a new cooperation, a new incorporation – which itself is something that is so complex that even if someone did have the most absolutely PERFECT plan to carry this out, the world is such that actually EXECUTING such a plan would simply not work, it is against all odds, and to me, anyway, that is so obvious that to not see it would mean I would be walking into walls and tables and chairs all the time if I had less vision than I do – without a very slow transition that must not be forced in any way upon anyone, as competition is still the driving force of the world, and the essential technology must stay intact long enough during this transition of paradigm shift, if it is to take place without great worldwide pain and sorrow beyond imagination and the realization of everyone’s most basic fears and the stuff of nightmares taking place… This is why many people choose to protect themselves and their children, if any, rather than worry about the well-being of anyone else, and in a way it is those people who really throw the proverbial monkey wrench into the system by doing things like stealing the hard earned and/or skilled labor from honest people, robbing innocent hard-working people of their dignity, and GREED, the one singular factor, selfishness, the instinct to protect oneself and one’s children and loved ones more than their mere unknown fellows, that they are able to convince themselves it is the right thing to do, and somehow their brains do not care, or do not understand sincerely, that their own actions are the direct cause of drastically raising the chance of their worst fears coming to fruition; the most absolute sociopaths or psychopaths even go so far as to justify murdering others, over something like a few dollars or a toothbrush, in certain circumstances…

Taxation subsidizes energy production programs, and telecommunications to a degree, at least here in the U.S., and elsewhere around the world.  This increases the cost of units of energy, and of course, anywhere there is government operating in such a way, there is an increase in costs of almost anything.  That is simply and easily explained logically, because it is human nature for, say, a dedicated mother with two children to VERY CAREFULLY budget every PENNY and work as hard as they can – likewise for the dedicated father – to ensure that their children are provided for, and given an excellent education to allow them to grow into an adult that is independent and can contribute in his or her own unique way(s) to the society, of which his or her parents are also contributing members, until retirement, at least – and pass the torch of progress to their offspring.  But if it is a human being’s job working in a government office who has a sort of mandate to keep more money for the government s/he represents or acts on behalf of, along with the temptation to take bribes, graft, corruption, and so on — then, such persons are simply operators who, whether they have “power” or “authority” or not – will inevitably, or almost so, develop the routine, throughout their career (lifelong), of seeing the stacks of papers that appear on their office desk each workday morning – cases of this, that, and the other – as not actual human beings or families in real distress needing help and assistance, and having no time, being backlogged endlessly, and never meeting or even speaking with actual human beings, knowing NOTHING about a situation, then, what happens is that those pieces of paper, or ‘virtual papers’ on their computer screens, in the mind of the arbiter or government representative, are not human beings WHATSOEVER, not even subconsciously (!!!) but instead are nothing but numbers on a piece of paper, just as a ledger is nothing more than numbers on a piece of paper – that includes paper money and currency itself; there is no value to it until you cash it in – until you cash in your cash, your so-called “money” is really just debt; if you are holding the promissory note of a fiat currency, then you are holding a certificate of debt, or a bond (bondage) to a member of the collective – an anonymous person, because it is nothing but an exchange medium – unlike a paper check, or IOU, which is backed up by nothing but the writing of the person who wrote some numbers with symbol and signed it – is backed by nothing but the fact that if it is a legally binding document such as a paper check or certificate or other such means, if done using a BANK (unlike Bitcoin-which is an entirely separate issue, which I care not to write about at this time) – then it is, by means of the BANK upon which this CHECK is allegedly supposed to draw upon, with routing number and account number for a demand-deposit account within which, especially for those who are employed by a large company that issues its employees payments by DIRECT DEPOSIT, bypasses many things and eliminates paper cash, using computers and thus, a federal reserve note is the payment, a cryptocurrency (see Bitcoin) and has been for a very long time.  It’s just that nobody understands computers or banking and financial services at the level of depth that I would recommend.  You are getting no money at all for your work; you are simply getting automated payments that your finance manager authorizes electronically through their bank, to issue CREDITS to YOUR BANK.

Credits of what?  Dollars?  Okay, but they aren’t even the somewhat secure printed paper money – they are just numbers on a computer.  If and when you receive a paper statement from your bank each month, you see a bunch of transactions that specify dollar amounts taking place at questionable times, due to holdovers, which is why using a CREDIT CARD is actually safer than using a DEBIT CARD – and even everyday type purchases appear on the bill not as “Jim’s Bakery” or the d/b/a of wherever the purchase was made, but instead, a CODE, many times consisting of mumbo jumbo and some numbers you’ve never seen or heard of, and so you cannot even say whether it is something you have legitimately authorized or not!

Bank account hacking and identity theft has become SO widespread that, as more people become ACTUAL VICTIMS of this phenomenon, who had previously viewed such things as impossibilities and made-up stories intended to scare you into doing this or that, such as purchasing monitoring services – which themselves can be hacked into, as well – even the FDIC has changed its rules, because there really isn’t any money.  The policy, just forget about the FDIC, is this:  If you keep your funds in ANYTHING it is always a risk.  If you put into real estate, even if you are wealthy enough to purchase a beautiful home outright for straight up cash, and the title is fully in your name, you are still taking a huge risk.  There may be a defect with the house, or even the land (sinkholes, flooding, etc.) itself – even if… EVEN IF… you have built and contracted the best architecture firm ever heard of to design and build the home, and the best engineers test the land itself for stability, and done realty research extensively on the neighborhood and other homes and foreclosure rates in the area which can rapidly bring down the value – you are still dealing with inflation versus the real estate market as a whole, due to the average interest rate on mortgages or the baseline APR on such things.

If you put your money into paper cash, such as the “under the mattress” method, or hiding it in your books on your bookshelf to hide from thieves (who, I have seen on TV reports, check bookshelves’ books, flipping through pages looking for cash) – or a safe – or on your person, you are still taking the risk of getting robbed of that cash, and so, with a credit card and/or bank account, the authorization delay can protect you if you report the theft promptly – I used to have on my keychain and in my wallet a trigger number linked to all of my accounts, with a very easy to remember toll-free number, so that if I were to be robbed, I could simply call from any payphone, give the company’s official my identification and security codes, and report that all of my cards had been compromised and then they would immediately be shut down and unavailable.

One also offered the service of, in such a case as unfortunate as, say, being far from home and having been hijacked, would provide me with, upon such a report, a certain amount of cash so that I can at least get home.  This is somewhat difficult to do when you have lost your identification and everything, obviously, so the cash is limited to small amounts (fortunately I’ve never had to use it- though I’m curious to see what would happen) – biometric scanners may not be available anywhere near your location, except for the nearest police station and perhaps major hospital.

That’s how it works.  The idea of “equal pay” for “equal work” is so complex that for any politician to in actual seriousness bring it up has to be joking, or stonewalling something extremely serious by using this as a smokescreen or strawman.

Anyway, green, white, and SILVER (aluminum) plus a bit of blue in the sky makes for an interesting combination, especially since each section’s color mass is nearly perfect (of course it is not, but the green is green throughout; likewise for the other colors, due to the makeup of the atmospheric conditions, the sunlight and reflection from the color of aluminum (silver color), and green (leaves).

If you are really into photography, I suggest trying to get some more shots that ‘speak’ to the viewer by presenting combinations like this.  I know that I am always on the lookout for such things, along with the sky, day and night, sunrise, and sunset – clouds, scenery, sunlight, shadows… it’s all about light and psychology, photography is.


Brendon Tristal

13-APR-2014 at 04:42AM U.S. Central Time

Copyright (C) 2014 Brendon P. Tristal


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