1st General Issuance Report from New Location. By BPT

I’m still not done moving, but at least that stupid giant truck is out of here. Still much work to do i.e. settling in and legal work and on and on and on everybody thinks their department is the most important but too bad; I can only do one at a time. Anyway…. !!! – I’ve finally made it to the Web… North Carolina Charlotte’s Web, it’s a mere 8 minutes from Charlotte proper, and for the first time ever, I have seen some excellent modern architecture, particularly skyscraper category… But it’s nothing but RUSH RUSH RUSH about EVERYTHING so no, I could not stop and take photographs. And I did not even have time to delve into the city to find out what the human atmosphere is like. It has a friendly facade, but that’s just business. If I were to take out my camera and start shooting in an obvious manner, would I get locked up and hung out to dry by Charlotte’s Web? With such things, one has no clue until it is too late. What a shame that is. A mecca of stores that sell cameras such as best buy and so on, it would be VERY IRONIC if one is not permitted to photograph in the city.

Next I might image I cannot photograph a building without express written and notarized consent of the board of trustees, lienholder(s) if any, owner(s) and all tenants, both businesses and humans and persons all. By the time that got done, the membership would have changed, and thus, one would never see a photograph of a building unless someone went ahead and broke all those STATUTES but if such a thing ever were to become law, revised or not, then we will know we are well on our way to becoming the “Hermit Kingdom”.

Let’s find out. I think there’s a light on in the attic. Also, the giving tree may have been cut down. I took a photo in the backyard of the fence… a slice of it showing the grain – the little fence bracing wood was the DEAD CENTER literally – of the tree that was cut down to make that fence. And oh boy, it is one WICKED fence. Coming from the city as a child, jumping fences was a mastered technique for survival. But the fence here is like a fortress, you will literally be SKEWERED as well as subsequently SCREWED if one tries to break in, at night or otherwise, to this property without an invitation. It is tall, it is in firm, it is strong, and the shaping of the top of it, as well as the vertical board nature of the entire thing, makes it effectively a razor wire fence in disguise. And all it’s made of is fairly low grade boards of wood – connected in such a way as to be this effective.

Copyright (C) 2014 Brendon P. Tristal

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