The magic lazy robot movement

the Zeitgeese sheep have a fatal flaw that is blatant and obvious

They class “Mericans” as an aggregate, when in fact it is the top wealthiest 5% that are the giant consumers, and the rest are forced to consume through the structure that be’s.

The poor people, such as yourself, who burn so much oil daily to go pick up their peanuts by working their asses off to serve the credit and spending slavery machine in the form of human beans doing the same, are only doing that because the Regulators have given them no other choice or option… What do you think of THAT?

For example, trade regulations that force people through economy to purchase Chinese goods instead of locally-sourced goods and they call it more efficient because… Behold, it’s cheaper.

And the mass-media brainwashing machine forces you to be cool with your new Indonesian brand SlaveKicks sneakers; if you do not, you shall be ostracized and bullied by other kids. Nearly a quarter of a million dollars to raise ONE child in America.

Your new High Efficiency environmentally efficient washer and dryer. BTW did you know your gas dryer cost HALF as much to operate than your new electric one?


August 19, 2014

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