Living up to Ideals

In an Ideal system… we could have FAITH in our LEADERS and believe that ALL we must do is BELIEVE IN our bosses who MUST know what is best for us. However, to borrow from GE/MSNBC…. they do NOT care for our interests. And I do not hold it against them. It isn’t their job to do so!!! It is our own. And those who Dispose of their rights and freedoms voluntarily deserve NOTHING.

Do you know why? Because… from the point of view of the military, you are telling them it is okay that they go out and risk being KILLED protecting your right to be rich and safe and happy at home twiddling your thumbs, while they have to train and fight hard to protect you and pay taxes for you to sit around at a desk. Is that fair? Regardless of laws… simply mathematically… universally… it is WRONG. That is why… If you sacrifice your rights and freedom, you deserve it.

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