On This Memorial Day – 2014 – A Commentary and literal Memorial

On this Memorial Day, I remember watching 9/11 from my bedroom window, worrying about my dad who worked for the NYC government.  I am happy that he was stationed in upper Manhattan, but I did not know at the time what his status was.  Today I am expressly thankful that my family and extended family in the WTC and Pentagon were not killed on that day, as I am appreciative of my maternal grandfather who gave me his WW2 Silver Star medal.  I understand I am fortunate in this way.  So many were not.  God bless their souls.  Memorial Day is about remembering things – we cannot constantly worry; but we can take one day in the year to remember and be thankful.  Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, they all have their questions. The questions cannot be answered.  All any of us can do is mourn and be thankful, at the same time – and that is emotionally perplexing.

-Brendon Tristal
May 26, 2014

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