Time to RANT: Economy, Politics, International Economics

Time to rant: What we are seeing is economic redistribution: Whether in China or Mexico, the people who now have jobs that were previously in the United States are working much harder and longer for MUCH MUCH less pay, to the point they have suicide nets around their factory buildings. That’s how much of an issue it is. And the workers live on the campus. We don’t hear much about it on television but there are investigations into this that can be found on Youtube and other sources.
We can ask ourselves whether it is good to keep allies who, with so much oil, imprison their citizens for 10 years for discussing Valentine’s Day on an internet blog. Or whether it is right and just to utilize the employment of Chinese State factory workers, who work for the government at government factory jobs, to create our products that we buy and vote for with our wallets.
Can laws fix this? Or does the responsibility lie with the individual, to make the choices in their purchases, to choose to pay MUCH more money for a cell phone – an IMPOSSIBLY HIGH amount of money – and spend many times more money – money they do not even have – on the basic necessities?
Do we even have a choice? I saw a piece on Stossel last night showcasing examples of “the government” preventing small farming groups from operating. I think we need to seriously rethink our economic strategy – if you count unfunded liabilities, national debt, and the banks’ derivatives liability each American over age 18 is IN DEBT in the range of TWO MILLION DOLLARS! Is this sustainable economically?
So, whether it’s food stamps, national debt, welfare… We will see the emergence of less before we see more. Right now there is still mass global poverty, and oppressive dictatorships around the world that rob the people by law of their own ability to (legally) harvest their own food when they are starving, their ability to (legally) collect rainwater when in many cases they are starving.
And we send celebrities to celebrate destroying a dam that provided much needed energy and water for thousands and thousands of poverty-stricken people, in the name of environmentalism. Well, people are part of the environment… at least, until they aren’t.
I think if we stopped this kind of exemplary behavior we would be able to get more backing from the international community in forming a more open society.
Unfortunately we have many challenges in doing this, not least from the recent trend of terrorism. One can suffer from terrorism, which is a mental form of pathology, without ever confronting personally anything to fear: Because with television we can see ALL of the horrific events taking place around the whole world, in real time, even… the same events that have been taking place since time immemorial… we have developed this odd form of pathology, this paranoia; it has taken over our efforts in building our own society in our own backyards.

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