Bernie Sanders FB post suggests we need to focus on banning “people-killing” guns and allow “hunting” guns

Oh really. While you’re at it why don’t you also ban the types of cars that aren’t for driving, but ramming into other motorists (ie cars that YOU control instead of self-driving computer cars) (false logic). And let’s support the Right to Eat Food, but let’s not pass even a SIMPLE law that would require mass food producers to LABEL whether they are GMO or not, LIKE the REST of the “developed world”. And let’s stop making drugs (pharmaceuticals) that are pitched to the average Joe who might be having a bad day or a rough spot in life, through TV commercials that are PSYCHOLOGICALLY and scientifically engineered through the art and magic of psychology to convince ordinary people that they are missing out on the sun-shiny, everything is happy lifestyle, all because they didn’t “talk to their doctor” and have him or her spend 15 minutes to scribble something on a pad – for pills that even with what LITTLE regulations do exist, drug companies are LEGALLY REQUIRED to state all of the HORRENDOUS and endless lists of side effects, INCLUDING POSSIBLE DEATH. Who in their right mind thinks that it is OKAY to basically have Barney or an actor in a fake lab coat wearing a stethoscope, portray authority and wisdom in the interest of “side effects (including death, and MAY BE PERMANENT… Have you ever listened to one of those ads?) – that is no problem.. permanent brain or body damage, and on and on, risk of death – WHY? Because you need a super-expensive pill every day (despite generics being pennies on the dollar, and being EQUALLY effective/dangerous) that will be billed to .. what, Obamacare?

Let’s ban drug companies from spending quite likely more money on ADVERTISING than the actual development and mfr. of the drug itself, and stop making up/inventing diseases just because someone in a lab found a new pill that “does something” – and then have to convince the FDA that the disease they invented to match the drug, that health insurance should pay for it… despite the fact that if it were being paid for out of pocket by patients, there’d be no way people would be paying that kind of money – which is bankrupting our medical system (some might say it’s funding it, and that it’s holding our GDP and nation together right now.. but like cash for clunkers, all it does is create more waste, and you’ll never see a $100 million dollar TV ad promoting how important it is that you ‘see your doctor’ about ANY generic medication that costs oh, $5 for a month’s worth. It DOESN’T HAPPEN.

It was a shame when the FCC tried to STOP corporations from marketing to the young and vulnerable, our nation’s children, i.e. during children’s programming. Sugar cereal, barbies, toys, and a lot of junk no one needs and that makes their parents go BROKE, so the parents must juggle between proper nutrition and education as a priority for their children, AND making sure their kids are fully equipped with the latest, completely artifiical, useless, made-in-anywhere but the USA by virtual slave labor (not even by american workers and american jobs) lunch boxes with trademark characters on them, clothing, light-up shoes, etc. … This is embarassing when at least a billion people do not even have access to safe drinking water, and thousands of children a DAY die of completely preventable diseases and lack even basic sanitation.

I hope that this is just political posturing to appease the masses, seriously. Because I just find it difficult to believe that rational, thinking people – and this is based on my own experience with others as well – can actually sit down with a straight face and quip about the differences between “guns that are designed for hunting, and guns that are designed for killing.

It is the height of absurdity to even pretend to make a distinction between firearms that are “designed to kill wild animals” and firearms that are “designed to kill human beings”, if you are hypothesizing that weapons that are effective against wild beasts are specialty weapons that, Of Course, could never hurt a human being. Unless you are talking about a video game or some kind of new high tech “friendly fire” avoidance system, that would have to involve some form of human recognition system that stops the firing pin from striking if a human is detected downrange.

And the entire “hunting” nonsense that keeps getting brought up is almost more absurd! What does hunting have to do with anything? Hunting is two things: It is a luxury sport for the ultra rich, who often travel the world in their pursuit of it, and there is the hunting that poor people and those who believe in living off the land do in order to eat. Either way, most people in this day and age get their food from the market – the right to bear arms has nothing to do with hunting whatsoever and to say things such as this is potentially misleading the people.

But I think Everybody knows that in modern America, people do not carry a firearm to “HUNT”! Just as police and military do not carry side arms to “hunt” – unless they are hunting human beings! (And they’re certainly not eating them!)

