Ukraine and Russia, the ‘international community’ and physics with religion, all in one for your fun!

Putin wants the gas and oil lines to “Europe” … which also wants them. Someone very big is standing in the way. And it’s not Putin.
Or Obama.
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Stephen Tristal Is it God?
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Thomas Madhatter I do not know who, or what org it is.
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Thomas Madhatter Time is speeding up and slowing down at the same time. In different spaces. Geopolitics will determine what happens next. If you want to question geopolitics, look to gas and oil and capital of any kind, trade routes, etc…. as well as religion which is often a ploy. National pride is another hot spot. So are natural disasters and resources.
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Stephen Tristal What about solar changes?
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Thomas Madhatter As you know in all of nature, everything has a FLASH POINT. Phrases such as, “the shot heard ’round the world” (thankfully not copyrighted)… boiling points – phase transitions. We are entering another age, and it is already underway. Our human perception of that time is subject to change, as is everything in the universe, in terms of human perception in general. Meanwhile… the joke is this: Nothing changes; it always stays the same. To understand that, physicists and cosmologists drive themselves LITERALLY insane; yet it is so simple 2 bits can understand it.
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Thomas Madhatter Call them ones and zeroes, pluses and negative or null, and a negative force is also at work, as in a two phase sine wave electrical system X , Y , black red white green (wiring)… digits; binary male female X Y it is ALL THE SAME the binary cycles of the sun are in approximately 12 year cycles…. earthquakes are in other cycles. Outside the known universe… which isn’t known much… lie the real mysteries. But that is not our business in this lifespan.
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Thomas Madhatter Solar flares, you refer to? CMEs are part of the universe, as are black holes, planets, moons, and so on. The Aurora is moving due to pole shift. Ozone is missing. The only question is how fast and “when” time equals space and matter equals energy
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Thomas Madhatter Like the economy and finance industry, bubbles are created and pop (boom:bust cycle… see Keynesian Economics, and Hayek) – opposites. The fusion reaction in the Sun has bubbles too, but Yellin or Bernanke do not control them.

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