Extremism: In the News. “Islamist” Terrorism? What IS “Extremism”?

I’ve been watching on the news all this hype about terrorism, or, more specifically, “Extremism”… Here are some of my thoughts on this, with particular reference to the fact (made much of by Fox News, it would seem) that our current administration seems to be refusing to identify our current trend of terrorism as an Islamic phenomenon in any way. I neither agree nor disagree with this; however, I do have some opinions about the use of the word, “extremism” itself…

“Extremism” requires a base function in order to exist. Without that base function, no matter HOW “extreme” something EVER IS, it CANNOT be violent if there is no DEMAND for violence in the core. Look into the “non-aggression principle”
“Islamist” terrorism is a POLITICAL agenda, Sharia Law and such, which involves at its center a religious dictatorship. Tyranny embodied in terrorism at its roots.

I hate to even say this, but what would happen if ISIL (“isis” and friends… Where’s Horus?) co-opts into Syria, and Russia then co-opts that? We know what Putin has to say about this, but in a hypothetical wonderland, we could potentially see a “World War 3” scenario play out once you consider the economic concerns and the way regional conflicts and global economic depressions can flash over into hot war quickly. Russia has been warning about the potential for real nuclear war for some time, but even moreso lately.

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