I personally find hunting (for sport) to be a vile and anachronistic, in this day and age. Almost sacrilegious, if it is not being done either as part of initiation, for practice for survival, or for food. But the very idea of Hunting – killing animals for SPORT or the sheer enjoyment of it alone – is something I would more likely expect to be getting phased out, except in places where it is necessary to survive like Alaska…

I see some other comments on here that share my sentiments on this. You can talk about climate change with the pope and go on about taxing more and carbon tax and all that – It’s not going to solve one iota of any real world problem (though it certainly will and IS destroying the American middle class by sending what were once United States businesses… overseas, and now there are more US businesses dying out than new ones that are created in the United States… because of all that TPP and Climate Change hyper-regulation la la land. I thought you were solidly against the TPP. It is one thing to work toward something that is 1. actually a problem, 2. actually has a solution, and 3. won’t cause the economic collapse of the First World…. for example, working on carbon MONOXIDE emissions, MERCURY levels, SMOG, NUCLEAR leaking and contamination.. Ocean pollution (the great Garbage Patches – used water bottles stringing across the planet; we’ve turned our oceans into TRASH HEAPS!) …

But instead you really want to argue about the element of Life itself, CARBON? That can’t be for real – carbon dioxide is called the ‘greenhouse gas’ because IT MAKES PLANTS GROW! Plants LOVE carbon dioxide, which is NOT poisonous whatsoever! In fact it is what we ourselves EXHALE. You want to cap carbon DIoxide emissions, you are going to have to cap the number of human beings alive and breathing!

Carbon MONoxide on the other hand IS definitely no good, and yet it is in cigarette smoke… But, there is probably more of it in cigarette smoke than a modern passenger automobile’s TAILPIPE EXHAUST thanks to something called Platinum and other precious metals (catalysts) that, without being consumed or used up themselves, catalyze (react together) two carbon monoxide molecules into carbon DIoxide molecules – That is why you can actually breathe behind a running 2000s model gasoli vehicle, while you CANNOT breathe very well if you are jogging and a car from the 60s without any catalytic converters drives by – the CO gets in your lungs, it fools your red blood cells in the lungs into thinking it is oxygen, but it’s not, and that is how you can literally DIE by running your car engine in the garage with the door closed. (Of course, even CO2 will cause death IF the concentration gets so high that you cannot even breathe any oxygen).

All this talk about “what kind of a world will we be leaving for our grandchildren”… I for one would rather leave them a world in which they are not saddled with national debt they were born into, that they will be born owing much of, but without ever having benefited or “spent” or gotten the “loan” in the first place. You won’t be able to blame them for the unpayable national debt… though I’m sure some (republicans?) will try.. Look at how they mocked Greece, calling them lazy and stupid, just because they happened to live under a political system that took billions of dollars in loans in the names of their citizens, but through foolishness, greed, or both, did not make proper investments for the poeple, who are the ones who now must pay and lose their promised retirements that they worked for and were promised. It definitely isn’t the politicians who mismanaged the accounts who will EVER have to see a food pantry or wait in line for public assistance, if you can guarantee one thing at all it is that!

What I want to see from Bernie U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is a NEW APPROACH. If he thinks he is going to change or transform America just by borrowing more money from the Federal Reserve and private and international investors and bankers (at interest) just to create millions of “desperately needed jobs” in infrastructure – well hey, it sounds like a great campaign slogan – and it probably is – but tell me, what will millions of people do when the national debt’s INTEREST PAYMENTS cannot even be made? And what will the MILLIONS of Americans who worked on the infrastructure projects do, once they are are complete? (And no, maintenance does not require anywhere near the manpower that a complete overhaul does).

And if you are talking about the electrical transmission systems, Internet, and all of that, what makes you think that all the people who need jobs are even qualified to do things like survey and build out long-lasting roads, design bridges, retrofit and upgrade communications links and manage the way current and voltage change phases and states along the way of transmission?

I suppose we could make it “carbon friendly” and just give everybody (or every town/city) subsidies to install their “geothermal, nuclear, solar, and wind” distribution centers… have land owners install simple windmills that bring water up from a well to irrigate their crops, and everyone will have jobs alright – jobs picking their own crops and tending to bugs and pests on the farm, because that lowers health costs (as opposed to sedentary lifestyle of typical obese Americans) and by the way eating MEAT is a major contributor to climate change and greenhouse gas – methane, a very harmful by-product (along with the millions of acres of land that is straight-up WASTED on raising cattle, look up the statistics and data on that – if we banned MEAT, not just hunting but ALL meat, esp. cows… it would save more lives and medical bills than any of the other proposals.

But yeah… while we’re thinking up new ways to turn good, proud, loyal and happy Americans who love their freedoms into criminals by the passing of more and ever more ridiculous “gun control” laws that have been PROVEN to do absolutely NOTHING useful – not even assuage a nervous public who, despite never having seen a shooting, is quivering in his or her boots like a paranoid schizophrenic twitching and jumping around wondering where, wondering who, will be the next church or mall shooter… thinking, if only we banned firearms, this would have been prevented.

Except you left out the FACT that if such laws are passed, KILLERS and CRIMINALS very, very simply DO NOT FOLLOW those laws – but even worse, those bad guys KNOW that the LAW ABIDING folk DO follow the “gun free zones” laws… That is like shooting FISH in a BARREL to them, excuse the expression! You are giving the hostile element, the actual threat, the KILLER, you are giving him/her/them SPECIFIC, ADVANCE, TACTICAL KNOWLEDGE and ASSURANCE that they will not have anything to worry about in terms of anyone actually DEFENDING themselves!

From what I heard on NPR the other morning, one of these guys had supposedly planned to SURVIVE – that is, after shooting up a crowd, he intended to get away and – i don’t know, continue his life… perform additional shootings… who knows what, but hey! Guess what! He only shot himself, according to police reports I heard through NPR, because of the “sudden police arrival” – in other words, while he had intended to leave unscathed rather than take himself out too, he saw .. of all things… ADVERSARIES who were actually ARMED and also trained of course.. and upon awakening to this revelation, he had a quick change of plans and took himself out.

So do you understand what that means? It means he was THAT 100% SURE OF HIMSELF that he could just outright terrorize and brutalize an entire group of sitting-duck, KNOWN to be UNARMED, non-hostile fellow citizens (doubt “fellow” is correct terminology here, but anyway), that he LITERALLY planned to just walk away! Perhaps whistling whilst doing so, even!

The FACTS bear this out: If such a person did NOT have the EXTREME tactical advantage of having advance knowledge that the entire crowd would be 100% vulnerable and unarmed and helpless and defenseless, — I am saying, put another way, let me get to the point here! He would NOT have even DREAMT of walking out of there alive, let alone uncaptured, after such perverse, psychopathic behavior, if he KNEW that AMERICANS FIGHT BACK and that moms and dads do NOT stand idly by or cower in fear when a threat presents itself in the form of a deranged killer, armed or not! The data backs this up CONSISTENTLY: When your criminals know that there is even a SMALL CHANCE that there might just be that ONE guy or gal in the crowd who has proudly chosen to exercise his American rights granted by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, by obtaining a concealed carry permit (if/where necessary) – just ONE person in the crowd, even if he or she only has the most basic training, that perp knows that it then becomes more of a sure thing that he’ll be the one eating lead that night, and think twice before such a stupid move.

I know this goes totally against everything in the “liberal democrat” modus operandi and even the basic tenets of their philosophy and thinking, but reality is reality, and that includes the fact that for whatever reason, there are and always have been psychopaths (as members of the human race) – it is not new, it is perhaps increasing and we can certainly speculate as to why that is… I had a discussion just today (regarding the economy) and it was someone I had never spoken with before who kept making generalizations and assumptions about me and my personality based on a small selection of my comments over a short period of time. I was not trying to be insulting or even argumentative; in fact I was asking a technical question about the stock market’s behavior – but this person relentlessly began mocking me, even using financial and social status to do so (as if I am a nobody or nothing because I am not a millionaire)… At some point I stated that some companies (and/or people) will say or do anything to make a profit, including lie, cheat, and steal.. to which they said, “So will I’.

And so, obviously, I knew the conversation was over once i realized that it had not been sarcasm or a joke. But the experience (while not earth-shattering or huge or ground-breaking.. certainly not an epiphany) WAS just a subtle reminder that the world does contain plenty of people who share that philosophy and attitude – they only care about themselves and whether you call it narcissism or nihilism or moral corruption or what EVER, it is exactly that kind of person (one who is narrowly self-centered, lacks empathy or compassion, cares about nothing but his or her own status and what he or she can ‘get’ out of (life, a deal, a relationship, etc.) – this type of personality, the psychopath, is PARTICULARLY dangerous because they can live perfect and successful lives in the real world, happy, happily married, great employee, and everything – perhaps you might say, your typical upper middle class white collar worker – HOWEVER when this type of person sees things not going his or her way, instead of being able to (or willing to) adapt and re-adjust their lifestyle and approach, or accept changes, this type of person COMPLETELY loses their temper – or if not their temper, then what little facade of decency they hid behind when things were going their way is shattered and THESE are the kinds of people of whom one can say, “When people lose everything, they LOSE IT” (regarding street riots, violence, even spouses who contrive to murder their former lovers and so on).

Psychopathy is not insanity. A psychopath can still wish to live. By sheer logic alone, if a psychopath understands that if s/he walks into a crowded area and begins slaughtering random innocent human beings, even if he or she ENJOYS doing this, in a NON-‘gunfreezone’ that psycho will KNOW and NOT WANT TO GET SHOT or killed (unless of course she is suicidal!) (But we know now that at least some of these people intend to make clean getaways!)

Now that I’m done ranting, I’m really curious to learn more about firearms technology that discriminates lethality between humans and various animals. I’m sure it’s not by weight!

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